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BacklinkSEO Lifetime Deal – Outreach & Monitor Backlinks

Manage your backlinks from guest posts, link exchanges, and outreach campaigns.
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BacklinkSEO Lifetime Deal – Outreach & Monitor Backlinks

Build backlinks on autopilot. Manage your back-links from guest posts, link exchanges, and outreach campaigns. Get alerts on drops and changes to your back link profiles.

BackLinkSEO Review : Monitor & Outreach Backlinks

Highlights (TL;DR):

Gain a birds eye view on your backlink profile with a focus on the most important links.

The links you made are they still dofollow? Are they live? Who did you get them from? We monitor it all.

Having a look at metrics beyond just links helps you identify strong and valuable backlinks.

Deeper insights on your backlinks, which ones are bring you customers and which can be improved.

Do you have an actual anchor strategy in place? Get detailed suggestions on your branded, non branded breakdowns.

We identify top landing pages and find good opportunities to optimize low-hanging fruit.

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BacklinkSEO Links Limits Calculation

Just wanted to clarify on BacklinkSEO the limits are compounded!

This means that if you have the agency account, Month 1 you get 15k backlinks, Month 2 you can add an additional 15k backlinks, and assuming this trend by month 12 you would have a total of 180k backlinks! You get this compounded effect for life! So in short each month you can add an additional 15k links while retaining and monitoring all your existing links!”

BacklinkSEO LTD = Future Updates Included

This is the message from the founder.

We are committed to providing our LTD users with our new feature updates and always ensuring they have the best deal! We have many features planned and those built based on user suggestions.

We have mapped all our LTD users to our monthly pricing structure. Each plan will get feature updates according to its level.

That means agency LTD users will have all feature updates with the best limits. Each plan gets features and limits according to its level.

That means in the future even after 3 years when we have features that are costing normal users 100/month you will get them as an LTD user at NO ADDITIONAL COST!

How does this work for lower plans?

Some features are rolled out across all plans such as competitor insights, this means solo gets the lowest search limits and agency the highest.

Some features are slated only for business and agency plans such as Lead gen.

At the end of the day, our goal is to provide you those who are backing us today always have the best offer, features, support.

You are the backbone of our growth and as we grow we will always keep your front and center of mind and heart.

BacklinkSEO Features

  • Uptime monitoring
  • Auto backlinks finder
  • Sync Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Console
  • Auto Re-checking of the backlinks
  • Moz DA, Moz PA,
  • Majestic CF & Majestic Trust Flow
  • Ability to add notes to backlinks
  • Shows total visits, backlinks, active links, inactive links, dofollow, nofollow & sponsored links
  • Shows the top anchor texts and advanced data for your website
  • Shows dofollow with advanced data
  • Shows nofollow with advanced data
  • Shows sponsored with advanced data
  • Shows lost links with advanced data
  • Shows redirect links with advanced data
  • Shows the domain data for your backlinks
  • Shows the top-performing webpages in your website in Organic results
  • Shows top landing page data from Google Analytics
  • Shows the top keywords for your website
  • Shows incoming search data for keyword
  • Automatic backlink outreach inside the software
  • Unlimited backlink outreach campaign
  • Predefined and custom backlink outreach templates
  • Create multi-level backlink outreach sequence
  • Multiple auto backlink outreach strategies
  • Find contact details for outreach free and hunter & snov
  • Send emails from GMAIL, SMTP & Sendgrid
  • and More.

What’s the final verdict on that backlink tool you posted the other week?

This was one of the questions asked by members of the group and my answer to the question.

I would say if you do alot of SEO and especially outreach, then this useful tool.

There is also the fact that SEO is a competitive market from the buyer’s point of view and SaaS founder’s point of view. The main reason is the potential in it.

For my primary sites, SEO is a huge traffic source, and I do manual organic and paid outreach through the local directory, lists, events, guest posts, resource pages, blog posts reach.

They will give the link, but I encountered alot of situations where a link will be removed intentionally or unintentionally or switch dofollow to nofollow after some time, which will affect SEO.

I used to track this with ahrefs, but it provided inaccurate data like it shows dead links as alive and vise versa.

I missed out on Seranking LTD because it has backlink tracking. I used another desktop program called Inspyder backlink monitor, but the updates stopped, and I think it was abanded. Also, it used desktop resources, and I wasn’t a fan of it since I need to open it manually run and also needed proxies, no cloud database, etc.

That’s where backlink SEO is excellent for me since I add my primary domains and important links I need to monitor. It will let me know link status and anchor text percentage to make sure I don’t overboard with my power links on “exact match anchors,” etc.

Outreach component is also good beginners, or you are looking to find backlink opportunities.

Also, I am not immediately planning to use the outreach component, and it’s not because of the tool’s limitation. I already have a well planned & arranged manual process using ahrefs, semrush, lemlist, and gdrive, which I am most comfortable.

My advice if you are planning to buy this tool only for outreach, then start using it immediately until the refund period. Since this workflow might not suit everyone so you can figure out this will the right solution for you or not.

Those are my observations based on the current features.

I am also very excited about future features like backlink lead gen, domain insights, competitor analysis & serpviewer.

This product is in an early stage, and I hope it would turn out to be the next SERPSTAT or SeRANKING (If they keep improving it and grow, I am sure it will). It’s always risk investing in a product, but I have trust in the founder Abdul A Mukati because of verifybee and the reputation he has in the LTD/SaaS community as a founder.

I still haven’t come across a single person who had an unfavorable opinion of him.

I have also talked had a video call with him and gave suggestions for the backlinkSEO, and they implemented it. I love it when SaaS listens to the users since it’s an excellent sign for a new product.

If you plan to do alot of SEO, especially outreach in the future, or already invested into it, then I think you can give it a try to see whether it’s a good fit for you and to see whether do you like the founder’s vision for the product.

Sorry for the long answer wanted to give full feedback on it. I hope it’s somewhat useful to the members. If you anymore doubts feel free to let me know.

Deal group discussion

We have discussed this SaaS on our private Facebook group. If you are interested, you can join in the discussion at

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