Long Tail Pro Black Friday Deal 50% Discount in 2020

long tail pro black friday deal

Promo length: 1 week | Start: Nov 23, 2020

Long Tail Pro will provide a 50% discount for Annual Starter Plan and 50% discount + doubling allowances with a whopping +2 million keyword lookups a year for the new Annual Power Pro Plan.

Plus, we will launch our new feature for all the plans: the Rank Tracker email notifications and the Keyword Grouping feature.

Annual Starter Plan 50% Off: $148.5 (regular price $297 per year)

Standard Allowances + New Rank Tracker email notifications and the Keyword Grouping feature

!NEW! Annual Power Pro Plan 50% Off: $347 (regular price $694 per year) 

Keyword Research:

  • 5500 keyword lookups per 24 hours
  • 5500 KC calculations per 24 hours
  • 5500 SERP lookups per 24 hours
  • NEW Access to the Keyword grouping feature

Rank Tracker:

  • NEW Access to Rank Tracker Email Reports Feature
  • Tracked keywords: 400
  • Tracked Domains: Unlimited
  • Rank Updates: Daily

Backlink Analysis:

  • 10,000 Backlink rows per 24 hours
  • Account management
  • Simultaneous logins: 2
  • Plug-and-play template system
  • Complete suite of templates to scale your SEO: Included

Enriching your articles with precious long-tail keywords is crucial for having an excellent SEO in place. Nevertheless, the free options available to try do not produce as many productive results.

Long Tail Pro is proven to help generate long-tail keywords for sites. Those keywords are produced in a matter of seconds, making the whole process hassle-free.

Long Tail Pro Black Friday Sale 2020 will be active in a couple of days. And, this year, they are offering massive deals on their plans.

Keyword research is an extremely crucial aspect of digital marketing and blogging. And when you need to find lucrative long-tail keywords for ranking quickly, then you shouldn’t ignore this offer.

Long Tail Pro Features & Functions

A few of the functions that we like about Long Tail Pro are below.

You can utilize Long Tail Pro to be notified regarding your competitor’s tactics. All you should do is swap over to the ‘Competitor Keywords’ tab in the search bar. You will then be requested to type in the address of your competitors’ site.

With an in-built Keyword Competitiveness (KC) metric, the software helps you choose the best long-tail keywords you could use in your blog. Moreover, also it automatically works out a 0-100 score of each keyword.

Long Tail Pro can generate hundreds of long-tail keywords depending on your seed keywords in minutes. Plus, you stand to search for long-tail keywords depending on over one seed phrases at a time.

You can also export search results into a spreadsheet, import the keywords, discover high CPC keywords to boost AdSense earnings, find the best domain names, look up keywords across various search engines, and store the top keywords to your wish list.

While looking for keywords, you can choose the language and country for that you need the outcomes, and the software will support you find out the right keywords depending on your choices.

Long Tail Pro’s Plans

Long Tail Pro Black Friday 2020 Sale arrives with good deals. However, we would like to talk about the usual packages before proceeding to that. You may usually select from any one of the 3 plans.

Monthly Starter

This plan enables you to search for around 800 keywords in 24 hours. It also allows you to inspect the SERP performance of up to 800 keywords daily. Moreover, you might even look up the keyword difficulty of all 800 keywords under a period of 24 hours.

Monthly Pro

This plan arrives with the chance to check around 2500 keywords in 24 hours together with 2500 KC checks. And, you also stand to examine the SERP overall performance of all 2500 keywords inside 24 hours. You can always check the KC or new keywords or SERP ranking when the 24 hours duration runs out.

Monthly Agency

It’s the most premium package Long Tail Pro got to offer. You may use this package to search for around 6000 keywords in a day. And you even can check out the SERP performances and keyword competition of all 6000 keywords inside 24 hours.

FAQs About Long Tail Pro Tool

Here are some essential questions you ought to know on Long Tail Pro to understand why you should not miss this discount.

What are Long Tail Keywords?

As the name implies, these are longer keywords that have at minimum 3-4 keyword terms. These keyword terms are generally particular to what you need to sell.

What is Long Tail Pro Cloud?

While Long Tail Pro proceeds to serve via their desktop edition, they have actively switched on to the cloud setup. It allows them to offer their clients sustainable and stable support.

What Does the Long Tail Pro Black Friday 2020 Sale Have To Offer?

Long Tail Pro Black Friday Sale of 2020 arrives with a guarantee of a 50% off to Annual Starter Plan as well as 50% deal + doubling allowances along with a massive 2+ million keyword searches a year to the brand-new Annual Power Pro plan.

And considering the Black Friday Sale 2020 to Long Tail Pro is held on 23rd November & 30th November 2020 (there is a chance to expand the deal until December 2nd, you will get enough time to decide.

How to Avail Long Tail Pro Black Friday Deal 2020?

First, go to the Long Tail Pro deal page. You’ll see three plans there – Agency, Pro, and Starter (Annual and Monthly Plans). Choose your desired plan and press Subscribe Now. Type in the required information, payment info, and click Create Acc. And that is it! You’ve availed of the Black Friday Long Tail Pro offer successfully.

Is Long Tail Pro Worth It?

Well, without a doubt! It’s among the top long-tail keyword research software available out there. It even educates you not just to use the program but also to provide productive results that can be utilized for your website’s commercialization.

How Do I Access Long Tail Bootcamp?

Everybody can gain access to the Long Tail Bootcamp from inside the application. The first 7 days of material is free to see. However, the material for days 8 to 14 is available only to the customers who order a Long Tail Pro package.

How Do I Access Long Tail University?

You automatically gain access to Long Tail University once you opt to get any of their yearly plans. Also, you may subscribe to Long Tail University individually through the application.


To conclude, Long Tail Pro is a tool to search for long-tail keywords. From the words, volume, language, rank value, and profitability to the competition, you can instantly receive all the essential information.

If it is the very first time you are seeking a keyword research tool, in that case, you are sure to be floored with the Long Tail Pro. Try testing other well-known keyword programs, and it should not be hard for you to realize the differences.

Not only that, if you would love to maximize your savings further, you shall get a plan in the Long Tail Pro Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2020 sale. Therefore, take benefit of the excellent deals and turn the keyword research process effortless.

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