BlockSurvey Review & Lifetime Deal

$49 $360
BlockSurvey Review & Lifetime Deal
BlockSurvey Review & Lifetime Deal
$49 $360

Secure & Privacy-First All-in-One Survey, Forms and Questionaire Platform Based On Blockchain Technology

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BlockSurvey Review

Secure & Privacy-First All-in-One Survey, Forms and Questionaire Platform Based On Blockchain Technology

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Welcome to BlockSurvey Review & Lifetime Deal,

We have the founder BlockSurvey of BlockSurvey on our group so you can directly ask questions and he will respond asap.
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Here are some of the questions we asked the founder and his answers.

Question 1: How are you ensuring the decentralization of data?

Great question. Blocksurvey enables decentralization in two areas. Identity ownership and data ownership.

Meaning you truly own your identity/account and your data. It is your identity that is used to encrypt all your data.

And the data is stored in private storage which accessible on by your identity.

This is achieved using Blockstack’s blockchain which runs on top of Bitcoin’s blockchain.

Question 1: I am a total beginner so after the comment I searched and found out google form responses also can be anonymous is it true? does it also use this blockchain technology? is there any differences between google form and block survey?

Anonymous is at two levels in the digital world.
One is at identity level (includes your name and location i.e using your account and location) and the other is data level (you are identified by the data you create and collect)
In data collection/survey space there are two players.

1. data collector and 2. data provider

Today, if you are a data collector in a platform, they know what you are creating and what you are collecting. By this, you are not truly anonymous to the platform.

If you are a data provider, there is some amount of meta-information being collected. Think about using google forms in google chrome.

BlockSurvey keeps both the parties anonymous to the platform. We can’t read your data or identity anytime as a platform. The ownership is with the end-users. This is what we call as enabling digital rights with BlockSurvey.


  • Currently, have around 200 templates
  • You can create conversational style template & another demo
  • You can remove “Powered by Block Survey”
  • Here is the roadmap
  • A Custom CName domain mask is not available.
  • It runs on a block-chain called Blockstack which in turn used Bitcoin’s blockchain for identity.
  • Forms can be embedded. Also, you can use widgets too.
  • 10GB storage for each code

Why you need BlockSurvey?

Their privacy-first, fully secure Survey Platform is based on blockchain technology. Meaning you fully own your computer data.

In this manner, BlockSurvey guarantees a fully secure end-to-end encryption to your responses, that only you can access. Your data is yours; you possess it.

This fully secure survey suite is filled with features that produce this a true All-in-One Survey Platform that you can use for TO GENERATE LEADS, Research, Questionnaires, plus much more:

  • Take up a survey from scratch or select a template from an enormous 200+ template library.
  • Design the most beautiful forms and questionnaires, fully branded, customized in your colors and images.
  • Share surveys on Whatsapp, Email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and a single click.
  • Embed forms in virtually any webpages, share a link, or use the Conversational Survey Widgets that appear to be a ‘chatbox’ on your website, increasing responses with up to 70%.
  • Get live, in-depth analytics on your surveys and forms, word clouds, pie charts, complete sentiment analysis, and much more.

BlockSurvey Features

  • Design THE MOST AMAZING Forms & Questionnaires
  • In BlockSurvey, YOUR COMPUTER DATA Is 100% Yours; You Own It. Data Is A Human Right.
  • PICK FROM 200+ Templates Or Start Your Survey From Scratch
  • Share Your Surveys And Forms In All Ways Possible
  • Get Up To 70% More Responses Using Conversational Survey Widgets
  • Get Live In-Depth Analytics ON YOUR Surveys And Forms
  • A LOT MORE Unique Features TO ARRIVE 2020

BlockSurvey Pro Plan Lifetime Deal

  • Lifetime Usage of BlockSurvey Personal Plan
  • Access for one user (stackable)
  • Unlimited forms
  • Unlimited questions
  • Unlimited responses
  • All question types
  • Access to a huge selection of templates
  • Custom themes and colors
  • Custom logo / Branding logo
  • Display / Skip logic
  • Randomization
  • Data exports
  • Data analytics
  • Create widgets
  • Embed widgets
  • Download as QR code
  • Share to social media
  • Email notifications
  • No BlockSurvey Branding
  • All future updates included
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee


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