BlogVault WP Backup and Security Plugin Discount
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BlogVault Discount – WP Backup and Security Plugin

WordPress backup, migration, staging, restore & management solution.
Expired January 19, 2022
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BlogVault Discount – WP Backup and Security Plugin

Welcome to BlogVault discount listing – WordPress backup and security plugin with 10% discount,

The Most Reliable WordPress Backup Plugin Trusted by 400,000+ sites.

All-in-one solution for complete website management. Everything You Need to Automate Your Site Management.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Reliable WordPress Backup trusted by 400,000+ site owners.

Never break your site with our Staging, works on any host.

Save up to 12 hours a week with our centralized dashboard.

Experience up to 70% faster website recovery with BlogVault.

Migrate 80% faster. Migration so easy, it is almost ridiculous.

Your WooCommerce site needs more than daily backups.

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Why Choose BlogVault?

Industry Leading Practices

Incremental backup technology, to enabling the best security practices, We Follow what’s Best for you.

One-Click Operations

Click! Backup your entire site. Click! Scan it for malware. Click! Harden your site. And that’s how it’s done.

Easy Setup

Sign up, Add your website, and You’re All set! It truly is that simple.

BlogVault Features

Offsite Storage

Independent Offsite storage saves your resources. Upload to Dropbox for multiple backups

Organized Backup Archive

Access 365 days of backups by the date and time, or updates in an orderly manner.


Automated and Incremental Website Backup and Security handled by Intelligent Processes.


Develop your site just how you’ve always wished to.


Migrate to a new hosting company with Zero Downtime.


Push changes on the Staging site to live a life site comfortably in a jiffy.


Stick to the top of things and Update Plugins, Themes, and WordPress Core easily

Manage Users

Modify access permissions on the webpage without being forced to enter the WordPress admin dashboard.


Work closely with your Team and Clients for better Website Management. Save hard work while we keep your website updated.

Client Care

Take your client relationships to a new level with this Client Reports and White Label tools.

Emails and Notifications

Get notified on backup, protection, Staging, migration status regularly.

Exceptional Support

We love hearing from you and assisting you. We are to you every step of just how.

Complete website management solution

Backups That Always Work

  • Reliable WordPress Backup trusted by 400,000+ online marketers.
  • Incremental backups to never overload your server.
  • Free offsite storage ensures 24X7 availability.
  • Quickly identify problems with our changelogs.
  • First plugin with Multi-site backup support.

100% Successful Restores

  • Experience up to 70% faster website recovery with BlogVault.
  • 1 million+ website restores with a 100% success rate.
  • Differential Restore for lightning-fast recovery.
  • 90 days archive to recuperate from any mistake.
  • Perform full Restore even if your website is offline.

Integrated Free Staging

  • Never break your site with this Staging, works on any host.
  • Safely test your website updates and changes.
  • Staging site runs on our cloud servers.
  • Completely free. No extra cost for anything.
  • One-click Merge to push changes to live site.

Flawless Site Migrations

  • Migrate 80% faster. Migration very easy; it is nearly ridiculous.
  • Compatible & approved with 5,000+ web hosts.
  • One-click & automatic. Zero downtime guaranteed.
  • Intelligent automated rewrite of most website URLs.
  • Migrate to a fresh domain, host, DNS, or server.

Manage Multiple Sites

  • Conserve to 12 Hours weekly with this centralized dashboard.
  • Backups, Staging, and Migration under a single roof.
  • Invite team members for efficient collaboration.
  • Exclusive White-label answer to growing revenues.
  • Beautiful and comprehensive Client Reporting.

WooCommerce Backups

  • Your WooCommerce site needs more than daily backups.
  • Backup all orders as and when they happen.
  • Recover anytime with 365 days of backup archives.
  • 24X7 data protection with offsite storage.
  • Custom table backups for WooCommerce stores.

White Label Solution

Delight your clients with this WordPress branding plugin, or even hide us, while we help you take your business to another level.

Performance Check

Now go through the simple keeping a check up on your websites’ load time & get notified of ways to optimize it, all from a centralized dashboard.

Uptime Monitoring

Stay updated with the uptime status of each of your website, and get notified whenever your site encounters downtime.

Encrypted Offsite Storage

Independent Offsite protected storage from saving lots of resources. You can also upload multiple backups to your Dropbox in a click.

Constantly evolving

We regularly roll out new features and updates to provide you with only the best all-in-one solution for your WordPress websites.

Response Within a day

We have an agile & responsive CUSTOMER CARE team that suits Everyone Equally. Our company is together with you every step of the way.

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