Envoflix WordPress Marketing Lifetime Deal
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Lifetime Deal

Envoflix WordPress Marketing Lifetime Deal

A Complete Automation Marketing System capable of Complete Solution for your Business.
Expired September 13, 2019

Envoflix WordPress Marketing Lifetime Deal

Envoflix builds a powerpack tool that is very easy to use and is capable of creating Heatmaps, GDPR cookie Notification, Popup Notifications, Boost Sales (Social Proof), Web Notifications, Feedback Tool, Facebook Messenger, and Web Sliders.

Highlights (TL;DR):

HeatMaps, Notifications, Popups & Web.

Cookie Notification.

Facebook Messenger.

Social Proof.

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Envoflix Features


Heatmaps:Clicks are the most important actions on your website. Find out where your visitors click, wish to click, or don’t click at all. It allows you to analyze all the clicks, mouse movement for each page, and give you an idea of how customers interact with your website.


Popups & Web: This feature gives you a variety of popups notification. Here you get different types of Popup like Promotion Popup, Image Popup, HTML Popup, and FRAME Popup.
Facebook Messenger

As everyone crazy about FB, You can give support, chat with them, and give special offers to Increase Sales. You can enable and disable live chat whenever you want.

Cookie Notification

You can Enable or Disable Cookie Notification. Change all Button colors, Text colors, and Text Styles, select any position on the website, and many more.

Boost Sales (Social Proof)

Easy to Customize as per your need – own Title, Description, Color, Position, sound, Icon, Redirect Url..etc, and with that, you can manually upload excel data file.

Feedback Tool

This tool helps you to collect unlimited data from customers like suggestions, Errors on the website, and many more. This tool allows you to download customer feedback data in CSV, EXCEL, OR PRINT.

Web Sliders

You can create unlimited web sliders for posts and pages. With that, you can easily generate Image and Html sliders. More than 25+ animations are also available here.

Envoflix brings the best tool for marketing agencies, bloggers, eCommerce websites, and all small businesses. If you want to increase your sales, improve your website conversions, Convert visitors into customers, and attract customers, then you need this Marketing Solution.

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