Froged Behavioral Messaging Platform Lifetime Deal
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Lifetime Deal

Froged Behavioral Messaging Lifetime Deal

A behavioral messaging platform that allows you to engage meaningfully with customers based on their specific actions.
Expired March 19, 2020

Froged Behavioral Messaging Lifetime Deal

Froged is a behavioral messaging platform that allows you to engage meaningfully with customers predicated on their specific actions.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Send proactive automated messages embedded in chat to encourage customer responses and interaction.

Best for: SaaS companies and agencies that want to improve customer service and convert more leads to paid customers.

Build strategic email campaigns and create dynamic audience segments based on customer behavior.

Alternative to: Intercom.

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How to Use Froged?

Install with script

It’s not necessary to know to code to install our script: copy, paste, and revel in Froged.

Install in CMS

Add-ons designed for different CMS, already in one click.

Install in GTM

Learn how to install Froged via Google Tag Manager.

Froged Features

Convert leads into customers

Automate proactive messages to your website visitors using behavioral profiling.

Event tracking

Identify growth opportunities by understanding each customer journey with live insights.

Proactive messages

Send individualized messages at the right time to help your users decide.

Collect user information

Collect email addresses in live talk with providing answer when visitors have already been gone

Offer stunning support

Increase customer loyalty by resolving questions instantly with live chat and knowledge base.

Live chat

Include live chat in your product and solve your customers’ issues with real-time response


Provide help articles to walk your visitors through products and services. It is perfectly integrated with the chat for super fast support.

Customer success

Improve customer satisfaction by sending campaigns about the status of your product

Engage better with your customers

Reach clients, send personal behavior‑based messages, and increase engagement with automated campaigns.

Customer segmentation

Send tailor-made in-app notifications to a segmented audience

Email campaigns

Boost customer activation by detecting users who aren’t active and wake them up with impressive email promotions

Behavioral emails

Boost your open rate by individualized emails predicated on your customer’s behavior

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