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All-in-one Tool that Continuously Monitors & Reports 2800+ Data Points

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What is it? and What it does?

Web site monitoring is a great way to guard against downtime, monitor your website, and lose revenue due to your site’s problem.

There are many different types of monitoring services available that offer a wide range of features, and it can be not very clear knowing which is right for you.

The best-advanced website monitoring service would be the one that is easiest to use, most accurate, and most flexible while remaining affordable.

Hexometer is one such service that is on an agency lifetime deal.

Hexometer is a website monitoring service that will help you stay up to date with your websites’ performance and health, so you don’t have to worry about it.

With Hexometer’s Availability monitoring, you’ll know when your site is down or overloaded. White-labeled prospect reports let you see how many qualified prospects are visiting your site.

User experience monitoring will show you how people interact with your site, and Performance monitoring will help you understand how your site is functioning.

Hexometer also provides Health monitoring and SEO monitoring & Security monitoring to keep your business safe and secure.

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Functionalities & benefits
  • Availability monitoring
  • White-labled prospect reports
  • User experience monitoring
  • Performance monitoring
  • Health monitoring
  • SEO monitoring & Security monitoring
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Our Discussion

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Frequently asked questions and doubts

What is the difference between hexowatch vs hexometer?

Hexowatch keeps an eye on any landing page to let you know when something changes. It’s like a recon drone that tells you when competitors, suppliers, affiliates, industry sites etc make visual, content, price, source code, technology etc changes. It’s like competitor monitoring on steroids. Hexometer is a different platform that monitors your own website for uptime, performance, user experience, health, SEO and security issues. Hexometer tells you when pages are slow and why, notifies you of spelling, grammar or visual display issues on your pages, tells you when server or JS errors are found, when broken links or missing images are detected, when an SEO issue comes up or when something needs to be improved security wise. It’s basically like having a QA team continually monitoring your website not just your homepage to catch problems before they affect your customers.

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What Does Deal Contains?

Benefits, limits of base deal and what this offer contains.
  • Monitored websites
  • Page limit per website
  • Smart crawl
  • Generate white-labled prospect reports
  • Uptime monitoring frequency
  • Standard uptime monitors (1 minute checks)
  • Advanced monitors
  • White-labeled status pages
  • Spellcheck and grammar checks
  • In depth multi-device UX checks
  • In depth performance checks
  • Broken links & error monitoring
  • In depth W3C & JS error checks
  • SEO monitoring
  • Security monitoring


$149 $1368
A lifetime deal from SaaSPriate Deals
All-in-one Tool that Continuously Monitors & Reports 2800+ Data Points
Hexometer Agency Lifetime Deal – 24/7 Website Monitoring
Hexometer Agency Lifetime Deal – 24/7 Website Monitoring
$149 $1368
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