LaunchFlows Lifetime Deal
Lifetime Deal

LaunchFlows Lifetime Deal

Make WooCommerce do stuff you never imagined possible using this sales funnel builder.
Expired July 15, 2021

LaunchFlows Lifetime Deal

Searching for a better method to create sales funnels in WordPress and build converting checkout pages?

Meet LaunchFlows Lifetime Deal.

LaunchFlows is a WordPress plugin that makes it simple to create an effective Sales Funnel using WooCommerce.

It eliminates the clunky WooCommerce checkout process and shop pages for an optimized customer flow that immediately increases conversions.

Read on for our in-depth LaunchFlows Review!

LaunchFlows Review & Tutorial - Lifetime Deal - Minimal WooCommerce Funnel Builder
WooFunnels vs LaunchFlows Comparison - Based on 33 Factors & Examples

Highlights (TL;DR):

Allows you to offer any combination of items at the point of or before checkout.

Makes it simple for clients or donors to pay you an exact amount with a single click.

Alternative to WooFunnels and CartFlows.

Provides your shoppers with a customized experience once their checkout is finished.

Makes it easy and fast to obtain the Email and Name from each new visitor.

Makes it easy to provide any combination of products once checkout, to improve revenue per client.

Best for: Agencies, Freelancers, Bloggers, and anybody who uses Woocommerce.

Works with all your favorite WordPress themes & plugins.

Getting Started

After you have set up theme builder, WooCommerce, and WordPress, you can install LaunchFlows.

The initial settings page to the plugin includes choices to turn off guest checkouts, making sure all sales are tracked. In addition, it’ll contain any free presents processed through the automated checkout. You can select to hide pop-ups for these from customers and filter these out for mods to keep unnecessary communication.

Next, you may build your first item and choose a flow theme. The quick start guide provides you the options to create a typical WooCommerce checkout design, and you could then personalize this via theme builder should you wish.

Finally, designate a thank-you post to the checkout; it can be general or tailored for each specific service or product. If you opt to go full custom, make sure to connect it from inside LaunchFlows. Include the checkout link in the product post, and you may start selling.

Why Use LaunchFlows?

Using LaunchFlows, you can give a custom client journey via your services or products in a way that increases buyer satisfaction and conversions. The best part, no design or coding skills are needed.

You only require to create an item, a thank-you page, and a checkout to get going. In addition, LaunchFlows expands the WooCommerce capability so you could easily do stuff that isn’t otherwise possible using WooCommerce.

Gain full charge over your customer’s journey right from the starting of your sales funnel entirely to the bottom level. Furthermore, you can utilize your preferred page builder like Divi, Elementor, Gutenberg, Beaver Builder, or any of the pro templates included.

LaunchFlows will turn your WooCommerce site into a sales machine. You could create beautiful no friction checkouts, sales funnels, order bumps, downsells, upsells, plus much more.

How LaunchFlows Improves Upon Default WooCommerce?

By default, WooCommerce provides a product grid to select from, then personalize, add to your cart, review your order, and lastly, buy. It adds up additional steps in which the consumer can change their heart and give up the purchase. With the LaunchFlows plugin, conversion percentages are improved.

Customers are linked straight to a checkout post, with the item already in their cart, all set to pay. Any extra offers or discounts can be put here, or else the buyer can remain focused on the item they were keen on that drawn them there.

The additional offers can help either up the cart value or offer a fallback item that can rescue a sale that may otherwise be abandoned.

LaunchFlows Features

A few of the LaunchFlows key features are:

Bumps & Variations

These offer a means to sell any group of products or a product on the checkout tab by pressing a radio button or checkbox. In addition, the order bump part could be utilized on any step or LaunchFlows checkout page to add items to the checkout.

It is ideal for anybody providing extended warranties, training, or complementary products.

Instant Registration

LaunchFlows turns it easy and fast to get the Email and Name from each new visitor. It’s a fully sorted checkout experience that displays just the minimal fields needed to onboard a brand-new user. Email, Last Name, and First Name.

Donations & Pay Now

These make it simple for clients and donors to donate or pay precisely what they need with just a single click, with any gateways which work using WooCommerce. Utilize in any post or page where you need clients or donors to submit a special payment or donation. You do not require a LaunchFlows checkout template.

Upsells & Downsells

These offer a means to sell an additional product once the initial checkout is finished. The Upsell element can be utilized on any post or page to add an item offer. Also, you may select to daisy-chain numerous Downsell or Upsell steps together on a row.

It is ideal for mastermind class offers, one-time offers, subscription supplements, or high ticket application sales.

Thank You & Next Step

These modules boost customer satisfaction after any checkout. They offer details about what just bought and directions on where exactly to get the purchased services, goods, or content.

Support & Updates Policy

By pre-paying to two years of support, you receive lifetime automatic plugin updates and lifetime feature requests & bug reporting as bonuses.

LaunchFlows think that the most crucial years for somebody to get familiar with a new app are the initial two years. So, utilize the first 2 years to use the provided support completely.

Nevertheless, if you require premium support once the 2-year support time has finished, you can buy an extra support year for a single-time charge of $99.


Thanks for reading our LaunchFlows review. The above guide covered the plugin’s use cases, features, support policy, etc. If you have doubts or questions, kindly drop your comments. We will be glad to help you.

If you wish to earn more cash using your WooCommerce store, you say to yourself to test LaunchFlows today.

WooFunnels vs. LaunchFlows Comparison Video

WooFunnels vs LaunchFlows Comparison - Based on 33 Factors & Examples

LaunchFlows vs. CartFlows

Even though LaunchFlows is somewhat more polished than CartFlows, it provides many of the exact solutions, including immediate registration plus automation to enable consumers to make one-press purchases. However, it must be used with caution.

The focus is more on upselling once purchase, wherein CartFlows can autopilot recovering abandoned shopping carts through a mail chain. LaunchFlows’ tutorials and documentation are lower in number, yet they are easy to follow and detailed, making installation relatively easy.

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