LeadKlozer Review & Lifetime Deal – Social Lead Tracker (CRM)

$59 $720
LeadKlozer Review & Lifetime Deal – Social Lead Tracker (CRM)
LeadKlozer Review & Lifetime Deal – Social Lead Tracker (CRM)
$59 $720

First and Only Social Media Engagement and Conversation Tool for Tracking, Prioritizing and Responding to Individual Leads - All In One Place!

7.5 Total Score
LeadKlozer Facebook Lead Generation Review

A social media lead scoring and an analytical suite that will help you grow your leads and manage them all under one tool.

Features & Functions
Value For The Money
User Friendly (Getting Started)
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Deal Benefits & Restrictions
  • Lead Dashboard
  • Smart Score Lead Rank Based On Engagements
  • Connect Multiple Facebook Pages
  • Live Tracker For Your Facebook Leads
  • Zapier Integration (coming soon)
  • All Future Features and Updates
  • Works only with Facebook
  • Only support for Facebook Pages
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Welcome to LeadKlozer Review & Lifetime Deal – Social Lead Tracker (CRM).

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Industry’s First and Only Social Media Engagement and Conversation Tool for Tracking, Prioritizing and Responding to Individual Leads – All In One Place!

Introducing LeadKlozer – The industry’s first and only social media participation CRM for tracking, scoring, and reacting to individual leads, all in 1 place!

LeadKlozer Benefits

Track lead engagements on your Facebook pages and advertisements (enjoys, comments, answers, chatbot conversations, inbox messages, lead advertising forms, etc.) in real-time.

Quickly answer, comment, like, or message from within LeadKlozer to get a smooth lead follow-up procedure… and let’s autosave the whole conversation for you.

Every guide gets an auto-created profile showing their engagements with you in one easy activity feed.

With Smart Score, our inner guide ranking system, contacts are automatically prioritized for you based on real-time connections, follow-up actions, final stages achieved, and how recently those engagements happened.

A Smart Search feature lets you quickly see customized lead lists to meet your precise requirements for CRYSTAL CLEAR priorities during your follow uptime. It is like using a Google search engine for your entire contact database.

LeadKlozer users now spend about 90 percent of the follow-up time in center follow-up activities (vs. 50 percent when their priorities were less apparent ).

Users get the email and Facebook alarms for custom triggers (i.e., no action within the past 2 weeks on”hot” lead Joe Smith).

Why You Need LeadKlozer?


Example: LeadKlozer auto-captures your FB page engagements (likes, comments, answers, chatbots, messages) and Lead Advertisement type entries you work so hard to create. You will never miss the comprehensive engagement picture for any INDIVIDUAL LEAD again.


LeadKlozer has a range of live interaction, follow-up, and search dashboards that collect and arrange individual lead activity regardless of where or when it’s happening. Use our filterable search tools to see REAL-TIME interactions, top-performing ads, or articles along with your most highly participated leads in a glance.


No more clicking back and forth from 1 post, advertisement, or chatbot conversation into another. Reply, comment, message, or like without ever leaving LeadKlozer. In the end, a smooth guide follow-up procedure that autosaves organizes and dents the whole lead interaction history.

LeadKlozer Features

Live Interaction Dashboards

Live Tracker

Live Tracker is an aggregated, real-time ENGAGEMENT INBOX for responding to your entire social interactions across Facebook page articles, advertisements, chatbots, or messages.

Live Tracker Columns

Sort the entire feed of your company’s social engagements into scannable columns, focusing on particular sets of real-time information you need at a specific time.

Post/Ad Tracker

The Facebook Post/Ad Tracker is a dashboard that shows your most participating posts/ads over any time period. Additionally, it provides you the ability to interact with these posts/ads immediately from inside LeadKlozer.

Search & Follow-Up Dashboards

Smart Search

Create highly customized lists of the most important leads in seconds using an innovative search engine for your entire contact database.
Today’s Recommended Leads. With only one click of a button, you can view a list of your top-rated LEADS showing their most important information at a glance.

Today’s Recommended Customers

With only one click of a button, you can view a list of your top-rated CUSTOMERS showing their most important information at a glance.

Planning Ahead

Contact Profiles

Think of Contact Profiles as the Control Center for individual leads comprising everything important you might want to know about some of your prospects, from social participation history to automatic lead positions, personal contact info, and more!

Smart Schedules

In LeadKlozer, we are aware that scheduling and handling follow-up tasks should be simple, fast, and fool-proof to make sure that no leads fall through the cracks — we created a system that will help you attain that with as little work as possible!

Daily Goals

LeadKlozer’s Daily Goals segment is an automatic way for you to monitor and review your follow-up operation. It’s designed to make sure you’re focusing on all aspects of your company; through lead generation, customer retention, and business development strategies.

Lead Priorities & Messaging

Smart Facebook Inboxes

Are you prepared for SMART FACEBOOK INBOXES with four ways to see and react to messages, plus automated prioritization through our internal lead-ranking system?

Smart Score

Smart Score is an automated guide prioritization system for your contacts based on LeadKlozer’s inner algorithm. It immediately shows who your main leads are, and so who you should be spending your precious time on, saving you hours daily!


What if you had the best lead response you could readily access within seconds? Wouldn’t that accelerate your follow up process and help you close more leads with less effort?

Staying Organized


Tags enable you to easily segment AND goal contacts with unique follow-up plans designed around their unique interests and actions.


Use Stages to monitor every important conversion milestone your leads achieve. This will contribute to Smart Score point totals and, in return, automated lead prioritization.


When was the last time you followed-up with existing customers, offering your very best up-sell and cross-sell chances? It is the most under-utilized advertising opportunity!

LeadKlozer FAQ


Yes, import any record from a.CSV file, add Facebook Friends in 1 step, or create connections manually.


LeadKlozer works excellent on almost any mobile device with the exact features you have on the desktop.


We’re now in the process of incorporating with Zapier.


Yes, we realize that many companies use multiple pages to promote their organization.

LeadKlozer Lifetime Deal Benefits

  • (According to Stack) Facebook Pages
  • (According to Stack) admin account
  • Unlimited Access to All Features
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Live Interaction Dashboards
  • Live Tracker
  • Search & Follow-Up Dashboards
  • Smart Search
  • Smart Schedules
  • Lead Priorities & Messaging
  • Smart Facebook Inboxes
  • Smart Score
  • Check more info on Sales Page
  • 60 Days Refund Period


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