Metricool Lifetime Deal
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Metricool Lifetime Deal

An online platform that lets you analyze, manage, and grow your digital presence, as well as generate custom reports.
Expired March 29, 2020
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Metricool Lifetime Deal

Welcome to Metricool Review, Pricing & Appsumo Lifetime Deal – Analytics & Reporting,

Metricool is an entirely online platform that enables you to analyze, manage, and grow your digital presence, as well as generate custom reports.

Analyze, manage, and grow your digital presence to examine your metrics, plan your content, and easily manage your online ad campaigns. Everything in one place.

Publish, and program publications on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts easily from the same place.

Metricool is the definitive software for managing internet sites and promotional initiatives Facebook and Google Ads.

Analyze, measure, and acquire custom-made reports for your team or customers easily with Metricool.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Schedule optimized social media content, analyze metrics, and automatically generate custom reports.

Create, manage, and analyze Google and Facebook ad campaigns.

Best for: Social media managers and PPC marketers looking to optimize posts across channels and run ad campaigns in less time.

Alternative to: Hootsuite, Buffer.

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Metricool Features

Easy Analytics

Avoid getting lost amidst the scattered data on different platforms. Metricool unifies the data from your web, social networks, and online advertisings, so it’s easy so that you can check them, make the right decisions, and improve your strategy.

Social Networks

Check the evolution of your web and social networks.


Analyze the performance of your online ads


Monitor your competitors’ strategies

Unlimited Historical Data

Consult your data anytime you want

Practical thinking about social networks

Save time and transform your life planning by programming your social content.

Best Time

Launch your publications when there is a larger audience


Publish the same content on all your internet sites effortlessly.

Instagram Go

Program Instagram and publish from the app in a matter of seconds

CSV import

Import your articles intend to the planner in one minute

Online Advertising with Google Ads and Facebook Ads

Create, manage, and enhance your Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns. Compare the performance of both platforms and optimize your online advertising investment.

Create campaigns

Create and publish advertisings on Google and Facebook from Metricool

Compare results

Compare your Facebook and Google ad campaigns simultaneously.

Optimize Performance

Obtain indicators of how to boost your ads on Google Ads

Personalized report

Generate stunning reports for you, your team, or your visitors without having to invest about a minute of your energy.

Build them your way

Pick the sections and data that you want to show. Add your logo and save it as a template.

Download them without limits any moment

Review your previous downloaded reports and download them again if you want to.

Program them and forget about it

Schedule periodic reports to be delivered to the e-mail address you want.

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