Notaku Lifetime Deal
Lifetime Deal

Notaku Lifetime Deal

Build Your Docs and KnowledgeBase Sites with Notion
Expired October 8, 2022
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Notaku Lifetime Deal

For Notion users, this tool is one-of-a-kind. Why do you ask? Because it makes your Notion workspace look like a good documentation site. Using this program, you may now build Docs and KnowledgeBase sites.

Presenting Notaku.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Build Your Docs and KnowledgeBase Sites with Notion.

Publish your Docs site, on your domain.

Alternative to HelpKit, GitBook, Dewstack, and Doxter.

This tool is perfect for Notion users.

Notaku Features

Use Notaku in 3 Simple Steps:

Notion is an excellent CMS for writing your documentation. Why not use it for user-facing documentation if your team already uses it for internal documentation?

You may link the Notion page to your Notaku account to develop an spectacular static documentation site by adding it to the Notaku dashboard.

It will publish your Notion blogs/docs with an amazing design, simple navigation, and table of contents for each page.

How Can I Use Notaku?

Documents: Notaku transforms the Notion workspace into an attractive docs site

Table of contents and automatic sidebar – All of your notion pages have a sidebar navigation and table of contents automatically generated. As a result, your users will have an easier time navigating the contents of the doc.

Excellent search experience – Your users will be able to easily search your Notion pages after they’re indexed.

In-built feedback collection – To let you know what the most popular and despised papers are, each page has feedback collection buttons.

Blog and Docs with a sole subscription – Using the same method, you may also build a blog website.

Custom Domains – For your documents, use your own domain.

Lightning Quick – With SEO, these are sites that have been built for speed.

Customizable – Add your colors, font, links, and more.

Blogs: Quickly design a fully-featured blog from Notion

To host your blog posts, Notaku uses a Notion database.

Notaku enables you to build a blog site with your own domain and Notion content.

Changelogs: Quickly build a changelog site from Notion

Share your product updates with your customers and notify them of what is brand-new.

Notion Icons Generator: Quickly include icons to the Notion workspace

Automatically generate appropriate icons for your pages to make your Notion workspace more beautiful.

Notaku Pricing Overview

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