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Ludwig Review – Sentence Search Engine Lifetime Deal
2 weeks ago


$299 $119
Sentence Search Engine
Ludwig is a search engine that helps you write better English by giving you contextualized examples taken from reliable sources.
A lifetime deal from StackSocial
SocialBu Review – Social Media Management Lifetime Deal
2 weeks ago


$49 $800
Social Media Automation
SocialBu is an easy way to use Social Media Management and Automation Tool. Manage and automate your social media across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
A lifetime deal from DealMirror
TubeAim Review – Find Monetized Videos Lifetime Deal
3 weeks ago


$39 $564
YouTube Marketing
Boost Your Content and Ads as a YouTube Advertiser. Optimize your video for keyword traffic. Analyze your competitors' channel(s).
A lifetime deal from SaaSWiz
Pagico 9 Review – Task & Data Management Software Lifetime Deal
3 weeks ago


$25 $50
Tasks Management Tool
Productivity with This Tool's Task Timeline, Project Visualization, Daily Planning & Cross-Links.
A lifetime deal from StackSocial
BoxHosting Review Cloud Hosting Lifetime Deal
3 weeks ago


$79 $540
Web Hosting
Build Your Online Presence with Room for 500 Websites, 500 10GB email Inboxes & Unlimited Disk Space + Bandwidth
A lifetime deal from StackSocial
AdGuard Review – Advanced Adblocker Lifetime Deal
1 month ago


$19.99 $59.99
Ad Blocker
The world's most advanced ad blocker
A lifetime deal from StackSocial
GreyMetrics Review – Automated Marketing Reports for Agencies Lifetime Deal
1 month ago Expired


$69 $594
Automated Digital Reports
Marketing Reports & Dashboards Software for Digital Agencies
A lifetime deal from SaaS Mantra
AdLaunch Review Online Video Maker Lifetime Deal
1 month ago


$39 $597
Online Video Maker
Create, edit, and ship quality videos in minutes
A lifetime deal from AppSumo
Gumlet Review – Image Optimisation and Global CDN Lifetime Deal
1 month ago


$49 $120
Image Optimisation & CDN
Boost page speed and improve SEO ranking with automatically optimized images
A lifetime deal from AppSumo
BrandMentions Review – Social Media Listening and Media Monitoring Lifetime Deal
1 month ago


$49 $1440
Web & Social Media Monitoring
Be the first to know what’s being said about your brand, product, and competitors
A lifetime deal from AppSumo

Lifetime Deals and Discouts for Saas & Softwares

Save up to 99% on seo, sales, marketing, lead generation, business and productivity tools to help you create, grow, and scale your business!

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Everyone knows that desktop apps are slowing declining in popularity when it comes to marketers and business entrepreneurs because of advanced functionality and work which goes behind it. Due to this reason SaaS service rise to the top, where there is no one-time payment instead you need to pay them monthly or for the resources you use.

The biggest problems for business owners is these SaaS software deals are not cheap where the price can range from 10$ to 500$ a month.

But there is a trick which called lifetime subscription deals; these are the software deals which companies offer when they launch their services to the market or established companies who want to raise capital immediately. In that case, they will offer a limited time life time deal to attract users who will have huge value, but one-time payment will only cost around $29, $39, $49, $59, $69, $79, $89 & $99 which are discounts up to 99%.

The problem is finding these great deals and purchasing it before they expire (normally they will expire in a week). Also, these deals will be scattered throughout the internet. We at Click Tug Deals will do keep track of 26+ platforms daily plus searching lifetime deals directly from vendors and analyze the deal then we will publish and send it to our subscribers.

So with us, you will not miss any lifetime discounts and can save thousands of dollars. You can ask why we do all the work for you? The reason if you decide to buy a certain deal through us then we will receive a small affiliate commission which won’t affect the deal price. So with this affiliate commission, we can keep maintaining our site and in future bring more great exclusive lifetime deals. If you any questions, feel free, contact us.

The common sources which use to find lifetime deals include StackSocial, Mighty Deals, TNW deals, DealFuel, SaasMantra, Reliance, LTD Fans, and much more. Every day we will review these sites and also talk with vendors to provide more exclusive deals. We also keep searching for alternative sites to bring great deals.

Here are some popular software or service who is likely to offer Lifetime Deal from our experience.

  • Lead Generation
  • Chat Automation
  • Search Engine
  • Optimization
  • Graphic Design
  • Video Creation
  • Web Design
  • E-commerce
  • Landing Page
  • Builder
  • Social Media
  • Marketing
  • Business Tools
  • VPN
  • Cloud storage
  • Web hosting
  • and more.
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