RetargetKit Lifetime Deal
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RetargetKit Lifetime Deal – Retargeting ToolKit

Advanced URL shortener, bio landing web pages, content curation pages, CTA, social signup, lead generation & more.
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RetargetKit Lifetime Deal – Retargeting ToolKit

Retargetkit is an all-in-one retargeting toolkit for digital marketers & social media marketing people. Create brand awareness, control social media marketing ads, and increase sales by retargeting your one-time visitors.

RetargetKit Review - Lead Generation, Bio Link, Curated Page, Social Signup & More

Make Brandable Short Links (Advanced URL Shortener)

Retargetkit - URL Shortener, Link Management, Click Analytics, Ad Pixels & Branded Links

With Retargetkit, you can make branded trackable short links with retargeting pixels & advanced tracking.

Retargetkit’s URL Shortner function is an alternative to competing products like Rocketlink, Bitly, Switchy, etc.

Generate brandable short links with your custom domains and subdomains.

Create custom slugs to short links

All of the analytics to clicked links get tracked, including unique clicks, clicks, top countries, conversion rates, top operating systems, top browsers, top refer links, top refer hosts, top devices, etc.

Select your multiple or one retargeting pixels to display retargeting ads to your visitors.

You add links to shorten and build brandable links in bulk import or individually.

Also, you have the choice to turn the shorten link pass protected.

Once a short link destination is added, Retargetkit automatically grabs the featured image, description, and page title.

You also got the choice to include UTM parameters for your shorten links for understanding where your visitors are coming from.

The UTM parameters this accepts include Medium, Source, Campaign, Content & Term.

Create Bio Landing Pages (Landing Page Builder to Social Media)

Add Multple Link in Twitter & Instagram Bio With RetargetKit - Social Bio Landing Pages

It is a significant function on Retargetkit since there is so much popularity for this function.

It will be excellent for social media accounts since you have a single linkable URL in your Twitter or Instagram account, and you may use it to make a responsive bio landing page builder.

You can also use it to create a brand and personal landing pages using various elements like video embed, button, thumbnails & image.

Retargetkit’s Bio landing function is an alternative to competing offerings such as Lnk.Bio, Shorby, ShortStack, Linktree, Campsite, Milkshake, LeadPages, etc.

Also, you can set up bio landing web pages on your sub-domains or custom domains.

You may also add one or more retargeting pixels for showing retargeting ads to your visitors.

You define the title, bio webpage URL, avatar & description.

You can personalize each color with custom or preset for title, background, description, social icon & button.

Buttons in the landing pages include multiple styles like round, square, rounded outline & square outline.

You could also designate to any landing page elements like Pulse, Bounce, Shake, Rubberband, Heartbeat, Tada & Flash.

Those elements also support UTM parameters and meta information.

This landing is responsive in all desktop devices, tablets, and mobile.

Generate content curation pages to web resources (Smartlists)

How to Create Content Curation Pages (Smart Lists) with Retargetkit

Create search engine friendly and responsive landing pages to your web resources.

The content curation page feature of Retargetkit is an alternate to competitor product

You can add any web resources to the smart list, including PDF, web page links, videos, images, etc.

Elements within the curated page can include animation like Pulse, Bounce, Shake, Rubberband, Heartbeat, Flash, and Tada.

Also, you can pass protect specific elements from the curation page.

Every element would include description, title, and featured image together with UTM parameters.

Content curation pages are responsive in all tablets, mobile, and desktop systems.

Gather socially verified emails with lead magnets (Lead generation/Social sign-up)

Collect Verified Emails With Social Opt-in Links With RetargetKit - Boost Alternative

It is a unique mail list building landing page that utilizes social network APIs like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Google to create landing pages to gather verified and accurate leads.

Retargetkit’s social sign-up function is a substitute to competing solution

Just as other modules, you may use either custom domains as well as retargeting pixels to this feature as well.

You completely personalize the opt-in message, which includes adding videos, images, emojis, and hyperlinks.

Suppose if you do not want to push the audience and choose to opt-out from the social sign up, that is feasible.

It also provides the capability to display cookies consent note in your landing page.

Include CTA to collect leads or bring traffic from any pages (Call to Action)

Call to Action & Collecting Leads From Any Web-Pages Using RetargetKit

Using Call-to-action, you could make a form that creates a pop-up notification that embeds into any pages.

It will function with any websites or webpages, even when you do not own these or do not have entry to it.

You can utilize this feature both to drive traffic again to your collect leads or web properties.

Just as other modules, you could use both retargeting pixels and custom domains for this function too.

There are three various CTA actions obtainable for you, like form, link, and button. You can utilize the first 2 to drive in traffic and final to gather leads.

You can customize all the wording and its design from your button text, message body, and headline fully.

You could embed videos, images and got hyperlinks.

Also, there is a choice to switch off your brand and have CTA content.

You could also handle the position, delay & sound of the pop-up.

You will also find a choice to make up the popup show in exit intent.

Finally, those popups do not get blocked from ad blockers.

Add codes and Custom HTML widgets to any pages (Custom Widgets)

It is identical to the call-to-action function, yet in this situation, it enables you to add any HTML content into any webpages.

It will function with any websites or webpages, even when you do not have them or do not have access to it.

You may use those to add chat forms, analytics, widget codes, HTML forms, tracking, surveys, or other third-party widgets.

Those custom widgets facilitate Javascript, CSS, and HTML.

They also allow you to optionally wrap code on modal having the hold of your preference.

RetargetKit Agency & White Label – Build Your Own Branded All-in-one Retargeting ToolKit

RetargetKit Agency & White Label - Build Your Own Branded All-in-one Retargeting ToolKit
  • No coding or technical knowledge is involved
  • Fully branded client portal of Retargetkit (Using your own domains, Set root domain page, and set custom 404 error page)
  • Create branded links in your domain
  • Set portal name, logo, favicon, theme color
  • Add custom CSS & scripts
  • Add your own links to privacy & terms of service
  • ReCaptcha – anti-spam measure for the portal
  • Invite clients to dashboard from agency dashboard
  • All signs up are counted trial & you define the number of days for it
  • Email notification for registering, forget password & inviting the users
  • Register, login, reset the password for clients which are Whitelabel too
  • You set/change the account limits and subscription plan for the clients
  • All the client’s data, such as name, email, joined date is visible to you.
  • You access all your clients’ links, campaigns, and entire workspace

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  • Create Brandable Short Links
  • Build Bio Landing Pages
  • Create Content Curation Pages for Web Resources
  • Collect Socially Verified Emails Using Lead Magnets
  • Add CTA to Bring Traffic or Collect Leads From Any Webpages
  • Add Custom HTML widgets and Codes to Any Webpages
  • Agency Feature to Make Your Own Branded Re-targeting ToolKit
  • Direct Integrations With Automation Software & Email Marketing Software


  • Each Different Tool is Not Purchasable Separately But As All-in-one Package.
  • There Some Setup Required Before You Start Using The Tools But It’s Easy and They Have All the Helpful Docs & Live Support
  • Curated Pages are Not Index-able on Search Engines

What is Retargetkit Review

Retargetkit is a retargeting toolkit to digital marketers that helps handle social media marketing advertisements, make brand awareness, and boost sales from retargeting your single-time visitors.

Retargetkit can achieve this and provides different tools that could get used in numerous digital marketing use cases.

Retargetkit tools are special where their uses are just limited creativity and user’s workflow.

RetargetKit Integrations

Suppose if you’re wondering which the straight integrations are, RetargetKit since has it handles leads data and emails.

Presently, it has straight integrations with:

  • Zapier
  • Integromat
  • Pabbly Connect
  • Integrately
  • Webhook
  • MailChimp
  • Moosend
  • Automizy
  • Active Campaign
  • MailerLite
  • ConvertKit
  • GetResponse

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