Ushort Link Shortener Review – URL Shortener Lifetime Deal

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Optimize Your Marketing Campaigns by Creating Shorter Links & Increasing Your Conversions

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Ushort Link Shortener Review

Optimize Your Marketing Campaigns by Creating Shorter Links & Increasing Your Conversions.

Features & Functions
Value For The Money
User Friendly (Getting Started)
Support & Customer Help
Deal Benefits & Restrictions
  • 3,000 URLs allowed
  • 10 quick pages
  • 10 custom CTAs
  • 30 event tracking
  • 10 custom domains
  • Geotargeting
  • Device targeting
  • URL customization
  • No advertisements
  • 30 pixels
  • Max number of devices: 1
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Welcome to link shortener review which is a link shortener service with advanced capabilities including CTA, custom domains, landing Pages, device targetting, geo targetting, password protection, link expiration, and more.

Read Transcript of Ushort Link Shortener Review Video

Hi, guys, I am Alston.

First, thank you so much for checking out this video.

In this video, we will be looking into a tool called ushort.

I will explain to you what it is, why you need it, and how you can effectively use it to get the full potential of it.

Currently, it’s on lifetime deal for just $29, so anytime you want to check it out, you can click the link on the description, and you can check out it out.

OK, now let’s get started.

First, what is Ushort?
It is a link shortener service. I have used a lot of link shorteners, but this is the most feature-rich link shortener I have ever seen because they have so many features.

What do you mean by link shortener?
Link shortener is a service where you use when you don’t want to have excellent links like, for example, in Amazon and Facebook links.

Instead of sharing long links for your marketing or personal preference, you can add in a short customized link with full control over it, you can either create it in a shortened domain, or even you can create those links based on a custom domain.

OK, now, let me explain why you might need a link shortener.

You might need it for when you want the long links into short links.
Get custom links from your custom domain.
Brand recognition more using custom short URL with your brand name.
Track all the analytics to the link clicks
Include targeting pixels inside your short links
Target segmentation, devices & geolocation.

Now let’s take a look into their dashboard so I can explain to you even further what paste this is the dashboard Screen.

Before we get started into the actual process, let me explain to some other things you can see in this side you can see all the membership details, settings details, and logout.

First custom domain, what it means is you can add a custom domain rather than using the default shortened domain. If you want a custom domain like this, then or whenever you create a link based on this custom domain, it will be automatically brandable links instead of using a generic shortened link.

You can add multiple pixels. Here you can add pixels Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and AdRoll.

OK, real quick pages. What it enables us to do is allow you to create a landing page of the sort.

If you do not have a separate website, you want to have a landing page with a shortened link so you can create it here, the basic creation to create it, click on the Create button, and fill up all the details which have been asked on the particular page. It will be automatically created; you can see all the status.

You can set up a banner; you can set up a profile image, title, description, and link to your site.

For example, if you create a custom CTA doesn’t matter, you shorten a link which you own, or is from a third-party website like BBC or any other third party website.

When you shorten the link, and when any visitor clicks on this link and goes to learn more about it, it will show our custom message in the device screen with them a message what we want to show it to customers, so it almost like we are advertising on those particular websites.

In link management, you can see all the archived links and expired links.

If you are looking to get a simple shortened link, all you need to do is paste your URL, and you will get a link immediately.

In advanced option, what it does is it shows me so much more variations.

First, decide is it a direct link direct or indirect? Or do you want a frame redirect? Or do you want a splash direct? So based on your requirement, you can choose it; most of you will be using direct, quick pages.

These are that once targeting option, you have an opportunity to focus based on geo on your based on what locations you want to target the visitor. Let’s say, for example, if someone is from the United States then I want to relate that particular user to instead of this URL, I want to redirect them to this specific URL Then I can include that and it will work accordingly.

If I want to include more locations, click here, and that creates another country variation.

So based on your need, you can keep on adding to make sure that whatever you want, it’s possible.

This is device targeting. This is where you can choose for which device which you want to you want the users to be; you can select here.

If you want to select a particular targeting pixel for this link, you can create here, and you can choose a select singer and click on shorten.

You can see it has been shortened. And it also gives us a QR code for this short link. You can save it by clicking here. OK, now the link has been created.

I have refreshed the screen because I wanted to show how to make edits to the links, you need to go here and click on Edit. So you have to make sure to come here and make sure you click on the public to make sure that that this shortened link is set to the public.

This is one of the drawbacks which I mean experiment experiencing up to now once you’re done that you copy your shortened link.

So I hope I have covered everything.

Once again, thank you so much for checking out this video. If you have any doubts or questions, feel free to ask me in the comments, and I’ll personally explain it to you. And

I hope you have a great day and I hope to see you guys in another great video.

Thank you

Main Features of Ushort Link Shortener

  • Redirect customers to relevant pages & watch conversion rates soar
  • Make use of the overlay tool on target websites to deliver unobtrusive notifications
  • Make custom landing pages that promote your services or products & increase engagement
  • Track events live, right as they happen w/ a custom pixel from Facebook
  • Build your own custom applications easily w/ Ushort’s powerful robust API

Ushort Link Shortener Pros

  • Feature-rich platform
  • Loving the CTA message box feature.
  • Detailed Analytics for the Links
  • Password protection and Link expiration
  • Very responsive founder

Ushort Link Shortener Cons

  • Not straight forward to getting started
  • The system panel feels a bit outdated


Overall if you are looking for feature-rich link shortening service for your needs, then it’s ideal. Make sure to explore everything and read the documentation thoroughly to utilize the maximum potential of the system.

Ushort Link Shortener Review – URL Shortener Lifetime Deal
Ushort Link Shortener Review – URL Shortener Lifetime Deal
$29 $83
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