WooFunnels Lifetime Deal
Lifetime Deal

WooFunnels Lifetime Deal & Review

Ultimate sales funnel builder for WordPress.
Expired July 5, 2021
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WooFunnels Lifetime Deal & Review

Do you wish to set up beautiful, conversion-optimized checkout pages and sales funnels straight inside your WordPress website?

Meet WooFunnels Lifetime Deal.

WooFunnels is a checkout solution and sales funnel builder based on WooCommerce for WordPress. It enables you to quickly and easily build excellent sales funnels with your preferred page builder.

Read on for our full WooFunnels Review!


Create beautiful opt-in & sales pages with conversion-optimized designs.

Make relevant upsells offers that customers can accept with one click.

Build conversion-optimized checkout pages for both mobile & desktop.

Deploy an automated follow-up engine to convert visitors into leads.

Product Highlights

  • It is built straight on top of WooCommerce; thus, you have complete control.
  • Simple to use funnel building wizard thanks to drag & drop.
  • Developed by a great company with 5-star customer support.
  • Deep integration along with your preferred page builders.
  • Plenty of integrations along with other CRMs and apps.
  • It integrates a lot of diverse payment processors.
  • 1-click down-sells, up-sells, free plus shipping, order bumps, etc.
  • 1-click import of checkout templates & sales funnel.
  • The development team regularly rolls out new features.
  • The Founder, Daman Jeet, actively interacts & helps users in the WooFunnels FB group.
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What is WooFunnels and How Does it Work?

The BuildWooFunnels suite is a WordPress plugins collection by XLPlugins, which work in combination with the number one WP-based shopping cart system on the globe, WooCommerce.

You may effortlessly set up order bumps, down-sells, up-sells, plus more – all with wizards and easy templates. The outcome is an expert funnel and shopping cart that converts.

WooFunnels improves and extends the WooCommerce functionality and enables you to create fully functional, mobile, and conversion-optimized sales funnels directly inside WordPress.

In the past, setting up an appropriate WooCommerce funnel needed a costly combination of custom coding and plugins. However, WooFunnels provides you with a checkout and funnel builder in a bundle and turns this previously complex process incredibly easy.

What is the Funnel Builder?

The Funnel Builder is a central solution with order bumps, optimized checkouts, opt-ins, one-click upsells, thank-you pages, and sales. And, it includes in-depth analytics, contact activities, and performance dash with the capability to A/B test anything.

You don’t need UpStroke or AeroCheckout separately when you own the Funnel Builder. With it, you have all the things you require to build funnels. All the features, templates, and pages are included.

What is Autonami CRM?

Also, the WooFunnels team gives you entry to their rules engine & internal automation and light CRM, Autonami.

Autonami behaves as a type of “internal Zapier” that lets you set triggers & resulting actions depending on customer behavior. For instance, if someone cancels their membership, you can receive a mail notification informing you to manually get in touch with them & try to keep the sale.

The Autonami’s CRM component is sort of like a little ActiveCampaign straight inside WordPress. Sure, it is not a dedicated, full-blown CRM. However, it will allow you to perform your automation and email marketing tool’s necessary actions.

Want to send an automated discounted coupon for an abandoned cart person? Just create the actions and triggers, and Autonami performs the rest. Also, you can have Autonami CRM follow up instantly with your customers and prospects, depending on their cart activity.

All in all, this tool makes it simple to automate inside WordPress actions that should not need creating a thousand zaps while also linking to your broader tech stack to more universal activities.

WooFunnels Pricing

The pricing is fair for the ultimate worth you receive in exchange. If you are just getting started, the price may be a bit high for you. However, if you are already making cash, a purchase in WooFunnels can pay for alone 10x over.

You can get each of the BuildWooFunnels products individually or gain access to most of these as part of a lifetime deal. The LTD offer is the best option.

Update: The LTD deal is sold out.

There are two LTD bundles to choose from:

First is Solopreneur Plan. It costs just $499 (38% OFF) for Funnel Builder + Autonami.

Second is Agency Plan. It costs just $999 (44% OFF) for Funnel Builder + Autonami.

WooFunnels Alternatives


LaunchFlows was explicitly created to fix the shortage of sales funnel services in WooCommerce, the most potent and popular transactional engine existing on WordPress now.

From seeing the documentation and sales page, LaunchFlows appears like a good product. Also, they do seem to get close to the list of functionality and features that WooFunnels currently offers.


ThriveCart is an excellent funnel builder and shopping cart, and it is simple to work with, which is crucial.

The main advantage of utilizing a WooCommerce-based stack as WooFunnels over ThriveCart is that you are not reliant on 3rd parties to develop the functions that you require for your company.


Similar to WooFunnels, CartFlows is a WP-based sales funnel creation tool. It is perhaps the most sought-after of their competition and the most buzzed.

In summary, CartFlows is an appealing solution, yet it looks like they have a bit of a job to do should they wish to cope with WooFunnels.


WooFunnels enables us to link with practically any 3rd party program, use WooCommerce’s API, run in-house automation, and eventually own our data, workflows, and tech.

And these are just the beginning; it will take so long to list all the fantastic things you can perform with this plugin. Overall, it’s the top tool to replace your outdated and pricey online shopping cart program.

We hope you enjoyed our WooFunnels review. If you like it, we will very much appreciate it if you could take a moment of your precious time to write your thoughts on the plugin, or even greater, your own experience in the comments.

So, what are you waiting for? Get WooFunnels and start creating optimized sales funnels today!

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