12 Best Zapier Alternatives – Similar Workflow Automation Apps

No matter what market you are in, the application integration and the workflows automation will effectively assist you to save time plus boost organizational and personal efficiency.

However, finding the right automation platform for your industry can be an overwhelming, somewhat challenging process. If you have ever considered automation, you will probably be informed about Zapier.

Zapier is among the most well-known software that provides 1,500+ integration to move information between apps for easier automation and faster work.

Nevertheless, despite its reputation, Zapier is not the only kid in the block for integration platforms.

So, if you are searching for the top 12 best Zapier alternatives out there, keep reading!


The next one in our countdown is Integromat that is the cheaper competitor to Zapier. It enables you to automate your task, which consumes so much workforce and time.

You can see detailed info about every workflow, such as what data got processed and the time it was processed. Also, you can turn off the logging.

It connects various devices, services, and apps with one another without having technical skills. Also, you can build complicated or easy automation tasks using multiple integrations.

Duplicate the processed data easily with its in-built routers. With this, you could divide the situation into different routes to process the content diversely within every route.

It includes the most widely used Excel features like numbers, text, lists, dates, to add up some figures, find out percentage and aggregate, etc.

Integromat offers 5 packages that includes:

  • Basic – The minimum cost for the service per month $9 where you get 1 GB data and 10,000 operations.
  • Standard – Get Standard package at the price of $29 monthly and get 20 GB data with 40,000 operations.
  • Business – $99 per month to 70 GB data and 150,000 operations.
  • Platinum – $299/month that get you 220 GB data and 800,000 operations.
  • Custom – If you require more than 800,000+ operations get in touch with Integromat sales staff for pricing info.


IFTTT (is short for if this then that) is a helpful automation tool that connects apps with basic conditional statements. Those workflows that IFTTT refers to applets vary from social media applications and running your smart house to integrating using digital voice assistants.

It will allow you to link over 600+ services, including business tools, apps, physical appliances, email providers, and cloud platforms, to name some.

This system is ideal for simple workflows with its intuitive interface, bold UX design, and convenience. However, stuff is a little limited after you try and enter into more complicated workflows.

IFTTT provides 4 pricing options that includes:

  • IFTTT Pro – $3.99/month for multi-step applets, unlimited applet creation, customer support, and faster execution.
  • IFTTT Developer – $199/year for solution with queries, actions and triggers, email support, health dashboard and API performance, and badge to marketing materials.
  • IFTTT Team – “spend as you grow” with entry to all the things from the Developer package, a monthly cost per connected person, embed integrations, prioritized support, and standard analytics.
  • IFTTT Enterprise – Custom prices with all offered in the Team package, premium insights and analytics, unlimited services for items, and dedicated account management with Enterprise SLAs.

Microsoft Power Automate

Microsoft Power Automate (formerly Microsoft Flow) is an app similar to Zapier that automates your tasks between various services and apps. It allows you to create secure workflows using cloud-based info loss prevention, access management, and identity services.

It checks out your applications for new details every 900 seconds and then works automated flows when necessary. Also, you can manage and monitor your flows from wherever with Power Automate mobile app for Windows, Android, and iOS.

Additionally, it offers several templates for marketing, sales, email, social media, teaching, etc. Thus, you can instantly begin your automation task like data collection, files syncing, etc., and it alerts you even for a minor change.

Microsoft Power Automate comes with 3 plans that are:

  • Per User Plan – You can make unlimited flows depending on your requirements at the $15 per month per user pricing.
  • Per User Plan with Attended RPA – Together with unlimited workflows, you may automate the legacy apps via RPA & AI at $40 per user per month.
  • Per Flow Plan – Provides implement workflows with reserved capability for unlimited people across your firm at $500 for 5 flows/month.

Pabbly Connect

Pabbly Connect is one of the top alternatives to Zapier. Using it, you can make automated workflows by linking your favorite services and apps based on your specific requirements.

You can instantly streamline sales procedures, social campaigns, automated email, and create cross-functional internal workflows using a bunch of triggers, scheduler, and actions within a few minutes.

Moreover, you could quickly transfer the info between various apps by making your own multi-way & simple workflows using conditional logic, formatters, filters, and a lot more.

Also, it provides XML, JSON, FormData, HTML, plain text, and Encoded form for direct apps integration so that you may connect to nearly any web service based upon the app’s API.

In addition to this, Pabbly Connect facilitates eCommerce and automates marketing sales, business, plugin, payment, and CRM processes. It’s swift to get started, with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Pabbly Connect provides 4 pricing plans which includes:

  • Lifetime Deal – Pay one-time charge of $149 to 3000 Monthly Tasks (Standard). Spend one-time charge of $298 to 6000 Monthly Tasks (Pro). Give one-time fee of $447 to 10,000 Monthly Tasks (Ultimate).
  • Starter – Spend $19 in which you receive 12,000 tasks monthly with all of the features.
  • Rookie – Pay $29 where you receive 50,000 tasks monthly with all the functions.
  • Advance – This plan’s pricing starts from $57 per month and tops $3000/month where you receive 80,000-9,000,000 tasks.


Automate.io is another website like Zapier that helps you connect various cloud-based applications to automate the business, sales, and marketing activities. With it, you can monitor lead generation projects, send automated emails, track payments, manage social campaigns, and much more.

This integration platform comes with a huge automated app integrations list like Salesforce, Facebook lead ads, Shopify, WooCommerce, Zendesk, etc.

Connect all popular SaaS and cloud apps using its Rest/Webhooks API. Save your effort and time with its configurable actions, automated data sync, drag-drop functionality, and much more.

Compared with Zapier, Automate enables you to do 3x more automated operations per month. Business process automation, user-defined trigger events, automatic form filling, multiple data resources, etc.

Automate.io has 5 pricing offerings that includes:

  • Personal – $9.99/month where you get 10 bots and 600 actions/month.
  • Professional – Get 20 bots and 2,000 actions at the $19 per month pricing.
  • Startup – Pay $39 monthly for 50 bots and 10,000 actions.
  • Growth – $79/month where you get 100 bots and 30,000 actions/month.
  • Business – Get 200 bots and 100,000 actions at the $159 per month pricing.


LeadsBridge is an iPaaS service that satisfies your integration demands. It targets bridging gaps among sales funnels and advertising platforms and delivering custom integrations to your business requirements.

With over 370+ different integrations available right now, you may easily link your chosen program with the advertising platform, effortlessly synchronizing data to the marketing workflows.

The LeadsBridge system is ideal for businesses that should streamline their advertising activities by incorporating the marketing tech stack with Instagram & Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Google Ads.

It provides tailor-made integrations for complicated workflows. It’s suited to companies with special needs that aren’t available in the integration listing.

This tool helps you track offline transactions as well as understand the online campaign’s performance. You can link the company’s platforms via LeadsBridge to turn teams more productive.

With Audience Targeting, you could automatically produce the best leads by syncing your customer lists, email marketing contacts, or CRM segments with Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook Ads.

LeadsBridge provides a 7-day free trial with 4 premium plans billed annually or monthly, starting at $29 to the self-service system with 1.5k leads/mo and real-time LeadSync, up to Enterprise plan starting at $699 monthly with custom volumes.


Workato is a Zapier similar tool designed for large corporations and enterprises to run automated workflows (called recipes) across diverse departments to aid shape the perfect workplace.

It is a very user-friendly platform that provides a clean interface to create automation and integrations. Therefore, without coding needed, anybody can create workflows that meet their particular needs.

Workato took security seriously and got numerous controls set up to maintain your data safe. These include encryption, better access controls, and data masking with privacy, and so on.

Take advantage of the 225,000+ pro-community recipes to guide you create workflows in seconds. You can personalize these recipes or utilize these as they are.

Free users may use the smart trigger functions, which will support to create of specific and complex workflows. Nevertheless, if you ought to integrate smart triggers in your Zapier automation, you will have to advance to a paid plan.

Trusted by famous partner brands like Levi’s, Slack, Intuit, and Zendesk, Workato is among the biggest Zapier equivalent services in the field of automation. Obviously, it arrives at a high cost. With first plans beginning at $10,000/year, it is an excellent choice – for people who can pay for it.

HubSpot’s Operations Hub

HubSpot’s Operations Hub (formerly PieSync) provides a different strategy for automation. It got one particular function that sets it aside – the capability to sync info between two applications. While Zapier pulls information from one application to another, Operations Hub enables apps to interact.

This conversational function unlocks the power to do stuff like version conflict resolution or version merging. While that is a fantastic feature, in general, Operations Hub has lesser integrations compared to Zapier.

It was created to save manual data entry periods, thus keeping the consumer data secured and updated. Moreover, there is no coding needed to maintain customer information. You can quickly create and insert actions in a few steps and begin your work.

It doesn’t create workflows like “if X occurs, do Y” – that is what the remainder of the options in this review does. Suppose you just ought to keep connections in sync; take a look at Operations Hub. So, it is not a straight-up alternative for Zapier, but users still love it.

HubSpot’s Operations Hub plans include premium and free options that develop with you. Premium packages vary from $50 per month (Starter) to $890 per month (Professional) to $3,200 per month (Enterprise).


Positioning itself being a general automation system, Tray.io offers a drag-&-drop interface to create workflows. Having a collection of 450+ application connectors, it shines as a feasible alternative of Zapier, although it mostly suits larger companies.

SaaS companies and larger companies often employ it to include an integrated suite to their item without creating it themselves. If you operate a SaaS solution, that part only is worth checking out – it is known as Tray Embedded.

Also, it is worth noting Tray arrives with significant pricing – the Standard package starts at $695 per month. With that in mind, it is fair to state that Tray contends with Zapier primarily in the commercial sector and is not a choice for small companies.

Tray.io provides 4 pricing packages that includes:

  • Standard – $695/month for access to quickstarts, universal connectors, automation templates, and modern usability features.
  • Standard Plus – $1,450/month for custom connector, shareable auths, access any success plan, and shareable components.
  • Professional – $2,450/month for connector SDK, environment promotion, SAML 2.0 SSO, and roles-based access.
  • Enterprise – Custom pricing to log streaming, on-premise connectivity, custom SLA, and workspaces.


N8n.io is a real outlier in the automation workflow sector. As an open-source solution, it lets you self-host and produce elaborate automation.

It is a good option for a few since it is open source and free. Meaning you should install it then maintain it on your own, which could be a put-off. Nevertheless, this provides you full handle over that info for users with privacy or data storage concerns.

For those who do not want to set it up, you will explore a cloud edition. That isn’t free, yet pricing is generous. They charge only for a whole workflow executing, not each step click as the others.

Starting with a list of available apps and a no-code editor, you then can venture into including custom HTTP requests, conditional logic, or JavaScript functions.

Naturally catering to tech-savvy people, N8n provides an extensive array of opportunities without charging a cent. Overall, it is one of the top Zapier free alternatives on the market.

We do not want to keep up our automation workflow tool and figure out what is wrong when anything inevitably breaks. However, N8n does not get as many applications as Zapier yet. It is one to watch on, though.


How would you feel every time you need to use 3-5 apps daily and perform regular jobs like collecting and updating new data, handling invoice processes, and much more other stuff on multiple occasions? Exhausting, correct!

KonnectzIT will allow you to incorporate multiple web applications and automate your tasks to save effort, money, & time on manual, tedious steps, leading to increased productivity.

It is designed to be the greatest of both realms, i.e., both API methods & Webhooks to link your favorite programs with its system. Also, KonnectzIT comes with numerous features and 250+ apps in its database to integrate & automate workflow.

World’s top no-code, visual workflow builder automation system is created for all types of a group from starters to pros. You do not need to be a coder or techie to automate your daily workflows; using KonnectzIT, and any complex tasks could be automated in minutes.

Also, this tool has built-in applications to configure & align the information since most automation results as descriptions, notifications, & emails do sound technical. KonnectzIT does not want to have their customers feel the exact pain like they do in other systems. You can format & customize the data.


You require a way for syncing all your programs and provide your users an excellent experience without putting in hundreds of hours fixing back-end web integrations. It is where SyncSpider shines!

SyncSpider is an application-to-application connection tool that helps e-commerce stores automate fulfillment, marketing, and sales. It links your e-commerce apps for fewer refunds and flawless delivery, plus receive a full inventory view across all of your channels.

You can sell your items across every biggest marketplace using multichannel sales. Have your products listed on Etsy, eBay, Amazon, and others, with any e-commerce system you prefer, including WooCommerce, Magento Pro, and Shopify Plus.

You will receive integrations with apps and tools specific to internet business, including Accounting, ERP, point-of-sale, and CRMs. Add to this purchasing, inventory, shipping, and fulfillment to get all your back-end programs synced.

Batch processing sets SyncSpider aside by allowing you to make bulk product updates via a sole CSV file. There is no reason to await triggers to the updates to strike, either.

Also, SyncSpider links to any ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems, local SQL base, or Windows database to carry your offline orders to online outlets. You can continue using the ERP system as your primary data source, then sync info to any application.


As you could find, there are various choices, ranging from Zapier cheaper alternatives to massive platforms providing a large pool of possibilities and apps, to special ones which are suitable to specific related groups of users.

Although Zapier might be an experienced automation service, it is essential to check out other choices to make the right decision. Since you are aware of several feature-rich Zapier alternatives, you may choose the service that works perfectly for your business requirements.

Have you tested any one of the alternatives for Zapier we reviewed in this blog post? If so, kindly share your thoughts with us through the comments.

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