ZigPoll Feedbacks Lifetime Deal
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Zigpoll Feedback Lifetime Deal

Embeddable polling widget that lets you easily collect feedback, emails, and sentiment from your visitors.
Expired October 2, 2019
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Zigpoll Feedback Lifetime Deal

An embeddable polling widget that lets you easily collect feedback, emails, and sentiment from your visitors.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Makes the experience of collecting feedback fun for your customer.

Track customer responses to all polls within your site

Allows you to incentivize participation with discounts and giveaways

Easy email capture

Video Review

Zigpoll Review - Customer Polling & Feedback Widget App

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Our Group Discussion

Welcome to Zigpoll review which is an embeddable polling widget that can live on any page within your website. It lets you easily collect feedback, emails, and sentiment from your visitors so you can make better business decisions.

Zigpoll can be an embeddable polling widget that enables you to gather feedback, emails from these potential customers quickly. Zigpoll is among the finest ways to collect honest feedback from your visitors.

Our flexible and fun polling tool has enabled big and small businesses to raised understand their market. It could be used for marketing and feedback purposes.

You can ask questions to your visitors across any page on your website with Zigpoll. It enables you to quickly and easily communicate with your visitors through fun and interactive polls. You could create as many polls as you want and embed them on any page of your website, including checkout.

What Can Zigpoll Do For You?

Ask multiple questions

Multiple choice, binary, and short answers are only a few of our question types.

The resulting tally is merely visible following a submission, so answering questions becomes a fun experience.

Capture information

Our Email Capture feature enables you to embed email promotions straight into your polls.

Plus, our participant tracking lets you see what specific customers have to state about your questions.

Match your style

Easily customize any Zigpoll to fit your website’s unique color pallet and branding.

Dynamic page routes offer you full control over what page and what domain each Zigpoll can look on.

Zigpoll Use Cases

Provide a Giveaway For Email Capture

Provide an incentive to collect emails and info.

Feedback For Product Decisions

Get feedback for the next product.

Offer Help For SOMETHING

Convert increased sales by offering support.

Determine Your Customer Favorites

Ask your customers what their favorites are.


Convert increased sales with social proof.

Display Your Best Reviews

Ask these potential customers to leave a note.

Gauge Interest

Make smarter content decisions.

Gather Feedback

Know very well what content works best.

Understand Your Audience

See who responds to your articles and why.

Ask Questions

Put your preferred responses on display.

Understand Reactions

Uncover what people think.

Engage With Fans

Explore what your visitors want to say.

Get Feedback

Understand how users experience updates.


Engage with your users.

Understand Your Leads

See what’s performing the best.

Incentivize Sales

Increase demand, as well as your mailing list.

Ask Design Questions

Post the answers for everybody to see.

Plan Your Roadmap

See how users experience planned changes.

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