Gappsy Mobile App Builder Lifetime Deal & Review

A web platform to help you create your own iOS and Android mobile apps in less than 30 minutes without installing any software or without any technical knowledge.

Gappsy is a visual mobile App builder that can help you to build Andriod and IoS apps visually without coding or installing software on the desktop.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Get Access to 100+ Mobile App Templates & layouts. Customize it to your exact needs and add your own logo.

Publish your App in the iOS Appstore and Android Playstore with our step-by-step guide.

Add advanced features to your app by dragging them from our library of features and dropping them into your app.

Gappsy Review - Build a Mobile App Without Coding

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Gappsy is based on an open-source Siberian CMS and provides specialized products top of it with new modules, themes, layouts and makes sure that there are no bugs, that it works with the fastest speed possible, and that they offer the best possible customer support.

There is a white-label package, and you can have your backend dashboard and teammates. It won’t show Gappsy or anything related to our brand name anywhere. It will show your own logo, your own URL, your email server, your own login section for your teammates.

With a non-Whitelabel package, you need to login to the gappsy dashboard and see their gappsy logo. When an app is published in the app stores, you will not see a logo from gappsy, or the Whitelabel company.

With Gappsy mobile app developer, you will get App hosting and they also provide source code for the Apps you build. The apps are coded with Angularjs, and they are native.

It has got great functionalities such as Iframe, booking, QR scan, push notifications, membership, social wall, Maps, Analytics, Admob Integration, Woocommerce, and much more.

It’s a growing platform with so many exciting features.

Their roadmap is

Here is their demo app:

Apple App Store:

Gappsy review and walkthrough video

This video will cover.

  1. What Gappsy is and it’s functionalities? – 0:48
  2. How to Build a Mobile App without coding – 3:24
  3. Pros and Cons of the mobile app builder – 26:32
  4. Roadmap discussion – 30:56

Gappsy Pros

  • No technical or coding knowledge required to build a mobile App
  • It’s a visual drag and drops mobile App builder
  • It provides App, and it services hosting
  • It provides the App’s source code with APK files
  • You don’t need to install any software on your PC; instead, everything is on the WEB
  • They support membership, push notifications, Admob, Analytics, and more
  • Highly responsive developer who listens to the customer and very passionate
  • Exciting roadmap for the App

Gappsy Cons

  • No or very less tutorial and documentation
  • The UI is not 100% beginner-friendly
  • The product is not a fully developed system; instead, it’s a growing platform with new functionality added

So how exactly does Gappsy work?

Anyone can create an advanced App with Gappsy.


Chose one in our modern App design layouts. There are a great number of designs to choose from. Some are manufactured for a particular type of company. Others tend to be more generic. You could choose any theme and edit it yourself.


Customize from text to pictures. You could choose your colors, pictures, and videos. The sky is the limit. You could create all you can think of.


We have a whole library filled with useful plugins that you can drag and drop into the app. We will review all the plugins below. This is the most powerful area of the Gappsy Drag-and-Drop builder.


With a select a button, you can launch your own app. You can include Google advertisements in your app and make money on autopilot.

Gappsy Plugins

The plugins make Gappsy the most powerful Drag-and-Drop application builder. Here are our plugins! We actively focus on creating new exclusive Gappsy Plugins!


You can send unlimited personalized push notifications to the people that downloaded your App. Luckily there is no spam box. Every message will be delivered, and open rates are incredibly high.


Just around the corner – Send programmed birthday push notifications to the people who downloaded your app. You could give them a present-day to keep them happy. You may send them a discount code to cause them to become buy something on your site.


Create your webshop in your app. Sell the merchandise you want. It could be used to market meals for a restaurant, for example. Payment gateways are integrated into the webshop plugin.


Let customers on your iPhone app gather loyalty points for purchasing something on your app. They could redeem these points to get something free of charge in your iPhone app or get a discount for it.


Get visitors to open the app every day by giving them a daily scratch card. You can install the likelihood of a hefty prize or a small one. An enormous prize is a free meal in a restaurant. A smaller prize is a discount code.


Coming soon – Let your iPhone app users schedule an appointment. It is a reservation for a restaurant or a cosmetic salon, for example.


Embed your website or a particular page of your website into your app.


Create your own Facebook-like SOCIAL WEBSITES timeline. Your App users can post text or pictures on it.


JUST AROUND THE CORNER -Let your application users connect in 1-on-1 live chats. They can send each other private messages free of charge.


Integrate any Facebook page. When that page posts something on Facebook, it’ll automatically be shown In the app.


You can add music from Itunes or Soundcloud. You can also upload your files. App users can purchase songs or listen to them free of charge. They can keep hearing the song even if indeed they close the software or lock their phone.


You can integrate videos into your app. You may incorporate any youtube video or integrate an entire youtube channel into the app. All videos would be shown in the application for individuals to see.


Make a contact page for your application users. Integrate your contact number to call you merely by clicking on it. You can also create a contact form on that contact page.


Make money by creating and integrating a Google Admob account. Google can pay you for every user that is on your app. You can calculate the amount of money you’ll earn by the end of the month.


See what is going on in your app. Observe how many people downloaded your app and get additional information on your users, such as their email, name, and much more.


It’s a great visual mobile app builder, and the discount deal is fantastic because it provides you to build apps for one-time payment.

It’s a growing mobile app builder, so if you’re interested in building a professional and feature-rich mobile app for your business without no technical knowledge.

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20 thoughts on “Gappsy Mobile App Builder Lifetime Deal & Review”

  1. I was charge for a month not used. The interface is limited. Few options. Worthless. Customer service denies me the refund. Beware of this cloudy company. They will ROBB YOU ELECTRONICALLY.

    I didn’t realize I didn’t canceled the trial. What a shitty app for $57 a month.


  2. They took my money and I can’t email login. It’s been over 48 hours and still no assistance. I am very disappointed.

    • I am successfully using the application, day 4 now. I’ve had to write Customer Service almost daily – they wrote back a few times but not always.

      In a nut shell, the YouTube video sync feature is broken. The Custom Audio upload feature is broken. iTunes is the only DSP with native catalog synchronization. It seems like this company is run by one or two individuals who’re trying to balance development, finances, customer service, marketing and everything else. This is a purchase I wish I never made.

  3. Gappsy is currently offering a lifetime deal via ads on Facebook right now. They are not responding to support requests in a timely manner, nor are they honoring their 14-day refund guarantee, no questions asked. On May 8th, they made a fanfare about communication being key. Seemingly, they don’t live by their values. They were not prepared, and now I am dissatisfied with no desire to consider them again when they grow. The limitations of this no-code platform are real.

    Gappsy is currently offering a lifetime deal via ads on Facebook right now. They are not responding to support requests in a timely manner, nor are they honoring their 14-day refund guarantee, no questions asked. On May 8th, they made a fanfare about communication being key. Seemingly, they don’t live by their values. They were not prepared, and now I am dissatisfied with no desire to consider them again when they grow. The limitations of this no-code platform are real.

  4. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to upload video in gappsy. I put in the links, and it just shows a blank page. I watched your Youtube video, but you didn’t go over how to add video links from Vimeo or Youtube. Any advice? I’ve contacted “support” but they are not being helpful at all. ?

  5. Do not pursue an app with Gappsy if you are an individual. Their advertising promotions are very misleading.

    The app will cost far more than they advertise once the publishing “options” are added in, and they will need access to your Apple Developer account.

    This is a security risk to any Apple product user who has an Individual account. Unless you have a Company account with Apple Developer (which requires legal documentation), as an Individual you are unable to issue permitted access for third-party developers. I have correspondence from both Gappsy and the Apple Development team.

    Feel free to contact me.

    I am still within the “14-day free trial period” with Gappsy, and they are saying they cannot refund my purchase because it is not “feasible” for them. They are not qualified to publish apps on their end, and I was not willing to risk my Apple security after discussion with the Apple Development team directly.

    A legitimate company would understand the cost of doing business, especially when they are dealing with customers who have never developed an app before.

    They utilized cheap advertising during a pandemic to pursue marketing that would attract them business, with no intention of refunding anything to anybody.

  6. I have built our App with this company with absolutely no issues at all. The platform is limited but it is still worth the money. Apple denied me at first for the same reason and then when I explained that I paid Gappsy (It’s a service, that’s how they make money) to publish my App, Apple did not have a problem with it. After they published my App, I removed Gappsy from the admin role. This company has been nothing been responsive and great to work with. CERTIFIED 3RD PARTY RESPONSE!! Check out our App. SodaBean, in both Google and Apple.

  7. So far, I’ve been using the builder and trying different features. However many just don’t work, which is really making me regret my purchase because every time I reach out, nothing gets solved. They have terrible customer service and they don’t seem to care at all, and I’m not willing to provide crappy service for my own customer. Theymay be comfortable with that… I’m not.

    They had a user forum where all of us tried to communicate to solve technical issues but nobody was able to solve anything. There were tons of questions without any moderators so there were no
    answers. I wrote to them to ask if anyone was answering questions on there and instead they CLOSED the forum!!!

    I wrote a comment on their Facebook wall (not rude but I said that all these things aren’t working and need help, haven’t been able to get a real solution), so I was blocked from their wall, and I can’t message them through the messenger either. I contacted support and they answered me with answers almost as “they don’t agree that things aren’t working” and still didn’t help.
    If I could avoid the headache, I’d look for a better option. It’s a company of terrible ethics, even if they’re “growing”… You don’t do that to your customers. Obviously they won’t refund my money because of the learning curve… I’m being the 14 days… but I wish I could. NEVER AGAIN!!

    PROS: Many features and good IDEA

    CONS: Poor execution, horrible ethics to customers, and they behave like scammers.

  8. Gappsy hands down has the worst customer service I have EVER ENCOUNTERED!

    Also about 20% of the features within their app builder DO NOT work correctly!

    I have had nothing but trouble and I am very technically advanced and can write code. So just take that for what it’s worth.

    I highly suggest you DO NOT BUY THIS and go somewhere else.

  9. After wasting time, this app could be good for personal use not business
    It has limitations and a lack of support
    Poor manuals and outdated videos for almost a year
    I believe it was created by some people and left over there is no updates and do not waste your time

  10. I am a software developer. I had a client who wanted me to build a taxi mobile app for both android and apple stores. That was when I came across Gapsy which I thought would be a good option of using their platform to develop the Mobile Apps. After reading these comments, I knew they were not to be trusted, so I ventured into android development and I’m glad it paid off. Finally, I was able to build a taxi mobile App for another Taxi Company. It’s DoveyRide. I wish they focus on getting the team together. If anyone wants a headstart with Taxi Application and deployment to the stores, I could be of great assistance. Chat me up @oluibk on Telegram


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