About SaaSPirate

Hi, I am Delon Anthony, a digital entrepreneur where we use digital solutions to transform businesses.

Other co-founder is Alston Antony who is pretty active in the digital marketing community, and you learn more about him at alstonantony.com

SaaSPirate is one of our in-house project dedicated to supporting startup companies and individuals who are looking for affordable SaaS software.

What is SaaSPirate?

SaaSpirate is an online community where I share fantastic software and SaaS, which have discounts or lifetime deals. I simply don’t list the deal, but I also try to provide in-depth background, features & functions, full review, and even video walkthrough and review.

SaaSPirate for customers: You can get great software for once-in-a-lifetime prices with over 90% discounts, and you will not find deals like this anytime in the future.

SaaSPirate for founders: Founders can share their software and boost their product launch or product sales growth by sharing your software in front of thousands of entrepreneurs.

Few Words From Person Who Runs SaaSpirate

My name is Delon, the younger one of the Anthony brothers. Along with my bro Alston, I work round the clock to make the Digital Marketing Mind website the one place for all things digital marketing & growth hacking.

My primary responsibilities in the site include content editing/optimization, digital research, marketing, social media management, and, last but not least, writing in-depth articles, reviews, and guides for the Blog section.

I will share with you the valuable experience I gained from being in the internet marketing space for years. All the failures, zero dollar earning months, massive ranking drops, losing money on fake websites/tools, I have seen it all! But, that doesn’t halt me from pursuing my goals; it only fueled the burning fire to become a successful online entrepreneur just like the big names out there.

The main reason why I started this website together with my brother is we wanted to help other people who are in a similar situation like we were 5-10 years back. Back then, they were no one to help us show the right way, so we had to learn the art on our own through trial and error.

That is why we felt today’s common man can become a tomorrow’s big name in this industry if he/she is around the right set of people reading their articles, following their tips, and experiment with what they learned.

Ok now, with formalities done and dusted, hurrah, if you are still reading, let me share the personal side of mine. I’m not a big-ticket celebrity, million dollars net worth person, who owns a fleet of supercars (though if you’re generous enough to gift one, I’ll take it with my both hands hehe).

But, instead, a simple, calm person who likes to stay most of the time indoors, keeps his surrounding neat & clean, talk less & work more, and do what he does best without throwing the dice at everything for the sake of it.

My inspiration came from one of the most famous quotes by Bill Gates, “If you are born poor, it’s not your mistake, but if you die poor, it is your mistake.” Of course, I’m not going to build another Microsoft (you can relax, sir).

I’m just kidding because, for a fact, I suck at coding. That’s why I leave the technical part always to my brother because he is so so good at it; thus, I can chill a bit and not go crazy after all.

Apart from work, my hobbies are sleeping (come on folks who doesn’t like a good sleep after hours of punching the keyword keys to write an article that will forever be an excellent resource), listening to songs (mostly Tamil ones because that is my mother tongue but not afraid to mix up occasional English ones), clean the house in and out (who said cleaning is not for the man it’s a great way to keep you fit without ever needing to go to a gym), and the list goes on.

I’m pretty sure you know more about me after reading this bio, and I have big plans for this website, so I want you to be with our journey and support what we do over here.

Show us some love at the social media, join our private FB group for more insider, and do not forget to subscribe to our email list so you can get notified whenever I publish a new post.

Stay safe & well in these uncertain times, and till then bye cya, it’s Delon signing off here!

SaaSPirate’s Stats

No.of visitors we receive

Here is screenshot from Google Analytics, which shows users and more details.

SaaSpirate visitors

Types of visitors we recieve

Here you can see how much visitors we receive from various different sources. You can see how big is our audience types:

SaaSpirate types
  • Organic Search – 143,215 users, that means we are amazing at SEO.
  • Direct Users – 25,587 users, that means we have great user base who visit as frequently.
  • Reffered Users – 8119 users, other industry experts recommend us.
  • Social Users – 6026 users, We brings traffic from Facebook & Twitter.
  • Paid Traffic – 1 user, We never done advertising and all our traffic is natural.

Overall, these statistics demonstrate the effectiveness of our various marketing strategies and highlight the diverse range of audience types that engage with our website.

We are constantly striving to grow and improve, leveraging these insights to further enhance user experience and expand our reach.

Audience Countries

Here is where users who visit and use our platform is located. There is total 220 countries and regions but here are the top 16.

SaaSpirate visitors countries

Users by Browsers

Here is the report of users by browsers.

SaaSpirate Browsers

Users by Operating System

Here is the report of users by operating systems.

Opearting Systems

In Social Media

Our exclusive Facebook group where I help our community has discussions about digital entrepreneurship and SaaS (https://www.facebook.com/groups/alstonantony/) has over 6300+ professionals & a company audience.

We have deal discussions, business problems, and more. SaaSPirate FB group is growing at a steady pace.

Facebook group

Video Marketing

Check out our YouTube channel. I review videos and create walkthroughs for SaaS and software. The channel URL is https://www.youtube.com/AlstonAntony

Alston YouTube

SaaSpirate Newsletter

SaaSPirate also has other promotion methods such as email marketing, push notifications, mobile app users, offline advertising, etc. with totaling over 3500 users.

Deal Listings Types

Review Listing

If I bought a deal listed on the site for personal or our company’s use, then I will write and record in-depth SaaS reviews.

Regular Listing

Most of the time, I won’t be able to purchase all the lifetime deals that come to market, so in that case, I will create regular listings.

Not Recommend

I will post all lifetime deals I find and in my opinion or experience, if any app is bad, I will let you know.

Why SaaSPirate?

I put customers first

If your SaaS or Software is amazing for our site’s audience and if you can offer a lifetime deal or discount, then I will check the Software, and if it’s good, I will list it in SaaSPirate.

I love to support startups & new founders

I understand the difficulties of promoting your new Software; that’s why I don’t expect huge affiliate commission rates or charge huge listing fees like other sites.

I will support every SaaS, SMB and professionals

I will help everyone to my best. Below are some of the feedback I received every day, this not to meant to be bragging shows the characteristics, of the community I was able to build. (PS: You can contact them to verify it)

alston reviews

There are so many more but I ask you join our community and decide it for yourself. Let’s build better digital entrepreneurial future!

Feedbacks from Users

You can verify all the reviews at https://www.facebook.com/saaspirate/reviews

Some of testimonials and feedbacks we received from our company to prove our self to you.

Venkatesh, CEO at Compunet Connections Testimonial for Alston Antony

Venkatesh Balasubramanian, CEO, Compunet Connections

Arman Mazaheri, Marketer & SEO Testimonial for Alston Antony

Arman Mazaheri, Marketing & SEO

Sky Yap, Founder of Sky SaaS Review, Talks about Alston Antony

Sky Yap, Founder, Sky SaaS Review

Kaushal Sheth, Founder at XENRION for Alston Antony

Kaushal Sheth, Founder Digital Agency, XENRION

I am an independent filmmaker and recently stepped into the world of Digital Marketing.

Soon I found myself drowning in a vast ocean of new online business tools and premium services. Most of them were beyond my budget, and to make the matter worse, there was no one to guide me or share from their experience. Then I discovered lifetime deals online, and it opened up a new world of possibilities and suddenly made lots of world-class tools, both affordable and accessible.

However, I still needed guidance regarding the selection of the right tools for my specific needs. This is very crucial because, in any startup business, we need to choose and purchase the right set of tools to utilize and take advantage of, and I also wanted to avoid unnecessary investments.

So I was in need of urgent guidance and help. I then got acquainted with Mr. Alston Anthony’s SAAS LTD Deals website and Facebook group. I also asked a few of my queries to the person himself, and since the very first day, I received a very positive and friendly response from the guy. Later on, I also did a video call with him, and he obliged without hesitation.

I soon found out that whenever I have any doubts or need a little guidance, I could rely on Alston to help me and assist me online. This gave a huge boost to morale and confidence since I am already developing three of my websites online and buying Lifetime deals online.

I feel fortunate to have Mr. Alston for online consultation and assistance, and he also provides clarification on any specific deals and purchases that I need to do. He is also helping me in taking better and sensible decisions for my business growth.

Thank you, Mr. Alston Anthony, for being a part of my life. Here’s wishing you all the success in whatever Endeavour you wish to undertake.

Tarunabh Dutta, Founder & Director at TD Film Studio

Alston gives true insight on what the deal is about his honest approach towards his community is big, and he is fair if the deal is worth the purchase or not which is important and many you tubers lack I wish Alston the best of success in the coming future and I hope he grows as his honest reviews keep growing as time goes on.

Ar Ya, Email Marketer

I am very grateful for having such a great friend/ advisor in life. You can ask Alston anything, he will honestly answer you. A great trustworthy friend indeed! 

Udit Arora, SaaS Founder

Anthony is the best person to get very honest and trustworthy advice and review about any IT and software related issues. Keep doing the great job mate and wish you all the best.

Sahajahan Saj Chowdhury, CEO, Deenz Business Group Australia

Alston is the best in terms of giving value to his audience and knowledgeable in terms of marketing, SEO specifically. He is the best marketer with a humble heart.

Benjie Malinao, Founder, Automate8 Marketing, Proovely and socialistening.io

Alston, A man with the kindest heart, who is always ready to help others and his website ‘Saaspirate’ is the Sea of Lifetime SaaS Deals with detailed videos on SaaS reviews which are very helpful.

Dev Rathor, Digital Marketer & Web Designer

I still remember it was Alston’s video review that helped me decide on one of my early software lifetime deals. When you are a beginner, the different softwares, features, terms… are very confusing. Alston helped me and countless of others to navigate the software minefield with his honest and actionable reviews. Thank you Alston, for all the good work you do, and for sticking to your values.

Ken Moo, Founder, Content Loop Digital

Alston is knowledgeable and resourceful. He answers everyone’s questions with patience and detail. He is honest and will even tell you if a product is right for you. If you’re looking for an honest and trustworthy person to gain a solid understanding of products in the market or just to learn from, Alston is your guy.

Sarita Owens, Owner/Product Manager

Alston needs no introduction in the SAAS community. He has always been helping SAAS users and agency owners with his detailed and authentic reviews. I found him a very welcoming person and the man of integrity.

Avaneesh Singh, Software Engineer

A few months ago I watched a YouTube video (a product showcase) by Alston and I liked it. I watched a few more before I subscribed to his channel because I wanted to make sure that subscribing to his channel was worth my time. Today Alston is my go-to guy to make my digital purchases. Not because his tutorials are in-depth, or he is very knowledgeable but also because there is no hidden agenda behind his suggestions. Whatever he suggests, suggests as per best of his knowledge.

Apart from that I’ve reached out to him personally for a lot of queries and suggestions and even for my website reviews (from a user as well as SEO point of view) and he always goes beyond the Call of Duty and has given me detailed instructions with a lot of screenshots with actionable insights.

In LTD world/community (Lifetime Deals specially software and SaaS) Alston is one of the most respected names, and he’s earned it with his knowledge and unbiased opinions. I’m glad to have found such a nice person as a friend.

Asif Asiya Sultan, Founder, Satak Support

Alston and I connect some months back and talking to him felt so right at that time. He is a great friend, an awesome listener and he is really, really devoted in growing his community. Honorable man and one who I can truly call a “friend”.

Reginald Chan, Founder, The Marketing Huddle & WP Maven

Alston’s reviews have been invaluable to my decision in getting deals, as his opinions hold many weights to me. He is honest and unbiased, and I respect that a lot. Hence, I will always show my appreciation to get deals through his affiliate links, compared to his efforts, this is a small favor to return. I would vote for his efforts and honesty, and how he managed his community is great too. I’m glad to be part of this community. Of course, I’m glad to be acquainted with Alston in this journey.

Sam, Community Member

Alston’s advice and feedback was very informative and trustworthy. He provided excellent guidance whenever I had any questions and did so patiently. His opinion is never biased and he is truly only looking for the betterment of the community as a whole.

SJ, Entrepreneur

Thank you Alston, for all your guidance and support. I have never seen such a supportive person in my experience. If anyone wanted to purchase any ltd deal, they could find Alston’s opinion about the product and decide without any second thoughts.

You created such a trust and brand yourself because of your hard work, dedication, honest reviews, positivity, and kindness. It’s not that easy to maintain everything together. I knew very well that it’s very tough to respond to everyone’s queries, regular updates, creating review videos, healthy relationships with founders and community members.

It will be a challenging task to manage all the tasks alone. I also want to congratulate your younger brother Delon Anthony for his fantastic support. I appreciate your sincere efforts, and this personal branding will take you to the next level shortly. I hope you will get more invites to speak at many digital marketing conferences.

Congrats to both of you to achieve great success in your life.

Sasidhar, Digital Marketing Strategist

It’s my honour to write a feedback for Alston Antony. I am a member of a number of Facebook groups and this is how I got to know Alston. His comments and suggestions have always been helpful, sincere and honest. Whenever I need any advice, all it takes is to send a quick message to Alston, and he would always get back to me immediately. And he would do the same for everyone who needs his knowledgeable advice. I highly recommend joining his FB group. From what I’ve seen, Alston is only promoting the deals he is personally using or believes in.

Timur Burganov, Founder

Alston gives the most honest reviews which you wont get anywhere else. He listens to the community’s/user’s feedback and provides updates on the SaaS that he reviews. Most of the time, the owner/dev/founder of the SaaS will be tagged to provided direct answers to any questions from the community. No matter if you have a question about a SaaS or just need some help with your Saas/site, Alston and the community will be there for you. I love this about his Facebook page and the site. One place to learn the pros and cons of any SaaS you want. All the best my friend.

Vigneswaran Ramu, Co-Founder

Alston is more than just one of the best influencers in the software space, he is an energizing force that helps companies extend their reach.

He has built a passionate community that benefits from his market growth experience. Working with Alston has helped me increase revenues by over $15,000 on just a single product.

If you are looking for someone to be your guiding light in the world of digital marketing look no further!

Abdul Mukati, SaaS Founder Verifybee & BacklinkSEO

Alston is the only person I saw who puts a non-affiliate link along with his affiliate link. He helped me in digital marketing and buying the best saas lifetime deals. He is down to earth and gives so much value to the community as a brother ❤️.

Aristotle Malichetty, Founder at Freeclusters

Thank you for checking out some of the feedback. You can find more feedback here and, you can also join our community and see others’ feedback or judge it for yourself.