About SaaSPirate

About the Co-Founder

Hi, I am Alston Antony, a digital entrepreneur and co-founder of Maxinium, where we use digital solutions to transform businesses. SaaSPirate is on our in-house projects dedicated to supporting startup companies and individuals who are looking for affordable SaaS software. I am pretty active in the digital marketing community, and you learn more about me at https://alstonantony.com/

What is SaaS Pirate?

SaaSpirate is an online community where I share fantastic software and SaaS, which have discounts or lifetime deals. I simply don’t list the deal, but I also try to provide in-depth background, features & functions, full review, and even video walkthrough and review.

SaaSPirate for customers: You can get great software for once in a lifetime prices with over 90% discounts, and you will not find deals like this anytime in the future.

SaaSPirate for founders: Founders can share their software and boost their product launch or product sales growth by sharing your software in front of thousands of entrepreneurs.

Types of Listing You Can Find in SaaSPirate

Review Listing

If I bought a deal listed on the site for personal or our company's use, then I will write and record in-depth SaaS reviews.

Regular Listing

Most of the time, I won't be able to purchase all the lifetime deals comes to market, so in that case, I will create regular listings.

Not Recommend

I will post all lifetime deals I find and in my opinion or experience, if any app is bad, I will let you know.

SaaS Pirate's Growth

In Google

SaaSPirate is popular in Google and other search engines. Please check the below screenshot of search traffic.


Returning Users

Once a visitor finds our website, they will come back, and currently, SaaSPirate receive over 1400+ returning business owners, digital marketers and entrprenuers every month.

In Social Media

Our exclusive Facebook group where I help them our community have discussions about digital entrepreneurship and SaaS (https://www.facebook.com/groups/alstonantony/) has over 3460+ professionals & company audience. We have deals dicussions, business problems and more. SaaSPirate FB group is growing in steady pace.

Also you can see our group growth rate below.

facebook growth

YouTube Video Marketing

Check out our YouTube channel. I review videos and create walkthrough for SaaS and software. The channel URL is https://www.youtube.com/AlstonAntony

alston youtube

Other Promotion Methods

SaaSPirate also has other promotion methods such as email marketing, push notifications, mobile app users, offline advertising, etc. with totaling over 2000 users.

I put customers first

If your SaaS or Software is amazing for our site’s audience and if you can offer a lifetime deal or discount, then I will check the Software, and if it’s good, I will list it in SaaSPirate.

I love to support startups & new founders

I understand the difficulties of promoting your new Software (or shall I say baby 😉 ); that’s why I don’t expect huge affiliate commission rates or charge huge listing fees like other sites.

I will dedicate fully to support every SaaS, SMB and professionals

I will help everyone to my best. Below are some of the feedbacks I received everyday, this not to meant to be bragging shows the characteristics, of the community I was able to build. (PS: You can contact them to verify it)

There so many more but I ask you join our community and decide it for yourself. Let’s build better digital entrprenuer future!
SaaS Pirate