About SaaSPirate

Hi, I am Delon Anthony, a digital entrepreneur and co-founder of Maxinium, where we use digital solutions to transform businesses.

SaaSPirate is one of our in-house projects dedicated to supporting startup companies and individuals who are looking for affordable SaaS software.

Other co-founder is Alston Antony who is pretty active in the digital marketing community, and you learn more about him at https://alstonantony.com/

What is SaaSPirate?

SaaSpirate is an online community where I share fantastic software and SaaS, which have discounts or lifetime deals. I simply don’t list the deal, but I also try to provide in-depth background, features & functions, full review, and even video walkthrough and review.

SaaSPirate for customers: You can get great software for once-in-a-lifetime prices with over 90% discounts, and you will not find deals like this anytime in the future.

SaaSPirate for founders: Founders can share their software and boost their product launch or product sales growth by sharing your software in front of thousands of entrepreneurs.

Deal Listings Types

Review Listing

If I bought a deal listed on the site for personal or our company’s use, then I will write and record in-depth SaaS reviews.

Regular Listing

Most of the time, I won’t be able to purchase all the lifetime deals that come to market, so in that case, I will create regular listings.

Not Recommend

I will post all lifetime deals I find and in my opinion or experience, if any app is bad, I will let you know.

SaaSPirate’s Growth

In Google

SaaSPirate is popular in Google and other search engines. Please check the below screenshot of search traffic.

Returning Users

Once a visitor finds our website, they will come back, and currently, SaaSPirate receives over 1800+ returning business owners, digital marketers, and entrepreneurs every month.

In Social Media

Our exclusive Facebook group where I help our community has discussions about digital entrepreneurship and SaaS (https://www.facebook.com/groups/alstonantony/) has over 5800+ professionals & a company audience.

We have deal discussions, business problems, and more. SaaSPirate FB group is growing at a steady pace.

Video Marketing

Check out our YouTube channel. I review videos and create walkthroughs for SaaS and software. The channel URL is https://www.youtube.com/AlstonAntony

Other Promotion Methods

SaaSPirate also has other promotion methods such as email marketing, push notifications, mobile app users, offline advertising, etc. with totaling over 2000 users.

Why SaaSPirate?

I put customers first

If your SaaS or Software is amazing for our site’s audience and if you can offer a lifetime deal or discount, then I will check the Software, and if it’s good, I will list it in SaaSPirate.

I love to support startups & new founders

I understand the difficulties of promoting your new Software; that’s why I don’t expect huge affiliate commission rates or charge huge listing fees like other sites.

I will support every SaaS, SMB and professionals

I will help everyone to my best. Below are some of the feedback I received every day, this not to meant to be bragging shows the characteristics, of the community I was able to build. (PS: You can contact them to verify it)

alston reviews

There are so many more but I ask you join our community and decide it for yourself. Let’s build better digital entrepreneurial future!