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The process of creating and deploying an automation platform can be complex and time-consuming. This is where Hexomatic comes in.

Hexomatic is a no-code, point and click work automation platform that enables users to create powerful workflows without code. It automates tasks that are otherwise impossible to do without carrying out a time-consuming and repetitive process of copying and pasting.

Hexomatic’s easy to use drag and drop interface, code-less design, and powerful functionality saves users hours per week on every task.

You can create workflows and process automation without writing any code. Whether you need to automate your supply chain, scale your data processing, or even automate your marketing campaigns, Hexomatic is the platform that can do it all.

Highlights (TL;DR):

The No-Code, Point & Click Work Automation Platform.

No Coding Knowledge Required.

Automate Repetitive Tasks at Scale.

Leverages The Most Advanced AI Services.

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As a rule, most tools & services require a substantial human component to be implemented, regardless of collecting information, verifying data, writing content, or making decisions.

A tool can help you easily create your bots on any website to fetch data from it in minutes.

Meet Hexomatic.

Hexomatic is a work automation platform that uses the internet as a data source and does not require any code to operate. Check out our in-depth Hexomatic review below!


  • The team of Hexometer and Hexowatch developed it.
  • Worked 24/7 from the cloud; no need for complex programs or coding.
  • There are 30+ automated workflows to automate repetitive work on autopilot.
  • There is a night mode and a very intuitive interface.
  • You can point and shoot with this system if you aren’t technical.


  • For big scrapes, credits/time can quickly run out.
  • Social media automation is not recommended.

Getting Started

Scraping recipes, automations, and workflows make up Hexomatic’s core elements.

Hexomatic is based on workflows, where you can include scraping recipes and automate your workflow, decide what should be outputted, and schedule it to execute.

Here is a closer look at each of the core elements:


Automations and scraping recipes are managed through workflows.

Imagine a spreadsheet with columns & rows to visualize how workflows operate. Scraping, for example, involves capturing structured data from web pages and populating a spreadsheet. In addition, when you put automation in the workflow, it will execute that automation based on the input from each row.

Make a workflow by choosing a name and then dragging and dropping the scraping recipe and automations you want to run. To run each automation or scraping recipe, you need to define an input field. Workflows offer the benefit of chaining together as many scraping recipes as you want.

Upon clicking continue, you could choose whether or not the workflow should run once manually or automatically each time. Workflows, and their status, can be found under the ‘Workflows’ tab. CSV files can be downloaded when the workflow has been completed successfully.


In contrast, automations are pre-built and premeditated actions within a workflow, such as retrieving search results from Google, detecting names from social media, or converting numbers, dates, and texts.

For more information on each automated procedure, click on the “Automations” tab, then create and drag your workflow where you want the automation to appear.

Scraping Recipes

By creating your scraping recipes, you’ll be able to automate the process of scraping data from whatever website. You can use scraping recipes in two different ways:

To capture the name and URL of all the listings on a single web result or category post, you can make a scraping recipe. Alternatively, you can give a set of URLs for sales pages and scrape specific data fields on those pages (using automation).

You can run the scraping recipes by dragging and dropping them into a newly created workflow. Additionally, workflows can be used to chain scraping recipes and automations together.

Hexomatic Features

With the Hexomatic, you get the following features:

  • Hexomatic offers a cloud-based solution. Workflows can be scheduled once, then left alone. Because everything takes place in the background, the cloud is beneficial for automation. Human intervention is not required constantly.
  • The datacenter IP rotation feature allows users to reduce the likelihood of their requests being blocked by using different IP addresses from each request. In addition, premium credits can be used to add a residential proxy.
  • A simple web scraper is included. The selectors can be edited manually & custom CSS selectors can be used if you’re a developer (or you can use the Chrome dev toolset to see these selectors).
  • On the whole, Hexomatic offers the most features within this space. However, some features are yet to come as the product is still in beta. Like other Hexo products, this one will also mature over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are a few frequently asked questions about the Hexomatic:

What is a Workflow?

An efficient workflow makes repetitive and time-consuming tasks more manageable by chaining actions together like lego blocks. From a list of phrases, URLs, CSV files, or any scraping automation recipe, you can start making a workflow. Then, for every line item, you have the option to make actions or automate the operations, just as if you had a flow diagram.

What is Hexomatic?

With Hexomatic, you can automate and delegate time-consuming tasks by harnessing the web as your info source, leveraging the most cutting-edge AI services, and leveraging the expertise of a crowdsourced network of human assistants.

What is the Difference Among Hexowatch & Hexomatic?

The Hexowatch platform reports changes in visuals, keywords, source code, availability, price, backlinks, APIs, and sitemaps.

Hexomatic is a work automation software that lets you automate time-consuming tasks at scale by capturing data, running automation, and leveraging 3rd-party services & crowdsourcing.

Which Sites Could I Scrape using Hexomatic?

You can use Hexomatic’s built-in site scraper to extract numbers, text, and images at scale. Using this scraping engine will prevent you from being blocked because some websites have more advanced measures. Additionally, a residential proxy add-on is available.

Can I Utilize Hexomatic to Execute Social Automations?

In addition to scraping most websites, Hexomatic will not execute social media interactions, like automated followings, likings, connection attempts, or other actions that could result in users being banned from social sites like Instagram, FB, and LinkedIn.

What Integrations Does Hexomatic Have?

Integrately, SyncSpider, Webhooks, Pabbly Connect, and Zapier are on the list of integrations coming soon. In addition, it will allow you to trigger workflows vertically via Hexowatch. In the future, the community will determine which integrations should be prioritized.

Can Hexomatic Scrape Data from Password-Restricted Pages?

As part of the scraping automation, you will be able to log in.


Throughout this Hexomatic review, we have shown what it takes to use Hexomatic. Using it, you can extract data from any site in minutes. This review should have been helpful for you, and we hope you choose to buy Hexomatic now.

You should give it a try as it will end up saving you a lot of time. Further, its clean style, pre-built automations, and everyday use cases mean that you could scrape the web in a way that’s never been done before.

Comment below with your thoughts on Hexomatic!

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