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Gust Lifetime Deal

Do you need to bring the components you have?

You could save your code blocks as components to be reused within a project. Or, use them to import JSON to make them easily reuseable in various projects.

Gust Lifetime Discount is an WP theme that lets users to create your website with Tailwind CSS and drag-and-drop page building.

It can be used with all Tailwind fundamentals such as JIT option, which removes unneeded styles, as well as the capability to modify the Tailwind configuration file.

The drag-and-drop page builder enables users to either upload HTML direct, drop and drop elements into the pages, or utilize any of our templates and components to begin your journey.


  • Gust is very adaptable and could be set up to meet any design platform.
  • All the essential CSS features of Tailwind Finally, in WordPress
  • Best for web design agencies, freelancers, and developers
  • Alternative for Elementor

What I Can Do using Gust?

  • Gust keeps an eye on the classes you’ve employed on your pages, and then automatically eliminates the classes you’ve used.
  • This creates tiny production assets that keep your site fast.
  • Developers will notice that Gust anticipates that you’ll need to make changes.
  • All output goes through a filtering system, which means you can alter it on the server side as well as gain accessibility to WP Query directly.
  • Through the editor, it simple to cycle through posts, or any other data source that you want to customize.

Check out Gust Lifetime Deal

  • Get lifetime access for just $49 one-time payment.
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