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Welcome to SocialBu lifetime deal which is an advanced social media marketing tool focused on primary social tasks and advanced functionalities such as automation and monitoring.

Socialbu Review - Social Media Management and Automation

Highlights (TL;DR):

Manage up to 4 social media accounts.

Track & monitor your keywords & hashtags.

Automatically reply to messages, comments, or tweets.

Schedule your posts & save time.

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Why SocialBu?

As all of us understand how social networking marketing evolved as the next big thing from the advertising world. Politicians and celebrities use social media Likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin as a brand-building tool.

With the increase in popularity of social networking, politicians throughout the world have begun using it to share their perspectives and engaging with their followers. Some researchers found that political socialization achieved through Social Media can be stronger than conventional media.

We often wonder how politicians, actors, Big enterprises, and a lot more Professionals use social networking platforms as a tool to expand and explore their organization and bring their business to new heights.

They paid a massive amount to hire social networking professionals. But we as little industry can not spend too many dollars on social networking marketing.

But we as modest businesses intelligently use social networking marketing tools… a meager cost but highly useful tool and time-saving tools like SocialBu to expand our company.

How to Use SocialBu?


Program and Publish content to your entire social networking accounts from one location.


React to your messages, articles, and comments from all of your social networking accounts.


Create rules to automate repetitive situations and remove tedious tasks.


Track and track conversations about you and your brand.


Collaborate as a team and handle your social media effectively.

SocialBu Features

Publish and Program

Publish content to multiple social networking accounts from a single simple dashboard.


SocialBu permits you to view your followers’ messages, remarks, tweets, and articles all in 1 place.


You have ever faced trouble because of a lack of effective communication between your group members. SocialBu eliminates this problem by allowing whole teams to collaborate at precisely the same time from different places.


You may monitor hashtags and keywords from Instagram and Twitter to listen to what people are saying about you and the competition.


Produce full dynamic automation rules to eliminate tedious and repetitive tasks. Perform specific” activities” when an” event” occurs, triggering the specific” conditions.”


SocialBu provides detailed reporting and insights for keeping track of the progress of your social website. Comprehensive analytics and data enable you to make better choices for your social networking strategy.

Multiple Networks

Handle your social networking accounts across multiple networks.

Customer Care

24/7 customer support service to help you.


State of the art infrastructure and practices to keep you procured.


  • Save time by scheduling posts.
  • All your conversations in one place.
  • Listen to what they say about you.
  • Truly automate your social media.
  • Detailed insights for your social media.
  • Collaborate and manage your social media as a team.

What I Liked:

  • Support of main social networks
  • Possibilities are endless
  • Clean and simple dashboard
  • Support of 3rd Party Applications
  • Support is great and friendly
  • Loving the monitoring and automation feature

What I Don’t Like:

  • Not beginner friendly on advanced functions
  • No browser extension
  • Only four profiles in a lifetime deal
  • Dates on changelog


Overall, it’s not another social media marketing tool. If you are looking for a basic social automation tool, then this not whereas it’s an advanced social growth and automation platform to help you to manage and grow your business.

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