Beupify Lifetime Deal
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Beupify Lifetime Deal

Seamlessly notify customers, gather feedback, and build up the most loyal brand-consumer relationships.
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Beupify Lifetime Deal

Beupify is an easy to use widget tool that helps you to effortlessly share and notify all the news, collect feedback, & increase engagement on your website.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Notification Widget: Update your customers with eye-catchy widgets and targeted notifications.

Do Not Miss Out On The Product Updates: Now send all the new update notifications to your targeted clients thus making it always visible and accessible to them.

Custom Category: Create your own categories to sort the right content in the right place, such as – New Features, Bug Fixes, Announcements, Improvements, Deals, Discounts, Events, and Webinars.

Works Everywhere: Beupify has got all the embed codes, (plugins, and extensions – coming soon) for you to work on such platforms as WordPress, Shopify, Drupal, Wix, Squarespace, and more.

Feedback Analytics: Customer feedback is the key to your success! Make sure you have channels to collect task-based feedback and analyze user behavior.

Organize Everything in One Place: Your customers would send you the new feature requests and report bugs via different channels like social media, ticketing system, chats, etc. Beupify lets you combine all these user requests and organize them in one place by gathering data from everywhere.

Analyzing The Tasks Priorities: Beupify helps you analyze which bug fixes or features are crucial for the product’s future developments and improvements.

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