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What is it? Create Animated Explainer Videos

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Make Your Explainer Video with 10 Studio


Despite being an excellent tool, many SaaS platforms fail to achieve success simply because potential customers are not aware of their benefits. This is where 10 Studio steps in, expertly bridging the gap between your SaaS and its audience. They create animated explainer videos that not only capture attention but also clearly convey the value of your SaaS.


  • 7 Years of Industry Experience: Deep expertise in the SaaS animation sector.
  • 100+ Happy Clients: A strong portfolio of satisfied customers in the SaaS industry.
  • 900+ Explainer Videos: A vast array of compelling, informative explainer videos.
  • Expert Team of 30: Skilled professionals in animation and video production.
10 Studio

Key Features of 10 Studio

Simplify Complex Concepts​

Even simple SaaS workflows can confuse users. 10 Studio’s custom animations break down multi-step processes into easily digestible segments, using realistic examples to demonstrate how your features address real-world problems.

Customer Acquisition

10 Studio’s videos are designed to attract and engage potential customers, effectively increasing user sign-ups and expanding your customer base.

Enhance Customer Understanding​

Their videos simplify complex concepts, making it easier for customers to understand and appreciate the unique features of your SaaS.

Feature and Use Case Showcasing​

Each explainer video is meticulously crafted to highlight the key features and real-world applications of your software, demonstrating its effectiveness in solving user problems.

Improve CPC & CPM

By creating visually appealing and informative content, 10 Studio enhances your ad campaigns, leading to better click-through rates and more cost-effective media spends.​

10 Studio Designer in Action


What animation styles do you specialize in?​

We excel in motion graphics and 2D animations, tailored to your brand’s needs.

How can we give feedback during the production process?​

Our 5-stage production process includes multiple review stages for client feedback, from scripting to final animation.

What is your average turnaround time?​

A standard 60-second explainer video is typically completed within 1 week. More complex projects may require additional time.

10 Studio Office

With 10 Studio’s expertly crafted explainer videos, your SaaS won’t just be another tool in the market; it will be a solution that customers understand, trust, and want to use.

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10 Studio: Create Animated Explainer Videos

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