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Are you looking for a way to secure and manage your business critical devices? Is your current system inadequate and difficult to manage?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and unsure of how to protect your company’s devices, CAL Defense Lifetime Deal has the perfect solution for you.

With next generation technologies and a comprehensive approach to device protection and management, CAL Defense can provide the ultimate solution for your business.

No more worrying about the security of your devices, because with CAL Defense you can rest easy knowing your devices are safe!

CAL Defense Features

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability assessments are important for protecting the data held on a system from malicious actors. Through scanning machines for any potential weaknesses, organizations can identify and remediate vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by cybercriminals.

Exploit Prevention

Exploit prevention is a powerful feature which guards against a range of malicious activities that could otherwise compromise the security of your machines. By using memory protection, return-oriented programming protection, code injection protection, and privilege escalation protection, you can ensure that your machines are safe from malicious attacks until a patch is applied.

Protection for Collaboration Tools

Organizations are increasingly relying on collaboration tools such as WebEx and Zoom to work more efficiently. To ensure these tools are secure, vulnerability assessments, patch management, code injection prevention and anti-malware capabilities should be proactively implemented.

Anti-Malware and Antivirus

CAL Defense provides comprehensive data security by combining MI-based static and behavioral heuristic antivirus, anti-malware, anti-ransomware, and anti-cryptojacking technologies to actively protect data, applications, and systems from advanced attacks in real-time.

Ransomware Protection

By utilizing next-generation security measures, such as machine learning and AI, CAL Defense can help protect an organization’s data from even the most novel ransomware variants and ensure that customer, employee, and business data remains secure.

URL Filtering & Categorization

Advanced URL filtering uses a HTTP/HTTPS interceptor to control website access, deny and allowlists for URLs, and payload analysis for malicious URLs. This ensures that only trusted websites can be accessed, reducing the risk of security breaches, and increasing productivity by blocking distracting or potentially harmful websites.

Patch Management

Patch management is an important security measure that businesses must take to protect their systems from known vulnerabilities. By deploying patches and updates to both Microsoft and third-party software on Windows, businesses can ensure that their data is kept safe.

Fail-Safe Patching

Automated system image backups are a critical component of patching a system. By creating an image backup prior to patching, you ensure that if the patch causes any issues that render the system unusable, you can quickly and easily restore the system back to a working state by rolling back to the image backup.

Microsoft Security Essentials or Windows Defender Antivirus Management

CAL (Client Access License) Protection Plans provide a centralized way for IT administrators to configure and manage Windows Defender Antivirus and Microsoft Security Essentials across multiple machines. This can help reduce complexity and ensure that all machines are properly secured with up-to-date detection and protection settings.

Remotely Wipe Devices

CAL Defense’s remote data wiping feature allows businesses to protect their sensitive data by wiping it remotely if a device is compromised, missing, or stolen. This invaluable feature prevents disgruntled employees from having access to confidential data, and eliminates the risk of the data falling into the wrong hands.

Remote Desktop & Assistance

Allows employees to securely access their work machine remotely without having to configure a VPN.

Flexible Monitoring & Reporting

This feature allows users to customize their dashboard to view reports on their drive health, active alerts, and missing updates, providing an easy and efficient way to monitor their data and quickly identify and resolve any issues.


In conclusion, these are the benefits of using CAL Defense for your business; superior technology and comprehensive management that adds protection and creates peace of mind.

CAL Defense provides businesses with the perfect all-in-one security and management solution that is both reliable and comprehensive.

Check out CAL Defense Lifetime Deal today to find out more information regarding the ultimate device security and management solution!

Check out CAL Defense Lifetime Deal

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