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Database Mart LLC is a leading VPS, bare metal, GPU dedicated server hosting provider founded in 2005 by professional server engineers in the USA. Over the years, the company has been trusted by over 220K satisfied clients from more than 160 countries.

What Makes Database Mart LLC so Unique?


Database Mart LLC is committed to delivering the most professional and reliable hosting services at reasonable prices starting at $0.99/m. No extra setup fee.

Free Customer Support

The Customer Support Department focuses on providing a wider range of free customer service which means more personal users and small and medium-sized enterprises will benefit from their services. The 24/7/365 human customer services include but are not limited to the following. Clients can contact us via live chat or ticket anytime.

√ Hardware Replacement
√ Initial Software Install
√ Operating System Re-installation
√ Website Upgrade (DNN, WordPress)
√ Windows Security Patch
√ Proactive Monitoring
√ Software Upgrade
√ Internal Server Migration
√ Server Troubleshooting
√ Upgrade/downgrade Services

3-Day Free Trial

Explore the server’s compatibility with your needs by requesting a complimentary 3-day trial via chat or ticket support.

User-Friendly Control Panel

The self-developed control panel makes server deployment and service management a breeze, all with just one click.

Unlimited Bandwidth

50Mbps-1Gbps bandwidth, say goodbye to data limits with unlimited bandwidth traffic to meet your needs.

Product Plans

Database Mart LLC provides almost all kinds of hosting services and is a resource–rich hosting provider which has strong comprehensive capabilities.


With full root access, the company’s 20 VPS plans can be used in every legal field, such as RDP browsing, VPN, Forex, SEO tools, etc. Reliable performance and unbeatable prices make their VPS a popular product.

√ Full Access
√ Dedicated IPv6 & IPv4
√ SSD-Based Drives
√ NVMe host server
√ Unlimited Bandwidth
√ Top-level Data Backups
√ Windows Server Standard Edition included for free/Windows OS included

Listed some popular services here. Check more services.

Server PlanConfigurationsOriginal PriceBlack Friday OfferSave
Lite Linux VPS1 Core 1G RAM$4.99/m$0.99/m80% off
Basic Linux VPS3 Cores 4G RAM$12.99/m$4.99/m61% off
Express Windows VPS2 Cores 2G RAM$9.99/m$5.99/m40% off

GPU Dedicated Server

Database Mart LLC’s GPU servers are widely praised because of their unbelievably high-cost performance and more than 30 kinds of GPU server plans. Optional GPU models and plans enable customers to host games, rendering, video, Android Emulators, AI, machine learning, and deep learning easily.

√ Nvidia GeForce GT 710, GT730, GTX 1650, 1660, RTX 2060, 4060, RTX 3060 Ti, 4090
√ Nvidia Quadro P600, P620, P1000
√ Nvidia Quadro Nvidia A40, A5000, A6000
√ Nvidia Tesla K40, K80
√ Nvidia Quadro RTX A4000, V100

Additionally, the following free GPU server management services help the operators save more time, space, and money.

√ RDP (remote desktop connection)
√ Administration Permission
√ Server Manual Reboot
√ Hardware Replacement
√ DNS Service
√ Software installation
Docker, TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras, Nvidia
cuDNN, etc.

Listed some popular services here. Check more services.

Server PlanConfigurationsOriginal PriceBlack Friday OfferSave
GT730 VPS6 Cores; 8GB RAM; 2GB DDR3 GPU Memory$29/m$14/m51% off
GPU P1000 Dedicated Server32GB RAM8 CoresGPU Memory: 4GB GDDR5$74/m$39/m47% off
GTX 1660 Dedicated Server64GB RAM20 CoresGPU Memory: 6GB GDDR6$159/m$69/m56% off

Bare Metal Server

This kind of dedicated server has all the features the VPS does and is usually more welcomed by the enterprise’s customers who need higher performance.

The following are the benefits of choosing bare metal servers.

√ Enhanced physical isolation which offers security and regulatory benefits.
√ Greater processing power.
√ Complete control of their software stack.
√ More consistent disk and network I/O performance.
√ Greater quality of service (QoS) by eliminating the noisy neighbor phenomenon
√ Imaging capability for creating a seamless experience when moving and scaling workloads

SQL-Based Dedicated Servers

If you are pursuing the highest stability, safety, and performance, Database Mart LLC’s SQL-based dedicated server would be the best choice. Aside from the advantages of bare metal servers, you can enjoy the following features on the dedicated servers:

√ Windows Load Balancing & SQL Server Mirroring
√ Hardware RAID Card
√ Windows Server Standard Edition included for free

Listed some popular services here. Check more services.

Express Bare Metal Server4 Cores 32G RAM$49/m$29/m40% off
Basic Dedicated Server with SSD4 Cores 64G RAM$199/m$59/m70% off

Why Should I Choose Database Mart LLC?


With the 4 SSL plans provided by Database Mart LLC, you do not need to secure and encrypt your website transactions elsewhere.


Domains enable visitors to find you easily. Choose a domain .com, .name, .net, .org, .biz, .us or .info in Database Mart LLC and they can help you do the necessary configurations.

Money Back

The hosting fee money-back policy can be applied to a VPS/Hyper-V or share plan during the first 30 days of your DBM billing account. It’s so friendly to new users.

99.9% Uptime

With 18 years of service experience, Database Mart LLC promises a 99.9% uptime for all of its services.

Add-on Service

Extra IPs, CPU, memory, disk, firewall, and backup services can be requested at any time. Massive application services are provided for free as follows:

√ Database: SQL Server, MySQL, etc.
√ Control Panel: SolidCP, ISPconfig, other free CP, etc.

Data Centers

By 2023, their servers have been deployed to 5 data centers in Dallas, Texas (South US), Denver, Colorado (Central US), and Kansas City, Missouri (Central US). Everybody can test their network speed in different data centers at to choose the most suitable data center.


Free Unmetered Bandwidth is one of the advantages of Database Mart LLC as many providers charge for extra bandwidth traffic. Per our test, the download and upload speed on their servers can reach 98% of the allocated bandwidth.

Different Plan’s Allocated bandwidth speedDownload speedUpload speed
50Mbps49 Mbps49 Mbps
100Mbps98 Mbps96 Mbps
150Mbps146 Mbps145 Mbps
200 Mbps194 Mbps194 Mbps

Free Backup

You may have previously faced trouble deleting an important file by accident and trying to get it back. For disaster recovery, Database Mart LLC regularly backs up their VPS (vhd file). You can also choose remote desktop add-on services to make your own backup schedules.

With these core values, love, teamwork, dedication, and excellence, Database Mart LLC focuses on providing the most cost-effective service for all kinds of legal business during the whole 365 days of a year. A customer can get all necessary services in one company and get the biggest convenience.

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