VivoMeetings Lifetime Deal
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VivoMeetings Lifetime Deal

A Cloud-Based Communication Platform
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VivoMeetings Lifetime Deal

With Vivomeetings, you can share video, voice, and content via the cloud.

Connecting users across devices and locations with cloud-native, face-to-face video is made possible by the platform.

Consumers, enterprises, and educational institutions can all take advantage of the Vivomeetings platform, which makes videoconferencing easy and accessible.

The platform’s ease of use is key to achieving this.

A variety of platforms are supported by Vivomeetings, including Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

As many as 300 video participants can participate in one live stream, and as many as 10,000 viewers can follow the stream, making the platform suitable for both small and large gatherings.

Vivo Meetings Features

  • Make your virtual meetings more productive with video conferencing.
  • Secure meetings with cutting-edge security measures.
  • The AI Transcription tool records and transcribes meetings for post-meeting reference.
  • Share your screen to demonstrate every action in real time.
  • If you record your video conference, you’ll be able to capture every detail.

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  • Get lifetime access for just $72 one-time payment.

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