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Howuku Lifetime Deal – Heatmap Software

Heatmap, a/b test, conversion rate optimization tool, visitor recording, website polling, feedback widget, website feedback & session recording.
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Howuku Lifetime Deal – Heatmap Software

Welcome to Howuku review & lifetime deal offer – Heatmap, Recording & Feedback Tool,

Howuku is an easy to use all-in-one conversion optimization suite to help you build a better website and effectively reduce Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

Heatmap, a/b test, conversion rate optimization tool, visitor recording, website polling, feedback widget, website feedback & session recording.

Howuku Review & Tutorial - Heatmaps with Recording, AB Testing & Feedback.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Conversion rates are the most critical metrics of your business. Simply put, more conversion means more profit!

Conversion Rate Optimization is an essential marketing activity because it makes every visitor exponentially more valuable.

Optimizing your website can effectively save you much money on Ads and Customer Acquisition Cost!

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It’s a set of tools that helps increase conversion rates on the website. With this, you can use heatmap tracking, advanced visitor session recording, and more as an alternative to hotjar and crazyegg.

However, this field is getting competitive, so there other solutions too, such as Microsoft clarity (free), Yandex Metrics (free) & 66 Analytics (Paid self-hosted but unlimited). To differentiate, the founder tried to create his version without any white-labeling and included a reliable user-back alternative.

Howuku Features

  • Feedback widget: This helps you collect feedback from visitors, including screen, video, and general feedback with emoji and anonymous or email support.
  • Survey widget: Helps you collect survey answers, multiple selections answers, short answer, long answer, and collect emails.
  • Heatmap: To see the web page’s heatmap with most clicks, browse, etc. for all the devices.
  • Visitor Session recording: Show exactly all the lead background info and record everything the user does on the website.
  • Event tracking: You track and measure how much an event or action is getting performed on the webpage.
  • AB Testing: You can test any element style, design, color, change image, or more to see how it impacts conversion rates. (This module is advanced)
  • Personalization: Where you personalize the webpage and elements inside it according to the UTM parameters.
  • Web Analytics: Not advanced but gives full analytics like an alternative to Google, which shows your visitors’ stats.
  • Funnel testing – Not an advanced feature, but we can measure the conversion rate for any possible funnel created web pages flow and more.

Howuku Cons

  • I am still experiencing some bugs on Survey Widget & Values.
  • There free alternatives for heatmap & recording such as Microsoft clarity, Yandex Metrics & 66analytics (Self-hosted)

Review From One of Our Community Member

Just had a play and have to say I am very impressed. Yes, there are free tools that do some of this stuff (not all) and there are tools you can install on your own server, but that comes with its own hassle.

Where this is appealing is that it brings all of these things together under one roof, with just one piece of code added to your header, not five different bits of code and overhead for five different services, and just one place to log in rather than multiple different sites/services.

It would be nice to see a roadmap of where this is heading, as there is real potential here. There are a few tweaks I’d like to see, but hopefully the developer is listening. It will be interesting to see where this ends up in a couple of years.

Howuku Conclusion

Overall it contains useful tools that help you understand your audience, measure their action, and split test & optimize any elements within any website.

Still, it’s not an essential SaaS or deal since most can use free alternatives, which, even though it does not offer all the functionalities of this SaaS but will suffice most of you.

My favorite features were the feedback widget since it was a great alternative who missed userback, visitor session recording to see what visitors are doing (It’s fun) & AB testing to test and change any elements within a webpage.

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