Interview with Jawwad Iqbal of OysterVPN

Jawwad Iqbal OysterVPN Interview

Meet Jawwad

I’m Jawwad Iqbal and I am the Partnerships Manager at OysterVPN. It delivers the quickest VPN speed for downloading, streaming, & browsing on the internet.

He accepted SaaSPirate request to an interview on VPN market and his role in OysterVPN company. We were privileged to have the chance to got the sort of in-depth discussion you will not find on the internet.

Without any further delay, let’s hear what he has to say!

Hi Jawwad, please introduce yourself to our audience and tell us a bit about your industry experience?

I work with OysterVPN as a Partnerships Manager where I manage all of its affiliate marketing efforts. Previously, I’ve held a similar role working with a different VPN service. My 7 years of industry experience also includes producing cybersecurity content.

Can you start by telling us about the inception of OysterVPN? What was the inspiration behind starting this company?

OysterVPN came to the market in 2023, but development began way back in 2021 when it was just an idea to us for a premium VPN brand that delivers excellent performance, value, and customer support.

What sets OysterVPN apart from other VPN services in the market today?

The VPN space is highly-competitive. We knew from the start that we’re in for an uphill battle, but one that we can win with persistence and continued investment into the right kind of features.

We just hit our first-year anniversary recently, and within just a year, we’ve nearly doubled the number of VPN servers, added more countries, released apps for macOS and Fire TV and browser extensions for Chrome and FireFox. We have also introduced features like split-tunneling and kill switch.

It’s this commitment and fast response to the growing expectations of the market that will set us apart in the long run.

How does OysterVPN ensure user privacy and data security? Can you talk about your encryption methods and any other security features?

We all know about how a VPN encrypts internet traffic for security. OysterVPN uses up to 256-bit encryption to give users the best defense against online surveillance and data theft.

But more than just encryption, you need to set some strict policies internally. Not only does OysterVPN operate with a zero-logs policy – meaning that we don’t track or record user activities – we follow regular cybersecurity training so that employees can identify threats like Phishing. We also make sure that no single employee has access to systems more than necessary.

For example, our technically-knowledgeable customer support team is trained to handle troubleshooting, initiate refunds, cancel subscriptions, and answer questions, but they don’t have access to information on the user’s payment method, date of the transaction (only the date when subscription became active), or when the user signed into the app and connected to OysterVPN.

We are actively seeking how we can improve not just OysterVPN but our business operations as well.

How do you see the role of VPNs evolving with increasing internet regulations and censorship?

There is a reason why VPNs are so popular in countries with severe online censorship. A VPN like OysterVPN lets you connect instantly with just a click. Now and in the future, VPNs will remain pivotal to get around internet regulations and online surveillance.

There isn’t a tool out there which is as simple yet powerful at the same time for online privacy. The fact that anybody can download the OysterVPN app on their device, connect to a VPN server, and start browsing online privately is an unmatched quality.

What are the biggest challenges currently facing the VPN industry?

The biggest challenge is defining your product in a saturated market. For a service like OysterVPN that’s relatively much younger, it’s hard to get heard. There is also a ceiling that you can hit quickly because of the scope of VPN technology. In that regard, you need other value additions to your product for growth, and we’re uniquely prepared for it.

How is OysterVPN adapting to the growing demand for VPNs in general?

We’ve seen that streaming is the number one demand from customers in a VPN. So, we’ve added more servers that are specialized for that purpose.

The demand for VPNs hasn’t slowed down, but people now expect more from them. We, at Oyster Digital Solutions, are confident that we can meet these expectations as we grow our technology portfolio.

What are your predictions for the future of internet privacy and security over the next five years?

It’s very hard to predict. The tech landscape has changed so much in the last five years, majorly due to the acceleration of generative AI. But one thing is for certain that Internet censorship will not go away, so there will always be a need for tools that can bypass online restrictions.

For example, the U.S. is aiming to ban TikTok in the country. If it passes through, there will be millions of users suddenly left without access to what is a source of income for many of them.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering using a VPN for the first time?

It’s not at all complicated to use! Also, pay close attention to the service’s privacy policy and how it handles your data.

Did you enjoy our interview? Do you have anything to say to our community?

It was a pleasure to be given the chance to discuss OysterVPN and our readiness for the future. If you’re an OysterVPN customer, you can expect some great things to come. We’re only getting started!

Who we are interviewing today? Jawwad Iqbal

Which product are you part of? OysterVPN

What is the focus of the interview? VPN market and his role in OysterVPN company

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