Interview with Saad Khan of SIR App

Saad Khan SIR App Interview

Meet Saad

I’m Saad Khan and I am the Founder at SIR. With our invoicing & inventory app, you can control all your core business tasks right from your finger tips.

He accepted SaaSPirate request to an interview on accounting and his role in SIR company. We were privileged to have the chance to got the sort of in-depth discussion you will not find on the internet.

Without any further delay, let’s hear what he has to say!

Hi Saad, please introduce yourself to our audience and tell us a bit about your industry experience?

Hi, My name is Saad and I am a licensed CPA from the United States. With over 14 years of finance and audit experience, I decided on launching a SAAS product within my core experience niche. I have been in the SAAS industry for the last 3 years, still learning everyday on the new trends and growing industry.

What inspired you to create SIR & can you give us an overview of its main features?

As an audit partner, I noticed a lot of my clients have been suffering with timely collection of receivables and managing inventory across multiple locations. I then decided on launching SIR which is an invoicing and inventory management app with a host of other related features.

What sets SIR apart from other invoice generators on the market?

Most invoice generators out there only focus on invoicing. We also focus on inventory tracking in addition to invoicing. We have also priced the product at a minimum price to ensure it is affordable for small businesses.

How does SIR handle inventory management for small businesses?

We have a product module where users can add all their products. In addition we also have a warehouse module to track inventory across multiple locations.

When a user creates a Purchase order and marks it as delivery received, quantity is automatically added to that respective warehouse. Similarly, when an invoice is created, quantity is automatically reduced from the warehouse. If your stock levels are low, the app gives a notification. You can also update stock manually or account for damages / losses. Debit / credit notes are also linked to inventory. You can always track your inventory levels across multiple locations.

How user-friendly is SIR for small business owners who may not be tech-savvy?

We have an iOS app, android app, and a web version. It’s pretty easy to use for everyone and all relevant steps are listed on homepage.

Can you provide insights or recommendations to help businesses optimize their invoice & inventory management?

Automate your invoicing and inventory management to avoid errors and keep track of things manually. Automation with products like SIR helps in keeping a track when your invoice is seen, due, paid or when your stock levels are low. Thereby, helping you in being on top of your core business activity.

What measures does SIR take to ensure compliance with accounting standards and regulations?

Since SIR has been developed by a CPA, it is completely in sync with the accounting standards and regulations.

What are your future plans for SIR in terms of new features?

We intend on adding several features like time, expense, mileage tracking, barcode scanner, and making it a full fledged accounting software.

What support is available for businesses migrating their existing invoicing and inventory data to SIR?

Currently, users need to manually add their existing data if any. However, the process is quite simple and then the tracker functions exactly as required. I am sure users will not regret migrating to SIR.

Did you enjoy our interview? Do you have anything to say to our community?

Yes, I totally enjoyed it.

I would like to stress that SaaS industry is expected to grow at a large scale and if you intend on building a product, now is the time. Do download SIR app and drop in your feedback at [email protected]. I personally answer all the questions received there.

Who we are interviewing today? Saad Khan

Which product are you part of? SIR App

What is the focus of the interview? Interview on accounting and his role in SIR company.

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