Interview with Sahid of Affpilot

Sahid Affpilot Interview

Meet Sahid

Hi everyone, I’m Sahid, the founder and CEO of Affpilot AI. I come from a computer science background having a graduate degree in CSE. I have 14 years of experience in internet marketing. I love programming and creating useful tools for fellow marketers.

What inspired you to create Affpilot and can you give us an overview of its main features?

I was inspired to create Affpilot to make it easier for content creators to generate high-quality, SEO-optimized articles in bulk. The main features are bulk article generation, 1-click publishing to WordPress, Medium, and Blogger, AI-generated images, advanced SEO and keyword research tools, keyword clustering, and multilingual support.

What sets Affpilot apart from other AI content generation tools on the market?

What sets Affpilot apart is that it doesn’t just generate basic content like most AI tools. It creates highly detailed, publish-ready articles that are SEO-optimized and tailored to satisfy search intent. It also has unique features like direct publishing, image generation, and advanced free 3 keyword research tools (Google suggested keyword explorer, Scrap Competitor’s Keywords, and Keyword Grouping Tool).

Can you explain the process Affpilot uses to generate and publish bulk AI articles?

To generate bulk articles, you input target keywords into Affpilot. It then uses advanced machine learning algorithms to automatically write complete, unique articles optimized for those keywords and ready to be published with a single click!

How does Affpilot ensure that the content generated is 100% unique and human-readable?

Affpilot ensures content is 100% unique by using proprietary AI technology trained to crawl the web and generate original text, not word for word copy from other sources. The output is also optimized to be engaging and easy for humans to read.

Can Affpilot be used for different types of content, like review articles or how to posts?

Yes, Affpilot can generate various types of SEO content including how-to guides, listicles, product reviews, comparisons and more. The goal is to create comprehensive, search-friendly content for any niche.

How do you address potential plagiarism concerns with AI-generated content?

Since Affpilot’s AI is trained to produce original content, not scrape or spin existing text, the articles it generates are inherently plagiarism-free. We are confident in the uniqueness of the output. We have been serving this market for over 2 years, and nobody ever complained about the plagiarism.

What advice would you give to someone looking to start their own SaaS business?

My advice for starting a SaaS is to solve a real problem for a specific target audience. Validate your idea by talking to potential users. For example, I manage a community of over 38,000 bloggers.They were facing problems of buying and selling profitable websites.

That’s why I’ve created ‘’’’- a website buy-sell marketplace, and I am getting an overwhelming response. Focus on creating a great product and providing excellent customer service. Don’t be afraid to start small and iterate based on feedback.

Can you discuss any challenges you’ve faced in developing Affpilot and what are your future plans for Affpilot?

The biggest challenge has been continuously improving the quality of the AI-generated content. We are always working to make the outputs more human-like and better optimized for search engines.

One biggest advantage is that we have an engaging community of over 38,0000 bloggers in our Facebook group, ( We get real-time feedback from them and implement their demands to keep up with the latest content marketing trends. In the future, we plan to add even more features to help with content research, creation, optimization, and distribution.

Did you enjoy our interview? Do you have anything to say to our community?

Thank you, I enjoyed the interview! To the SaaSPirate community – if you struggle with content creation for your websites, I encourage you to try Affpilot AI. It will save you countless hours while helping you generate content that ranks well and drives more traffic. Thanks for your support!

Who we are interviewing today? Sahid

Which product are you part of? Affpilot

What is the focus of the interview? Affiliate marketing and his role in Affpilot company

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