Goals by KeepSolid Lifetime Deal
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Goals by KeepSolid Lifetime Deal

Boost your company's efficiency with this versatile online project management software.
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Goals by KeepSolid Lifetime Deal

Boost Your Company’s Efficiency with This Versatile Online Project Management Software

Oftentimes, increasing the efficiency of your business takes getting rid of useless activities, work for the sake of work, and more.

These are easy to discern once all your activities are planned and performed with a single, universal goal in mind. That’s where Goals by KeepSolid comes into play.

The Goals by KeepSolid is a versatile online project management tool. It’s designed to help business owners and project managers perform goal-oriented management in a world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA).

Featuring Mind Maps, Team Collaboration, Task Management, Roadmaps & Progress Tracking, this software fills a number of roles that are crucial for business.

With Goals, your business will move even faster and reach targets with a single global goal in mind.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Use a flexible mind map maker tool of the Goals to craft mind maps online.

Create teams, manage their composition, assign specific members to specific Goals or Tasks.

Track your projects’ status & progress using Reports charts.

Plan Sprints, track progress w/ Kanban boards.

Accurately prioritize, schedule, track progress & organize your targets into easily manageable units.

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KeepSolid Goals Features

Roadmaps / Timeline

Use Roadmaps to visualize your objectives and key results on the timeline and always have a major picture view of your business.

Budget Control (upcoming)

Create Budgets while you are planing and ensure the effectiveness of your company

Objectives and Key Results

Utilize the OKR goal setting techniques in Goals by KeepSolid to make sure that your business is focusing on objectives that truly matter.


Craft a mind map to visualize your objectives and key results, and always start to see the big picture at a glance.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Gauge the success and effectiveness of your business, teams, and individual employees with Key Performance Indicators.

Milestones and PAYMENT DATES

Set and track the finish dates of your tasks and key results always to hit your entire deadlines!

Roles and Permissions

Enhance the effectiveness of collaboration in your company via assigning roles to your associates and deciding their permissions in Goals by KeepSolid.

Team Collaboration

Achieve the best results by working together. Team collaboration is the best way to increase your company’s productivity and profits.

Multi Assignees

An activity or key result needs more than one person to be completed? Assign multiple users and collaboratively achieve Goals!

Task Management

Easily create, flexibly organize, assign, and prioritize tasks, monitor the progress, and always stick to track with your goals.

Tasks Backlog

List your brand-new tasks, ideas, changes, infrastructure changes, or other activities that a team may deliver to be able to achieve a specific outcome.

Task Filters and Sorting

Never get lost in the abundance of ongoing projects because of the duty filtering and sorting feature.

Task Statuses and Priorities

Organize your tasks with status and priority in the Goals application so that all your teammates could depend on date in what they need to do so when.

Task Scheduling

Goals supplies the ability to schedule the launch start dates of sprints, tasks on a timeline. Schedule your tasks in an accurate manner, set concrete deadlines, and make them clear to all or any stakeholders.


Generate Sprints to facilitate Agile Project Management. Develop deliverable product or project increments and see how your sprints build after previous ones on your path to reaching your targets!

Kanban boards

Fill Kanban Boards with the Tasks that bring assembling your project closer to the end Goal. This allows you to control. Just work at both personal and organizational level by appointing associates to specific items and columns.

Agile Friendly Environment

Operate your business with high standards of alignment, accountability, expertise, transparency, and collaboration

Sub Tasks/ Task dependencies (upcoming)

Create recurring checklists that repeat on any schedule you like. You’ll remember it again.


Track your Objective status and progress using Reports charts

Burnup Chart

Track how much work has been completed, and show the quantity of benefit a project or iteration.

Task Statuses Reports

Effectively and effectively control task statuses, focus on results, not activities.

How to use Goals by KeepSolid

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning can be an organization’s procedure for defining its strategy, or direction, and making decisions on allocating its resources to pursue this plan.

Operational Planning

Operational planning is the procedure of planning strategic goals and objectives to tactical goals and objectives.

Execution Phase

It takes much more when compared to an excellent business technique to be number one. You will need to turn that great strategy into excellent performance carefully.

Retrospective Phase

Look back at events that occurred, or works which were produced, before. Make the right decisions to boost your business.

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