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What is it? All-in-one development kit for your next project. Next.js, Tailwind CSS, Supabase, Stripe, Lemon Squeezy, & more.

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Launch your SaaS in days, not weeks with Next Starter AI: Your all in one NextJs Typescript Boilerplate kit with Stripe/Lemon Squeezy integration.

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  • NextJs Boilerplate
  • App-Landing Page Components
  • Stripe/Lemon Squeezy
  • Marketing Guide
  • Supabase
  • Google Tag Manager & Analytics
  • Google OAuth/Magic Link
  • Runpod&Replicate Api Integrations
  • Seo Tags
  • Blog Section
  • Mailgun Email

Ready to use Stripe & Lemon Squeezy Payments

Effortlessly create checkout sessions using Stripe or LemonSqueezy, and manage webhooks to update user accounts for subscriptions and one-time payments. Plus, get expert tips to set up your account and reduce churn.


Set up magic sign-in/sign-up links with ease, follow our step-by-step guide for Google login, and securely store user data in Supabase. Ensure privacy with private/protected pages and API calls.


Get a complete blog framework as seen on, with comprehensive meta tags for Google ranking, OpenGraph tags for easy social media sharing, automated sitemap generation for quick Google indexing, structured data markup for Rich Snippets, and SEO-optimized UI components.


Next Starter is a boilerplate that contains everything for developing your AI, SaaS, AI tool or any other web application and allows you to transform your idea into a product. For tasks that take up your time, such as authenticating users, Next Js boilerplate with stripe and lemon squeeze payment integration with Supabase, integrating AI tools, and sending emails quickly, Next Starter AI provides you with the basic code to start them quickly. Save your time from all the boring stuff, such as API setup, customer support, and more.

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