Massflow Lifetime Deal
Lifetime Deal

Massflow Lifetime Deal

Visualize website visitor behavior without drowning in numbers.
Expired December 1, 2021

Massflow Lifetime Deal

Massflow is your key to unlocking your customer’s behavior and increasing sales and conversions.

It shows you exactly what your customers are and aren’t doing on your website, meaning you can optimize your site for sales quickly and efficiently.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Analyze visitor statistics such as most used devices, locations, referrers, and even monitor users in real-time.

Eliminate guesswork with Live Session Recordings of real visitor behavior on your site.

Traceable Heatmaps, Live Session Recordings, Advanced Visitor Analytics, and much more.

Best for Business owners, Dropshippers, Amazon sellers, YouTubers, social influencers, freelancers, and everyday entrepreneurs.

Massflow Features

  • Visualize website visitor behavior without drowning in numbers.
  • Analytics built for businesses and brand owners.
  • Easily analyze website visitor behavior.
  • See how many visitors your site has had.
  • See where in the world your visitors are from.
  • See how your visitors are getting to your site. Eg, Direct, Ads, Newsletters, Search Engine, etc.
  • See what Browser, OS, and Device visitors accessed your site from.
  • See highly accurate Heatmaps to see where visitors are and aren’t looking and clicking.
  • See live session recordings from site visitors to have a first-hand look at how they use your site.

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