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ProductLift Lifetime Deal

World’s Most Versatile Roadmap, Prioritization, & Changelog Tool.
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ProductLift Lifetime Deal

Developing software is a process. And the process never ends. There are always more features to add and bugs to fix.

But what happens when you don’t know which features are most important? How do you track all the changes that need to be made? Who has time to plan everything out?

With ProductLift, you no longer have to worry about these questions.

With this tool, you can easily prioritize your backlog, schedule releases for your project, and keep track of every detail. It is completely flexible so it will work for any team size.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Announce product updates using a changelog and automatically notify users when you release a function.

Alternative to: Canny, Upvoty, Airfocus, Hellonext, & Productboard.

Gather feedback in the product function voting board and roadmap in an ultra-versatile tool.

Prioritize functions with trust with a clean prioritization board which ties to your objectives and outcomes.

Deal Group Discussion

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What’s included in this deal:

  • 5000 engaged users
  • 1 custom domain
  • 10 team members
  • Unlimited roadmaps
  • Unlimited changelogs
  • Unlimited prioritization frameworks & graphs
  • Unlimited feedback
  • 1 brand
  • Embeddable roadmaps & boards
  • Zapier integration (Soon)
  • Changelog widget (Soon)
  • Internal comments
  • Send unlimited email release updates
  • Add your own branding
  • Moderation
  • No ‘Powered by ProductLift’ branding
  • Custom CSS styling for portals
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • All future plan updates

Get lifetime access for just $49 one-time payment.

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