SendFox Review, Pricing and Lifetime Deal – Email Marketing

A lifetime deal from AppSumo

SendFox is an email marketing tool designed specifically for content creators that lets you compose and send unlimited customized emails.

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SendFox Review

SendFox is an email marketing tool designed specifically for content creators that lets you compose and send unlimited customized emails.

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User Friendly (Getting Started)
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Deal Benefits & Restrictions
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Features & Functions
Value For The Money
User Friendly (Getting Started)
Support & Customer Help
Deal Benefits & Restrictions
  • Very easy to use and clean interface
  • Zapier integration
  • Simple and straight forward analytics
  • Import from MailChimp
  • From Sumo Group
  • Good solution to simple newsletter
  • No design templates
  • Email collection form is basic
  • Need more ways to collect emails.
  • Does not contain all the future updates
  • No access to HTML editor for LTD buyers
  • For LTD buyer the sending is done through the normal server
  • Double opt-in is optional only for monthly plan
  • Require to pay monthly 10$ to get access to advanced features.
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Update(24-4-2020): What I found out

I am one of the early customers for Sendfox and today I logged into the account to compare with Automizy and realized they made limitations to LTD which suck a lot. I thought to share what I found so you can know about it.

  • Something called “Empire Add-On” is launched for an additional 10$ a month.
  • Now LTD sending server is “Normal” and Empire one is “Upgraded” so email deliverability will get impacted?
  • Empire double option is optional and LTD it’s a must.
  • The big thing is no HTML editor access for LTD buyers. Since there is no visual drag and drop builder, I was looking forward to HTML editor but now Sendfox is unusable except for simple newsletters.

Check the SendFox deal discussion in our FB group:

SendFox review which is an email marketing automation solution that is specifically designed for content creators to compose and send unlimited customized emails.

Read Transcript of SendFox Review Video

Hi guys, I’m back with another lifetime deal review.

Today the platform which will be looking into is called SendFox.

It’s an email marketing solution currently on a lifetime deal from AppSumo. When it first launched, I wasn’t interested in it because there was not a lot of information; basically, they didn’t have landing pages at all.

I was a bit skeptical, but the benefits seem to be too good to miss.

I went ahead and purchased a code for me to check it out.

That’s why I’m creating this video in case if you are so interested in any potential email marketing, not email outreach, marketing, email marketing platforms, and you can see whether this tool is perfect for you or not.

Before that, I want to clarify what I meant; first, it’s not an outreach platform for cold emailing.

It’s suited if you have a subscriber list; if you are a blogger, you can actively engage your audience, then the suited tool is suitable for you.

Make sure that you’re getting it for the right purpose because they do monitor, and if you are abusing the platform, they will take necessary action seconds to account.

I bought this Sendfox review tool not because it’s the best email marketing solution at the market. Still, I saw the excellent potential, and they also backed up by the Sumo group, and I’m looking forward to seeing how this tool will be going into the future.

Okay, I think I have wasted enough time. Let’s see. This is a landing page. I told you that you could see there is no information at all; you need to create an account to check it out, which is excellent, I know. But I let go through the whole system now.

It is the dashboard guys you can see first let me take you to the account so you can see the essential details.

Okay, that essential list and option called RSS feed, where you can add an RSS feed for your blog, all we do a channel, and what will happen is automatically when you post something new, it will automatically grab that and make it make a draft campaign out of you.

All you need to do is to send your subscribers something coming in and make any necessary edits to the RSS feed, and you can be able to send an email campaign me personally, I don’t use this because I am not more into one.

We can connect this application to anything significant because it has all the capabilities of that, and it also uses all the necessary details.

The fourth tab is called domain step. This is where you authorize your domain name. To make sure that you can send emails from that domain as a send email from the domain in your email campaign for you to add a domain name you need to come here and type your domain name and click on domain once you click down that what it will ask you escape will ask you to validate your domain knowledge to validate in your money click on the button.

It will show you a couple of seen in records where you need to add it to the DNS server for me my DNS is CloudFlare, so I went to CloudFlare and added all these details, and once you’re done click on validate and if it everything is perfect, it will get shoulder to revalidate button because it has added into the system.

I haven’t had any intention to do RSS feed or automation at the moment, but this startup checklist has no close button. I can’t seem to get rid of it, so it stays there. It might be useful for the user because it gives step by step instructions, but I would prefer there is a close button here.

The first thing you need to do is; first, you need to go to the list, and you need to create a list.

To create a click, generate a list come here and create a list.

In case this is basically for the people who are using a different email solution like MailChimp, and if you want to move those subscribers here where this process is automated.

They do have native support from Sendox, which I used, and it’s straightforward all you need to do a given listening and click auto input, and it will be done for me took around 20 seconds to import 400 contacts or something like that.

They also upload CSV function you can use this and then show you the sample format on which the way the CSV format should be formatted.

I knew this is a place I told the mentioned for every 10,000 subscribers; there’s a $10 you can read about it.

Once you add either the CSV file or the auto input, you add it and create a list, and automatically a new list will be created here.

The second important if you are a beginner to consider coming to this platform is the contact option we are now it will be showing you all the contact we imported our much contract people we are in a quoted into the account the growth of our list on social media.

We can also see that the actual email address and we are the list is told and how many times that particular person has opened our emails and clicked all these options available editing options also available.

Let’s click on it to see what it showed you. The necessary details are shown here. And now the thing which I didn’t like is it doesn’t have a filter in a less guy so if I want is sorted by most open, that is no option.

Here we can filter it, so it’s just showing this record. Also, there is no Export button, so if there were an Export button, then I would have easily exported it, and I sorted it out the way I want in Excel or some spreadsheets solution, there is no option. We can also add a single contact to our email list from this option.

Click Create contacts; it gives the essential details not we can add any more points details to the user; it provides the primary name, last name, and email.

I like to get added some more fields because some marketers will have different personalization of four different subscribers so it could be a potential improvement.

Okay, even though they’re giving the option to export, it does not include any analytical option, just the basic email, first name, last name, and last name.

Okay, that those are the main two things. First, we needed to look at the next one is the year looked at how we added list how we could manage our contracts.

Now we need to see how the hour we will be able to gather these contracts into our system there is two option which is returned now provided.

I would like to see one more because currently, they are supporting a landing page, which I like because click creates a custom landing page with an image and your logo and whatever the details you won’t enter.

They will develop a subscription widget section; they can enter details and create, and it will be created an excellent subscription page.

The second option they are now offering this form we are you can embed it into your website sidebar, and some users can enter it and subscribe to get into your list. But personally, if some of my site doesn’t have an inside bar option, so I would prefer if they are given one more opportunity like to have a widget pop or to slide to the screen just lovely addition, so you feel in case it’s not available.

Now we need to look for some customization all if you have some ideas to embed the form into the website, then good you can embed it into the body section or bottom part of the article.

I like to keep it in the most visible places, so it doesn’t get missed elevate late slipping to the landing page briefly.

This is the landing page, and you can come here and click on Create a little landing page, and it will ask us whether Do you want to display a name or a logo. If you want to display a logo, click on here, and you need to select the logo, and ,it will ask you to paste an image and see whether we can do it actually to see how it should plackets select a logo.

I wasn’t planning to do the landing page demonstration but to show you guys actually how it looks like let me do something so you can see sorry, take some extra time.

Okay, I couldn’t find any logos. I inserted a small image you can insert any image you want, and you can adjust the team further from, and you can choose the different color section also here from here.

This is a page he made, what happens is just really two sides for the page. So the left-hand side will contain the image, and the right hand will include the subscription with the significant text elements.

Okay, now I have uploaded an image. Let’s click on Insert; you can see this is the page email, you can enter the email content you want. You can also create a hyperlink, invert images, anything is possible. Some expand; they also give HTML formatting options.

This is a doesn’t want the information to be like to collect, let’s say the first name, last name and you can change the button text for the subscription form. And it is asking us to select a list.

We are we wanted this subscriber, and we’ve also wanted a new list for this particular landing page we can do that.

There is also an option for redirect you are, and as a thank you page, which we most commonly use and GDPR consent option also available.

I like these things because they give us so many options and flexibility on the landing page. Let’s create MCR, which looks like we can get the name for the page also.

We can save changes, and you can see bl created it. You can see they’re given a unique URL and you can see how nice it is eventhough I haven’t given so much time to create it.

Basically, when you upload a large image, it will cover up all this portion, and your logo will be yours.

Here people able to register into a subscription list.

This is a branding; it’s minimal, and it blends in with the background color and everything, so I’m good with that.

This is the landing page template.

Let’s take a look into the email form, I don’t have it set it up because I didn’t like the current style of the form because it was fundamental without any editing option, so I didn’t like it at all.

Now let’s take a look into the main one which will be using again, and again that is the email tab. You can create the email if you want to send it for the user to create an email click on Create email and they will come up with this way I can give a title for the email campaign you’re going to send and basically.

This section also does not have any design templates, which I didn’t like because I usually emails out immediately kind of catchy to get the attention of the user.

MailChimp offers a range of design templates, which I like, but this thing doesn’t have any option, but you are free to use any elements to copy-paste it, or everything is supported.

It shows the number of open rates and number of click-through rates and the status of bounds and unsubscribes percentage.

So basically, that’s pretty much everything. The other ones feature which most won’t use, I haven’t still tried it out. Still, it’s essential part for email marketing is the last option which is called optimization where you can create optimization series like for example, once you subscribe to this email, then you need to set in this following email after a specific time like a couple of days then sit back this email so like a welcome series, or getting started or you want concern always keep in touch with your user.

I didn’t want to take too much of your time, and that’s my send fox review.

It’s not the best tool right now on the market, but for the price of lifetime deal and even though they are some limitations and improvements which can be done, I would potentially want to see this tool’s growth.

Once they have added all this feature, it will be a reliable tool when it comes to email marketing so for me that is the reason I purchased this tool, not for the present but actually for the future because I want to see how it will look like in future and I didn’t want to miss out on this.

So thank you so much, and hopefully, see you guys on another great day. Bye

SendFox Pros

  • Simple and Straightforward Interface
  • Zapier integration
  • Part of SUMO Group
  • Less intrusive branding
  • Overall Analytics & Send Rate
  • Automation series for emails
  • Loving the landing page design and function

SendFox Cons

  • Need templates library for emails
  • Make embed form more attractive and customizable
  • Option to close the getting started checklist
  • Enabling column filtering in analytics
  • Need direct send button in the email rather than just schedule

SendFox Conclusion

Overall this is a good email marketing solution now, and it can be a serious contender in the future for all the major platforms out there. I bought it for what it will do in the future rather what’s it doing it in the present.

SendFox Review, Pricing and Lifetime Deal – Email Marketing
SendFox Review, Pricing and Lifetime Deal – Email Marketing
$49 $240
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  1. 5
    Features & Functions
    Value For The Money
    User Friendly (Getting Started)
    Support & Customer Help
    Deal Benefits & Restrictions

    After seeing positive reviews on other sites, I was really surprised to see this negative review. I figured with a 60-day refund policy I should try the tool myself. I’m really happy I did.

    + PROS: - Literally 10x less cost for me than Mailchimp - Tons of features for the price - Integrations with lots of other tools I use - Deliverability is top-notch - Very simple interface that makes it really easy to use
    - CONS: - I wish I got the Empire features for free too
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    • Hi Steve,

      Yes, it used to be a favorite tool when it launched too, but after limiting features for LTD buyers, which they told, will available for during initial launch made us feel a bit cheated.

      Since other buyers and members also agreed with this I had to re-adjust my ratings in this post.

      However, saying this, it’s the right solution for simple newsletters and has a very beginner-friendly dashboard.

      Good luck, and thanks for sharing your review.

      Alston Antony

  2. Thank you Giles,

    This is really an outstanding post about email marketing, before reading this post I was so confused about which one is good for email marketing and which one offers best features in affordable price.

    but now I know SendFox in my answer.

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