SEO Tester Online Lifetime Deal
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Lifetime Deal

SEO Tester Online Lifetime Deal

Welcome to SEO Tester Online lifetime deal which is an On-page SEO software suite that will help you to improve your search engine rank with powerful SEO tools.
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SEO Tester Online Lifetime Deal

Welcome to SEO Tester Online lifetime deal which is an On-page SEO software suite that will help you to improve your search engine rank with powerful SEO tools.

Highlights (TL;DR):

SEO CHECKER: Test SEO of your website and analyze the basic structure, content, and loading speed. Bring your web pages to the top.

KEYWORD EXPLORER: Find the perfect keywords for your website’s content.

SEO SPIDER: Complete SEO scanning for your website with the incredible online crawler.

SEO EDITOR: Write SEO friendly articles by following the principles of SEO copywriting.

SEO Tester Online Review SEO Analysis Online for Website

Read transcript of SEO Tester Online video

Hi, it’s Alston, your favorite Sri Lankan internet marketer.

Today I am bringing you another lifetime deal for an SEO from pitchground. It’s called SEO tester online review.

It is a deal that personally interested me, so I’m getting to my business. So I thought to do a review video, so you can see whether this tool is helpful to you or your businesses.

As you can see, so many people on the internet claim this tool is a replacement for ahref or semrush, backlink, and all in one SEO tool, but it’s not.

It’s focused on-page analysis and making sure that you’re on-page and also the website content is perfect. So it’s not a replacement tool for those tools, but instead, it specializes in its field.

Okay, let’s look into the tool. As you can see, they are divided; they are two into four main categories. One is called a co checker, which analyzes your website structure, basically on-page side Grade A kind of function, and it co-player spider to crawl your website and identify all the issues with your website.

Third keyword explorer, we are you can find the most of your targeted target keyword for your pages or the articles you are going to write. And finally, in an editor, it makes sure that the content you’re writing is going to help you to rank for those, your target keyword.

Okay, this is the lifetime deal we are going to get today for $69, and it gives us 400 audits per day. And 606,000 exploration four-month on keyword Explorer is your editor access SEO spider and copy metrics, and there is also a 60 day full refund period from pitch ground from according to our guarantee.

The regular plan for this tool comes for the same features that come under around 67 euros per month, which translates to around $89 per month. So you’re getting this plan and a one time deal of $69, so lets without further ado, first let’s see the deal page, this is the pitch ground deal page for this deal.

You can see these and also the main another point which I wanted to emphasize on it also stackable, which means there are no additional functions of similar to that.

Without further ado, let’s check into the system. This is the website Official website of this tool. You can see they have briefed all the information which I just read on their page.

You can have a look through it and okay.

Let’s check into the actual system on how it works, and everything here you can see this is the dashboard; you will be able to view once you logged into the system.

On the left side, you can see there are 12345 different tools. The dashboard gives a brief overview of your limitation remaining credits all these things you will be able to view it.

Let me go through for the first SEO checker.

This is the on-page grade for your website. It will analyze your website from all the on-page factors with a claim to have more than 50 on the page, creating values based on that it will analyze your page. Let’s say, for example, let me take our company’s page and face it there.

Let me click on analyze. You can see it’s currently analyzing our website according to the 50 factors, which they used to grade the value.

Let’s wait for it. You can see the analysts as been completed. And all of you it gives us a necessary graphical interpretation on what other areas which we are lacking and what are the improved, optimized area and you can also see the preview of our website in both our desktop environment and even a responsive mobile environment.

Let’s click on the first tab primary. You can see the other school out of 100 for each criteria, and also it will give you a preview and a checkmark to enter our graphical view.

It also will show different tips on how you can improve and the solution to a problem you can see; we are getting Google snippet preview where it analyzes the snippet of our website and a title which is essential for on-page SEO, and meta description same h1.

You can see it does identify the issue that we need to fix on it. You can we can read the tips if you click on the tapes. And it also shows out to solve it like insert the sitemap URL inside the robot txt file.

So it can clearly show all their information at one glance, that is the essential on-page criteria which we mainly need to focus on then we can go to the Content tab.

You can see we analyze the title coherence, h1 coherence, and, and it also, if there is a warning kind of it, it displays the message according to that. And it says clearly some of your keywords of the h1 are not included on your body page.

It gives us that we need to improve the content to make our website more topical friendly, and we can see there’s a text code ratio, it currently shows zero, but we have a lot of text on our page. So I think it might be a possible bug we need to report on that. And you can see a page size.

It shows the current page size of the web page. And it cannot also show the all-time analysis on-page and our many images it has been identified.

Another improvement that can be done here is to show the majors URLs on which it has identified so we can be easily able to edit, so I’ll be recommending that one. And we can also see title tags on the image which we have not done for our website. So we need to focus on that to improve more topical relevancy to our website.

It analyzes microdata on the website like it’s also known as schema, so it checks on that also gives us the feedback on it. The fourth tab, it’s called speed.

It now analyzes the speed of your website more in-depth like it shows us score out of 100 and not indicates what the problems currently do our website as we did that, and what resolve it also shows that it shows all the technical details which you need to know to fix the issues.

It also shows the speed results for the two primary devices, desktop, and even the mobiles. So because on this day, there were search results our users are going, the user base for internet is more coming from mobile, we need to optimize our website for mobile.

So that’s it on that does not only mean that if we have a good, responsive theme is enough, but we also need to optimize our website for the mobile specifically, so we need to make a lot of improvement on that. On our website. You can see the same factors, but this time, it is showing for special

Typically for mobile, there’s some take on this, the final tab, which is social, which shows the Open Graph analysis and card, Open Graph analysis.

It analyzes the Twitter card; it shows the shows which we another down the website. It also analyzed the interactions of the URL on Facebook to show the popularity of our web page and everything.

So basically, the on-page analysis, analyze us on the essential criteria, and the content, the website text, and also ultimately the speed all the info in speed elements in your website. Once you’ve done, you can export this into a PDF; you can see it is exporting now.

Let’s wait for a moment it also, it will email your report to the email box in which you are connected to this account. Let’s wait a few seconds. Okay, you can see that it has successfully created a PDF; it took around one to two minutes to complete it. Let’s download and see how it looks like in the PDF.

It’s downloading each report that comes to around three to five MB in file size.

You can see this is an excellent professional report for the on-page analysis. You can see they currently have their logo on the top. I will talk about this later on when I talk about the roadmap, roadmap, and a few features in the future.

Let’s take a look at the report. Don’t worry about the watermark or side; we’ll talk about it. You can say a Test Generator excellent looking report, not just the data. Still, it looks professional, which we able to create less than two minutes can see displays they’re all the tapes and the problems the factors can see all these things. Yeah, you have a problem found it shows in a red, and it gives the score.

The same thing, it hasn’t already generated a lengthy report for this. Let’s go down to see the ending of all the tabs which were analyzed on the On-page it has created into a report.

It has created a report where we can immediately share it with our potential customers. So all in all, it has generated a real professional on-page report, which is useful to give it to a potential customer lead. Okay, now, let’s look into the other main function of this tool.

It’s called an SEO spider. It’s essentially like a CS crawler similar to Screaming Frog, where it crawls through your website to find the technical problems on your website.

In my example, where we use Screaming Frog more often, but the problem with SEO screaming frog it turns on desktop which means it will use your desktop resources and also the speed of the software will totally depend on your computer specification and even internet in this case, when we run a crawl, it will run on the webserver, so it does not have impact on your computer resources.

Let’s look into the SEO spider function now let’s create a new crawl, and its task asked us to enter the URL.

Now to test a different one, let’s let me put my internet marketing glove URL. Then if you click on that one setting we can see the advanced settings which are available for us shows the user-agent we can switch to a different user agent also if you want and follow Robo directives scan, right this a total resources will be based on the package we are choosing scan speed is available custom policy it’s coming soon for the conditions and everything.

Now we can create a click on a new scan. And you can see how it does start.

Now you can see it’s downloading the pages identified in a website, and it’s starting to explore called crawling operation. Let’s wait. Okay, it took around 10 to 20 seconds to complete this. Websites called but notice, note it, and my website is still not significant. So it’s a small website, depending on your number of pages on your site that crawl time will differ.

Let’s click on it to see the results. You can see it shows the preview of our website on both primary devices. And it also shows a graphical view. You can see Google snippet what the problems in our website are, missing data description missing titles, Turner created titles which will be over 70 characters because most search engines have a limitation on the number of letters on the title and meta description also same.

They are 160 characters, so it will analyze that the hreflang tag shows the language of our website. So the search engine crawler can identify the website language much quickly.

It also shows the canonical tag; moreover, it’s really important because it shows the search engine, whether this is an original page or duplicate page, or it’s a part of another page. It gives the technical SEO guidelines and everything. Also, it shows the structure of website analyzation content, the same it analyzed the old webpage for SEO checker; it explains a page for SEO spider it.

It identifies all the web pages on the be website and the tantalize everything. That’s the main difference between duplicated page duplicate meta description if it found anything which is bad when it comes to ranking on search engine shows the social Open Graph values for each page and the total score out of 100.

It is the base information we get on the crawler. If we want to go in in-depth on each of this factor it is really organized in a nice graphical be easy to understand view at the sidebar, you can see title, and it shows the various elements content, various elements preview structure, if you click on the title, it shows the overall title for each of our web page v. Done and the school and it also gives us a direct link to open it on our website.

It shows the tag URL how many characters is it a duplicate one. And you can see there’s a problem we are multiple elements are detected so we can go and fix it. We can also filter it out here to see the only the result one; let’s say, for example, multiple you can see the multiple ones we can search it by keywords letters, and export it the same thing.

Let’s take on the text from description it shows are many words on each page that takes code ratio, it also shows the depth and you can open this in and it also has the filter area to analyze it quickly and search pages to search it with words to find out what you are looking for images It shows all the majors and the pod, and also a preview of the image.

Here it shows the meta title meta description on how it will show in search engine. It shows the URL here and the title, and it’s also analyzing at the same time See description. And it gives us an option to open in Google opening page. If you click on Open in Google, it will try to show that page in the Google and now it we see displays it

It is the Open Graph feature, which shows the preview based on our Open Graph schema. The Twitter card is also there. Finally, that structure is a nice feature that we like because it shows the flow of the content on our website, like are we do structure like, this is the route where their page and it goes through which is the main page element pages on our website. And it has divided even further to see she was the all the subcategories and everything. So it’s nice. It shows the graphical view really with HTTPS.

It analyzed HTTP and canonical; it’s an essential feature, especially in e-commerce websites. We use this feature when we are optimizing the on-page SEO for the site. So it’s another significant feature stated this is another cool feature about if there is an error. Let’s say, for example, there is a direct like 301 or 302. Or if there is a page not found like 404, it will show the status of each page.

If there is a problem on our page, a few links are broken the link and everything it will show. It can see you can filter out a bf couple of redirect on this, you can export this again since this is a small website, we endure two elements, but in a large scale, we have a lot of we will have a lot to work.

Let’s take on the language. Currently, we don’t have any language tag set up, so it’s not showing if you are a multi multi-site where you have different versions of your website for different language. This picture will become a lot useful for you.

It shows the robot text analysis for each page and tags like and is it a nofollow page? No index page, no follow no index page nofollow page. It shows that. Finally, if you go back, it’s download and sees are we now the SEO spider report.

Okay, the report has been completed, it took around 30 to 40 seconds to complete it. Let’s click on download the five again 3.8 Mb.

Let’s open it. Again. You can see tested; it looks professional. Same thing with on-page analysis. Now it shows all the analysis based on all the web pages is not just one page. Now. It is

Okay, now, let’s take a look into the next main feature, which comes on the keyword research. This is another great; this is an essential part of this tool. Let’s click on it to check on it.

Here come back. It is a keyword research module where it gives us two options to compare the keyword study competitors and finding the perfect keyword for your industry in your industry.

Here we can select the country we want to work, stay united states. Let’s do quick keyword research. Do keyword research and click on analyze.

You can see it shows the monthly volume and difficulty of ranking, which they calculate, and the CPC value for that keyword, and it also shows the competition the CPC competition.

It also takes who will trend; it also shows the Google trend result for these keywords.

It gives the brief overview if we click on the suggestions now it will show the advice for this keyword which they gather this is the related keywords which they usually get it from Google search engines can see the different suggestion it has generated and its primary trend Keyword Difficulty also shown.

You can see you can have various ways of generating more related keywords like cushions, and we have more filters.

Finally, the numbers where I tried to add a number to get eight different keywords this keyword tool gives us a brief for you. To be honest, I’m not fully satisfied with the keyword module at this moment because they are a few suggestions I had given to them which they had said they might like they will try to include it in the future versions like it right when we tied the keyword it also shows the top 10 results on the Google and explains the difficulty based on each page. So we will have a clear understanding of the preview. So it does have room for improvement.

There is one more feature that I forgot to mention to you. Yes, we can compare our words. Let’s say, for example, internet marketing. We also can comfort with another term; let’s say digital marketing.

You can see how it compares to keywords and gives us the result of the search value and the difficulty and the same thing. It also provides that to a line based on your plan, you will be able to compare terms like 345 based on your plants and again the solutions we can do now for both keywords, and let’s go back to the overview.

I like to export button here because we can potentially show it to the clients the keyword which they are targeting their searches and everything so that I will be recommending that feature to you. Okay, that is the keyword research model. Let’s take a look at the SEO content crew to create a curation function.

Let’s click on we can even skip if you don’t want, but for the sake of the video, let’s go the wizard way. Let’s click Select a primary keyword in this case marketing and immediately shows suggestions different keywords; it shows the keyword trend for that keyword free of that it also shows the monthly volume and the difficulty and advertisement competition.

It shows all the data. Let’s see if we select another one based on that it gets adjusted automatically. Let’s click on Next. Now it shows more related keywords so we can add the relevant keyword also which we want to target. Let’s say digital marketing engine to me names we can select it automatically adds the monthly search searches; moreover, it selects those two keywords. Now it’s down, let’s go to the editor.

Now it has automatically selected that keyword as our primary and secondary keywords we can start writing the article, and it will automatically optimize it for the sake of it copy some takes to see what kind of result it shows.

For example, in this is the main keyword, it will show how many time we have included the main keywords it shows it will show the percentage of the primary keyword included in the article, it will also show the secondary keywords.

Now, this is another feature which I liked because it takes into all the words in the article and it will analyze and let us know how many time it has been used. It’s on a safe side; for example, in this based on the article, the word SEO has been used.

These things are available to you, and we can edit and do the Edit for the content, and also, we can do the Edit for the snippet; we can create a snippet, title URL of the article meta description we can write this is this we can include the URL of Article year.

Open Graph, we can adjust that all these functions are available. Let’s stay once we are done; we want to live before that. Let me show the date and the View tab or suggest in case you want reading what’s in there. Let’s click on file if once everything is completed, there is an option to export to a Word document.

Let’s see how it works. Okay, you can see the report has been done downloaded let’s click on it open it, you can see the report which it has generated.

You can see it gives us the title author, the main keyword which you have chosen the optimization stack text format; it also shows the text in plain text.

It also gives us an HTML format that we can directly copy into HTML into our web pages to our formatted effort. So it provides all their elements which we did with the

This is a feature that analyzes a particular URL or text we paste on to it. Let’s say here we can paste an actual text of age from URL; we give the URL to this function, and it will analyze the text inside that, and it will give the data regarding it.

For example, let’s take our homepage and analyze it. Select the target country; we can select it.

You can see it’s already starting to analyze it.

This shows that it takes difficulty on our web page.

You can see the dots; it gives a nice little pop up to show what means shows the buying turned potential views, and it also gives essential status time, and it also automatically identify our main topic so we can see is it a topic relevant content or not.

It gives them more details here. For example, it provides the volume with CPC value, the click-through rate, and Keyword Difficulty, and it also provides us with the option to go up and in Google search.

I’ll analyze with the inbuilt keyword Explorer. We can mean get more suggestions from clicking on each keyword to get more different ideas.

Clicking on the keywords, it shows the statistic of keyword here it shows that each keyword based on the stats on this particular page it shows the percentage and the frequency and number of word count and other stats.

It also highlights the main keyword, so it gives us a graphical interface also to analyze this for me I use this function most probably when I completed writing an article to see the keyword which I have chosen and the content which I created matches of all I’m I will use this to potentially analyzing a competitor to see what keywords are targeting, for example, it go back and let’s put this pitch ground SEO test a URL and click on analyze it.

I have not done any keyword research or anything like that but just put my putting the page itself I can identify the main topic this page is trying to rank for like SEO test SEO online SEO test it gives the next difficulty and potential will it use really quick analysis of the page so, from year onwards when I am going to write a new blog post or anything if I find something interesting I immediately come here and paste it so I can without even doing extensive keyword research or content analysis on-page analysis in a brief that is a copy metrics.

So, I okay, I think I have covered everything with SEO test online. Now Up to now, let’s take a look into the some look into their roadmap, potential new features coming up.

This is the official roadmap I leave a link to this in the description. If you click on the roadmap, he can see these are being developed at the moment like a lead generation from this is a fascinating feature for me because we ran several digital marketing agencies

What we do is we offer our potential visitors to enter our website into our SEO Services web page. And word form, when they open their website and email address, it will analyze the web page, and it will give an excellent x report. It will automatically email to them by that we are automatically showing the value of our services, and we also able to collect a lead. Right first itself, we are giving importance to customers.

Okay, another one, the white-label reports. As I said, when we generated those PDF elements in a PDF document, we were able to see their logo, they are a watermark, what they are now trying to do is give us the users the option we have we can upload our logo. We will use that logo automatically and replace it with our watermarks and branding.

It also gives the public API usage for the tool and takes it and keyword tracking and positioning another great function and another one keyword planner, where we can effectively make grooves. We can organize our structure; all these things are coming.

If we go to the old section, we can also see what are the top requested plans you can see the high four required plans they are automatically developing in which means they are listening to the user based on the request of function strict user requirement the improving the are two so I’ll be making a couple of suggestion if you also have a personal selection you can go you and make a suggestion to the team.

If so, may I based based on the popular after the comment it might come various soon key that is the thing, and Okay, now I think I have covered pretty much everything now, you will be able to see whether this tool is useful to you personally as an SEO analyst or digital marketer or business for us like us because we can use this tool really to do on-page optimization for our clients.

We also can use this as a first gathering tool; we can get potential SEO customers to your website. So if you like this deal, you can get it from the link below, which will allow me to create more videos like this, and it will also support my work you and currently on Pitchground for $69.

So hopefully, you guys have enjoyed this SEOTesterOnline review.

Let me know in the comments and I will, I will try to fulfill your requirements. So, again, thank you for watching this video.

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  • Very user-friendly interface
  • Highly anticipated features are coming soon (lead scan).
  • Loving the report and data export function.
  • Lifetime Deal
  • An awesome lead generation tool
  • Amazing support and founder.


  • The Keyword Research tool is very simple.
  • Suggested keywords show very fewer results.
  • No export certain functions of the tool.
  • It only focuses on on-page SEO and not off-page SEO.

SEO Tester Online Features

SEO Checker

Test SEO of your website, Analyze the essential structure, content, and loading speed & Bring your webpages to the top.

Every page of your site needs a thorough analysis to be optimized to the fullest. Because of SEO Checker, you can find out how to take care of every fundamental aspect, from the heading tags to this content, up to the loading speed of your webpages.

Follow the advice and solutions created specifically for you and bring every parameter to 100%.

SEO Spider

Complete SEO scanning for the website, Scan a large number of pages with this incredible online crawler & Optimize every aspect of a whole website.

Analyze all the pages of your site at once and at a surprising speed because of our crawling algorithms and generate a comprehensive, simple, and intuitive report focused on every relevant SEO aspect.

Tag heading, taxonomies, status code, and much more: prepare for a user experience never seen before.

Keyword Explorer

Discover new keyword suggestions, Compare your keywords and explore related keywords & Speaks the language of your customers.

Discover which keywords have value for your business, intercept search volumes, CPC, and search intent of your target and identify a large number of long-tail keywords that are perfect for your content marketing strategies.

You’ll be able to compare keywords, generate a huge selection of suggestions, and find new ones related to your articles.

SEO Editor

Create optimized articles, Be guided by an editorial assistant always with you & Follow the principles of SEO copywriting.

Bring your articles to a new level with an SEO-oriented editorial assistant by your side.

Choose the keywords for your optimization; let yourself be guided by the automated checks on the text and highlight every important aspect of social sharing.

Free the potential of your copywriting.

Why SEO Tester Online?

  • Blogger: Seek out the perfect keyword, write optimized content, and improve visits to your site.
  • Freelance: improve the visibility of your professional site and take new opportunities.
  • Consultant: Manage your clients’ SEO performances with simplicity and effectiveness.
  • Startup: conquers the first page on SE’s and reaches clients free.
  • Agency: Release all the energy of SEO Tester Online and bring your customers’ site to the top.
  • Corporate: the perfect tool to boost your corporate website or your e-commerce.

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