Sharest URL Shortener Lifetime Deal
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Lifetime Deal

Sharest URL Shortener Lifetime Deal

Get more out of the links you share. Now drive more traffic, generate leads and sales from the links with Sharest, the ingenious link shortener revolutionizing the way your links are shared.
Expired October 15, 2019

Sharest URL Shortener Lifetime Deal

Sharest URL Shortner lifetime deal which is much more than just a simple link shortener.

It has the ability to Customize the appearance of a shared post on social networks.

Before Sharest, businesses were never rewarded for distributing content to their audience.

Sharest enables businesses to benefit from sharing the publisher’s content.

As a result, the publisher’s content gets shared more, creating a win-win situation.

URL Shortener Supercharge the links you share, drive traffic, generate leads and sales from the links you share as seen on letting Sharest add superpowers to your Links.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Easily shorten your links & add custom scripts to interact with your audience..

Drive traffic back to your site by adding call-to-actions on the links you share.

View traffic stats for total clicks, unique visitors, mobile traffic & more on your CTAs.

Best use For Digital Marketers, For Small Business, For Content Publishers, For Enterprises.

Customize your link’s meta title, description & image for sharing on social media.

Build custom retargeting audiences by adding retargeting pixels & tracking codes.

Automatically create TagOn-powered links from any RSS feed and post them to any social networks.

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Sharest Features


Easily customize your link’s meta title, description, and image to share on Facebook and other social networks.


Create campaigns to apply all of your custom scripts, trackers, and CTAs in one fell swoop.


Keep track of all of your links with Sharest’s convenient, tag-based management system.


Your brand is the one that your customers trust – why would they want to use anyone else for their link shortening?


Sharest’s white-label link shortening platform was developed specifically for agencies and resellers. You can fully customize the experience to your brand and provide your users with unlimited (or limited) access for as little as $5 per client. Given similar offerings can go for $49 or more, there’s plenty of room for margin.

Sharest Use Cases


Use chatbots on any links you share to capture attention and engage your audience.


Grab your audience’s attention by sharing videos over the content you’re sharing.


Add relevant calls-to-action on any link you share, driving traffic back to your site.


Engage your visitors with interactive quizzes and other gamification – turning them into leads.


Use opt-in pop-ups to capture your audience’s attention – even when they’re not on your site!


Have a live chat on your website? Why not add it to the links you share to allow your audience to reach you?


Add your retargeting pixels (Facebook, Adwords, etc.) to build highly targeted custom audiences.


Inject any HTML, CSS, or Javascript code onto the page of any link you share – extremely powerful.

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