TrulyWP Discount Deal
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TrulyWP Discount Deal

WordPress hosting built on lightning-fast speed, scalability, and security.
Expired November 24, 2019
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TrulyWP Discount Deal

Welcome to TrulyWP discount deal is a fully managed WordPress hosting platform that delivers lightning-fast load times, premium tools, and rewarding revenue opportunities.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Speed up your WordPress site with super fast hosting powered by Google Cloud.

Make commission on customer referrals and resales or add discounted plans to unlock premium benefit.

Migrate your site in minutes and get unlimited bandwidth, backups, image optimization, management features, and delivery.

Best for: Agencies, freelancers and small businesses looking for speedy and secure hosting.

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TrulyWP Features

Set it up. Forget it

We’re complete, managed WordPress service. We strive hard to escape the way. It is about you, your website as well as your audience. We ensure your WordPress website is rock-solid. Apologies in advance if we cause you to be lazy.

Blazingly fast

Put decades of experience to do the job. We make your WordPress installation lightning fast. It doesn’t matter which part of the world your users are from. They’ll have a great experience.

Bank-grade security

We put our many years of experience securing online payments to be employed by your WordPress installations. We use the best of the highest security practices to make sure that your WordPress installations are always secure.

Daily automated backups

It doesn’t matter which plan you select. Daily automated backups are standard with all plans. Something wrong? Just hist the restore button. You can create snapshots of your installations anytime you please too.

Free migrations

Put decades of experience to work for you. We make your WordPress installation lightning fast. It doesn’t matter which area of the world your users are from. They’ll have a great experience.

Predicated on Google Cloud

TrulyWP runs on Google Kubernetes Engine, which is precisely what powers Google’s blazingly fast websites as well. Come over to TrulyWP and present your WordPress website the same blazingly fast Google Cloud advantage.

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2 thoughts on “TrulyWP Discount Deal”


    I write this review with a heavy heart, and i rarely write reviews, but i hope this serves as a warning for others so they don’t have to go through the pain and damage we’re experiencing.

    I moved over to trulywp after purchasing here a couple of months ago.

    At first everything was ok.
    The service didn’t perform 100% as advertised, but the team was responsive and we got over the line.
    We soon noticed discrepancies between what’s promised on the deal and on their website, and what’s actually delivered. Most notably:
    1) Daily backups weren’t being done for a month for 2 of the 3 sites we moved over, and at this time are still not conducted on 1 of them.
    2)The stats showing up on the backend aren’t updated – there are no stats – just labels where the stats might one day appear.

    When we asked what’s going on we were informed that these are issues that are being handled. We assumed that things would be resolved within a a reasonable few days and didn’t sweat it.

    Fast forward a month – NOTHING HAS CHANGED

    Furthermore we’re now seeing increasing amounts of downtime from the sites.
    I start every day with 1, 2 or all of our sites offline, following which i have to go through a tedious conversation with their support team to get the site back up. Most annoyingly the support team explains to me that the reality we’re experiencing isn’t possible, without even bothering to run a test until i send through a screenshot.

    For the past 72 hours we’re seeing down-times nearing 50%. Trulywp is unable to give any indication of how much longer this situation is expected to continue, however they do confess they’re very understaffed for engineering and QA.

    At the moment this isn’t a hosting company, it’s a catastrophe
    Sadly I’m able to provide Jetpack emails and logs backing all this up.


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