Zaperp Inventory Lifetime Deal
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Zaperp Inventory Lifetime Deal

Manage All Your Inventory, Accounting and Contacts Under Single Platform.
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Zaperp Inventory Lifetime Deal

Welcome to Zaperp lifetime deal is a Multi-channel inventory with powerful stock management & order fulfillment. You can sell and distribute products and manage the entire business to increase your profits.

From the moment you plan to open an ecom store, you can imagine the pain of multitasking for multiple things altogether and this takes a lot of investment which you could have used for your inventory.

ZapERP solves all your problems and lets you manage your store from a single dashboard. This single tool gives you multiple options for managing inventory, accounting, billing, invoicing, and what not!

Highlights (TL;DR):

Inventory Control.

Warehouse Management.

Order Management, Fulfilment, and Shipping.

Accounting Management.

Inventory and Point of Sale (POS).

Purchase Management.

B2B Order Management.

Invoicing Integrations.

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What does ZapERP offer?

As soon as you plan to open an ecom store, imaginable the pain of multitasking for multiple things altogether, and this requires a lot of investment that you might well have used for your inventory. ZapERP solves your problems and enables you to manage your store from an individual dashboard. This single tool gives you multiple options for managing inventory, accounting, billing, invoicing, and what not!

Inventory Control

Manage inventory across multiple channels, warehouses, batches, and in numerous currencies. Improve purchase efficiency with easily configurable minimum quantity levels for each product then generate purchase orders predicated on demand.

Track your stock, shipment, or even product placed on the shelf. Real-time stock level update for each and every purchase and sales.

Multiple Channels

Sell on marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, and eBay or your website using Shopify, Magento, or Woo-commerce. The two-way connection feature will make sure your inventory & orders are in sync across all platforms. No question of error when everything is perfect sync.

Auto Update Inventory

It’ll auto-update the inventory information for many online channels where in fact, the product is listed, and the same inventory will be reflected at your offline retail or wholesale store, your POS, mobile, and tablet.

Minimum Reorder Level

It automatically selects the closest warehouse to your customer’s location, which can help you deliver faster, saves a lot of time and decreases the transportation cost. You can give attention to your sales and let the tool manage the purchases and sales.

Smart Purchase Management

Generate purchase orders based on backorders and order history. Buy items that sell. An intelligent machine learning algorithm will suggest POs predicated on history and future requirements, maintaining your working capital as free as is possible.

Composite Items

Combine small what to generate a composite SKU that may track all the tiny underlying products. With composite items, create kits and sell them as one single item with a new price. You can even assemble these small what to create finished goods.


Add products, services, or even assets. It will auto-assign accounting, warehouse, and other key details and can help you to identify each item in your inventory with a unique code.

Track Items

In addition, it tracks batches of items and monitors their expiry dates, so you always sell them when it is fresh, thus reducing your stock losses.


It includes integration with all leading labels and barcode printer. You may print barcodes for products you obtain and stock. Just type in the bar code of that as the SKU in the tool. It can help to transform your item tracking and audit process. It also helps in POS as the mobile application can scan these barcodes with no need for additional hardware.

Inventory and Point of Sale (POS)

Control your inventory, manage orders and stocks, get insights about your business, and maintain books.

Order Processing

Create quotations, sales orders, bills, purchase orders, and invoices with a click of a button. Share them using a contact or provide self-service to your clients and vendors.

Stock Management

Add new products quickly, and keep them synchronized with all your online/offline sales channels. Track stock by locations, warehouse & shipment. Also, it captures the stock history to offer an accurate cost of goods sold and gross profit.

Product Groups

Maintain item-groups with all the current variations that your product needs. The tool updates individual items and components as products are put together and sold. Use item custom attributes to provide what customers need.

Custom Pricing with Multi-Currency

Manage custom price lists in different currencies, for various customer types, product categories, zones, and so on.

Pricing Per Customer Profile

It gives you to optimize your sales and manage custom price lists in several currencies for various customer types (wholesale, retail, repeat customers), product categories, areas, etc.

Warehouse Management

From shipping to receiving, managing warehouses to tracking inventory, this tool lets you manage your inventory successfully across multiple locations and warehouses.

Transfer and Track Inventory

Transfer your inventory between all your warehouses. Every item moved will be tracked and recorded in history. Choose the batch or entire SKU to transfer something from one warehouse to another.

Dispatch Orders From Closest Warehouse

Choose the warehouse which is nearest to the client or vendor’s location when you create a Sales Order or Purchase Order. Transfer stock between warehouses, receive and fulfill orders through specific warehouses, and even more. Deliver faster, save a lot of time, and decrease the delivery cost.

Generate Accurate Reports

Get date wise report for every item shipped out or purchased in from & to each warehouse and an in-depth analysis of sales, purchase, and stock report.

Purchase Management

Create Purchase Orders, receive partial purchases and bills. Create reorders automatically and maintain supplier ratings.

Smart Inventory

It helps one to keep the correct level of stock carefully regularly with computerized demand forecasting, inventory optimization, reorder recommendations & sales prediction.

Minimum Reorder Level

Update the minimum quantity to your items so you will get a notification whenever stock levels are low. You could auto-generate required purchase orders assigned to preferred vendor automatically, assisting you to avoid last-minute out-of-stock issues.

Receive Purchase Orders completely or In Partial

Partially or fully receive your purchase orders to track the actual receipt of goods. Create receivable & bills from your purchase order by merely marking all or some items as received or by directly converting the purchase order to a bill.

Bulk Purchase

Configure item groups SKUs which means that your purchase orders handle bulk quantities while your base SKU quantity is maintained upon received.

Track Purchase

View your pending purchases to know if you need to further order or follow up with your supplier to expedite delivery.

Smart Stocking

This helps you to know how much stock you have instantly and how much you’ll need in the future-helping you to save the big bucks by avoiding incorrect purchases.

Order Management, Fulfilment, and Shipping

Monitor and fulfill orders from different channels in one central place. Sort items according to warehouse and shelf location. Interact with all leading accounting systems, including Xero & Quickbooks.

  • The easy accounting integrates seamlessly with inventory and order management. Accounting ledgers are auto-updated during sales and purchases.
  • It supports multi-currency invoicing, providing you better visibility with costs and profits.
  • Export data to import into other accounting systems. ZapERP will automatically pass data from itself to others. No manual entries. Your accounting will usually represent the latest accurate data.
  • Create shipments from items that are fulfilled by inventory, assign shippers, and ship your purchases until they are delivered or returned.
  • Fulfill your orders from single or multiple warehouses out of box support for multichannel-multi-warehouse order management.
  • Manage returns with programmed updates.
  • ZapERP integrates with multiple shipping providers, including, however, not limited by – USPS, UPS, Canada Post, FedEx, DHL, Royal Mail, Australia Post, and many more.
  • You will generate shipping labels from your packing slips and find real-time shipping costs for each package before you send it to your customer.
  • Sort items according to warehouse and shelf location and print them on the packing slips. Help your employees to process bulk orders efficiently by knowing which shelf contains ordered items.
  • Simplify the order process for your customers with customized shipping. Setup shipping rates according to various shipping methods predicated on a region or a zone. Track both shipment & returns. Reduce losses.
  • Get back-ordered items report. Auto generates purchase orders for the trunk ordered items. Let your customer place a obtain something that has gone out of stock. Streamline inventory with the ML-based preorder management. It was fulfilling orders promptly.
  • Convert any confirmed order to a packing slip. The facts are imported automatically, and you may save the packing slip, print it, or share it with the customer via email.
  • Drop Shipping (Beta) – Develop a drop shipment and also have your vendor ship the package to the client directly; you don’t need to manage your stock. The drop-shipping feature will soon integrate with multiple major drop-shipping providers.

B2B Order Management

Automatic purchase orders, price lists, sales across multiple online or offline channels, sync with accounting, and accept online payments.

  • Bulk orders and stock information is always up-to-date, and ordering is faster in ZapERP. You can accept bulk orders in less time with simple to operate ordering platform designed for your visitors and company. They can order directly on the B2B platform using your client portal for secure communication.
  • Assign your client (vendor/customer) a person portal that features their particular pricing levels, transaction history, products & other updates.

Inventory Reports

Integrate with multiple gateways, CRMs, accounting systems, and generate intelligent reports. Study sales trends and analyze the best performing item.

  • Integrate with various payment gateways, including Stripe, PayPal, Square, RazorPay, etc. Share invoices with a payment link and get paid instantly. No more delayed or missed payments!
  • Integrate with various accounting tools for correct information
  • CRM – ZapERP acts as your single spot to store all of your customer, vendor, and supplier data. It will auto record & sync customer’s purchases & returns history.
  • You can even assign a preferred vendor to your items, assisting you to auto-generate any purchase orders predicated on your stock levels. It helps you to comprehend customer & vendor
  • behavior and incredible personal customer experience.
  • Get a complete sales report analysis of your best-selling products. Get sales history and order reports by customer, product, channel, location, and even more.
  • Get real-time insights into the stock movement. Stock reorder reports, inventory stock on hand reports. Know your pending items, when items will be received and details about outstanding outgoing payments.
  • Get information regarding unfinished tasks, relevant notifications, and the overall health of your business. See how many orders are pending, invoiced, packaged, received, or delivered.
  • ZapERP monitors each inventory, be it coming in or venturing out – it indeed is recorded in the annals. In this manner, you can find out when they purchase, sale or even adjustment was done, who achieved it, etc., this provides you with you an entire audit control

Accounting Management

Manage finances, compliances, taxes, automate business workflows, and work collectively across multiple teams & departments using accounting Integrations.

  • REAL-TIME Cashflow – Manage cash flow by scheduling single or recurring invoices, returns & credit/debit notes. Everything flows through accounting.
  • Faster Payments – Multi-currency accounting ledgers, invoices, purchase orders with the ‘Make Payment’ button. Interact with multiple third-party payment gateways, including Stripe.
  • Professional Invoices – Convert quotes to invoices, purchase orders to bills, add your logo and branding. Create your invoice, PO, bill designs.
  • It synchronizes with Xero to meet all of your business’ operational needs with features like cloud accounting, asset management, multi-currency, e-commerce channels, and even more.
  • And synchronizes with QuickBooks to automate accounting, manage multiple warehouses, currencies, e-commerce channels, and much more.
  • Maintain an intuitive inventory and keep track of all your stocks. Maintain HSN and SAC codes of the merchandise in your inventory. Get notified of the things that may be running low on stock.
  • Tons of Integration – There’s a lot you can do with ZapERP’s powerful API’s. Integration includes Tally, Zapier & Gmail.
  • Customizable Reports – Build your reports. Easy-to-use reporting system to make your reporting as simple as possible. Come on time picture of your VAT & GST liabilities.

Invoicing Integrations

Craft beautiful invoices & bills, automate your business, send payment reminders, and receives a commission faster online.

  • Expense Tracking – Record, attach expenses & bill your clients with approval workflow.
  • All Finances – View your finance statistics using one single dashboard.
  • Customize Taxes – Straight forward customization of taxes for industry-specific needs.
  • Time Tracking – Track time and bill your clients for the hours you done client projects.
  • Accept Online Payments – Get your cash real fast with this online integrated payment gateways.
  • Personalized Invoices – Choose from an enormous variety of templates for your invoices. Create an invoice template that suits your look.
  • Integrate with your selected invoicing app.
  • Check out all the active and just around the corner Integrations here –
  • Save time and money by using ZapERP and invest them back again to increase your business.

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