AdLock Ad Blocker Review, Pricing & Lifetime Subscription

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AdLock Blocks Pop-Ups, Flash Banners, Video Ads, Malware Code & Internet Bugs

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AdLock Ad Blocker Review

AdLock is an ultimate multiplatform ad blocker which removes all pop-ups, banners, and other ads on all major browsers, like Chrome, Firefox, etc. Furthermore, AdLock removes ads on YouTube as well as in apps and games.

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Welcome to AdLock Ad Blocker Review, Pricing & Lifetime Subscription,

What is AdLock?

AdLock is a thorough solution that blocks advertising in browsers, games, instant messengers, and other applications. Blocking the unwanted content saves you time, increases the speed of page loading, and ensures privacy on the net.

Why You Need AdLock?

It Blocks

  • No Pop-ups or banners
  • No Video ads
  • No Cryptocurrency mining ads

It Protects

  • Check potentially harmful links
  • Hide your data
  • Trace spyware and bugs

It Saves Traffic

  • Save mobile data
  • Save battery power
  • Fine-tune rules of internet usage

It’s multifunctional

  • Filter HTTPS sites
  • Speed uploading
  • Guard system performance

AdLock Features

Block banners and pop-ups

Our free adblocker removes all pesky adverts. No commercials, pure content only!

Block video ads

AdLock shows no mercy to video ads on streaming services, including Youtube, Twitch, Crunchyroll, KissCartoon, among others.

Remove Adblock walls (Anti-adblocker detection)

Website owners try their best to protect commercial content from being removed. Through the use of anti-adblocker detection, publishers restrict access to their content to users with ad-blocking software. That is a problem, however, not for AdLock as it’s the best ad blocker ninja – unseen and deadly.

Protect your online privacy

Stop advertisements and data collection forever. Our lightweight Google Chrome extension protects your online privacy. AdLock blocks third party trackers, ad/malware attacks, all varieties of online tracking scripts, and bugs run by advertisers like Google, Facebook, etc. No-one can track your activities online.

Browse safely

AdLock prevents you from visiting malicious websites and protects you against viruses, phishing attacks, and other scams.

Adjust filter list

You can adapt the rules (filters) we use to know what should be blocked on the net pages you visit. Our extension is incredibly flexible as it pertains to meeting the user’s requirements. No academic degree is necessary – a walk in the park.

Whitelist any website you want

Control your browsing experience: whitelist pages or whole websites when needed, blacklist them again – it’s your decision.

Increase page loading time

AdLock not only removes advertisements but also eliminates their placeholders. The net pages look nice and clean, without empty boxes. Moreover, with AdLock, page loading speed is faster as well as your overall browsing experience is a lot smoother.

AdLock Ad Blocker Review, Pricing & Lifetime Subscription
AdLock Ad Blocker Review, Pricing & Lifetime Subscription
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