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BeatMarket is stock tracking tool and a community for long-term investing. Ratings, reviews and analytics on any company. The app’s goal is to provide everything investors need. We are on the side of healthy clever, smart long-term investing in stocks. Every investor of any level will find something that will help him.

Best for beginner and intermediate investors, everyone who is interested in the equities long-only investing strategies. Learn from the experienced investors, use powerful analysis tools, keep track of all your asset classes in one place, get new in a community of like-minded people.

Our Core Belief: Making Investing Easy and Keeping You Safe

At BeatMarket, our mission is to simplify investments, guiding you through the complexities using straightforward language. We’re here to protect you from common and important mistakes when you’re just starting out, helping you embark on a path to smart, secure, and successful investing.


  • Boost investing knowledge and get tools to track results and keep control
  • Smart portfolio tracker with all over the world stock markets coverage
  • Own system of stock analyzing with comprehensive proofed results
  • Private community of service followers and experts
  • Multi-language interface as part of the global strategy

Key Features of BeatMarket

Keep all your stocks, ETFs and cryptocurrencies under control with a simple and easy to use portfolio tracker

Just starting your journey in investing?

  • Boost your knowledge about long term investing in stocks with BeatStart exclusive course on BeatMarket

Already investing? Get superb portfolio tracker and solid tool and improve returns!

  • All your assets in one place

Control and convenience, all in one place. Easily track your asset structure and profitability for each of them. YOU will be able to track absolute and annual income, commission expenses and dividend income

  • Compare the effectiveness of your strategies with benchmarks

See how your portfolio would perform if you invested the same amounts in your chosen index, such as the S&P 500 or DowJones

  • Make sure your portfolio is diversified

Divide your portfolio by asset class, region and economic sector, making sure it is well diversified

  • Import all your trades in seconds

You don’t have to enter all your trades manually, import your portfolio and transaction history from the broker, the platform will do the rest itself

  • Look at the numbers that matter

Most brokers don’t show you the numbers that matter in the long term. We’ll show you your true net annual return, annual commission percentage, capital gains and dividend yield

  • Create your dividend calendar in advance

Track your upcoming dividends to plan which assets to keep, which to sell, and when to do so

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BeatMarket Lifetime Deal

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