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What is it? Create a beautifully designed, searchable knowledge base that gives customers answers to FAQs in WordPress.

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A WordPress Plugin is the best wp plugin to create effective documentation or knowledge base for your WordPress website or blog.

BetterDocs Plugin Review - Lifetime AppSumo Deal

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Hi guys, it’s Alston.

first, thank you so much for checking out this video we will be taking a look into a WordPress plugin called betterdocs.

I will be reviewing why you need it and what is the purpose of it and how you can use this plugin to get the maximum out of it.

First and foremost, let me explain what this plugin does; it helps you to create documentation or a knowledge-based article section in your WordPress site effectively.

Okay, why you need a documentation and knowledge plugin.

The main reason is if you’re selling any services or products, you would have encountered situation like where you want to show detail information on your products and services or want to provide common instructions towards it or solution to common problems rather than repeating again and again, or during any support session, you want to have a detailed article or instruction in order to fix a specific issue, or even to reduce workload for your support team rather than replying answers to the same type of question again and again, you want to have the resources where you quickly point the user towards so it will help you to create centralized hub information for your products and services.

At the same time, it will also reduce workload for your support team because the user will knowledged, or even if the user asked the support team for specific information, the support team can easily redirect the user to the well-documented knowledge base.

This plugin is not suitable if you have a small blogger or a website that is serving some news and blog posts.

This plugin will be usable if you are a business owner or a founder who offering solutions to customers through products, services or if you are looking to having to answer the same questions and again and again for your custom audience.

Then you can use this plugin to create detail documentation on your WordPress website.

Okay, I think I have clearly explained what it is and why you need it.

Now let’s take a look into why betterdocs are the best plugin when it comes to creating documentation for your WordPress website.

You can see as soon as you come to the page you can see they are saying they have different ready-made templates, table of contents, advanced customization, option instant answers, analytics, & live search.

I will be going through all these things using the backend of the plugin. So you can see how I am using to create the knowledge base successfully.

So what they are giving is a plugin to create documentation without having to go into technical details rather than you can focus what the context and the vital part is.

If you want to take out a demo, you don’t need to look further because they are not just selling the plugin they are using it on themselves.

If you go into docs on their site, you can see the demo for this plugin because this is the solution which this plugin provides.

You can see what they have achieved here. If you click on this, everything is offered by that particular plugin I’ll leave the link in the description.

Now I’ll be walking through actually how you can install and how we can go from there.

Okay, now all you need to do is first you once you purchase the plugin click on the download zip for the plugin and go to your WordPress backend, and you can upload this particular plugin to the WordPress, Click on Install then activate the plugin.

Okay, now, once it’s activated, you can activate PRO for your license; they have a free version, but it’s limiting you can check it from WordPress. Still, the pro option does several more functionalities like drag and drop post from categories, advanced features in viewing options, all these things you can check on their site to see the differences between pro and free version.

Okay, now let me first activate my license.

You can see that the license has been activated, and it has auto-update and premium support.

Now we are good to go.

First, let me go through each tab, which has been showing on the Settings tab.

The first one is called general, and it shows you whether you want to enter or not. If The main advantage of using this plugin it has the support for page builders such as elementer, so if you don’t want the predefined setting predefined layer, you can use the shortcodes, and you can have a custom page to have your documentation the way you want it.

If not, you can have them built-in option where it will automatically create docs will be built on this page and categories that you can change these things if especially if it’s a foreign language site, you can change it, What analytic makes this you can ask the user whether this article was useful to them.

So you whether you want to collect feedback from everyone, guests only, or all registered users.

You can also exclude bot activity, so you don’t count only the user’s opinion, and you can click Save to confirm the changes.

Now let’s take a look at the layout section. This is the layout section where you can enable or disable visual functions such as to allow live search, etc.

Single doc will enable you to set up how the individual page of the documentation will look like.

Where you can set up this kind of page, single page, you can set up like, do you want to a table of content. Do you want a sticky to see, so when you scroll down, it will also keep you on scrolling with the browser?

You can also set up heading support, tags, title, copy to clipboard &, etc. all these things it’s pretty easy to understand from the label what it does.

In the review article, I’ll be explaining each field in detail in the video. I’ll be going through it fast as possible so that I can concentrate on the main functions of the plugin.

Design is where you have the option to make sure how you can get the plugin to look the way you want.

That’s the biggest thing you can customize the form styles.

Okay, now you can see it has loaded the customization options for different pages. As you can see it shows the layout and top page customized for the main screen

I click on the second layout; it will automatically reflect the changes here like that you can change up to the way you want to look like appear here; also all the options are provided can go through it here.

Let me check the others on the sidebar pretty much the same thing and archived pages, saying All things are available for customization.

Finally, the live search here you can edit the way you want the live search, for example, if I want to change the color, I can change it. It will automatically fill, so it gives the rather than that can customizing option; it gives us full control over the customization using the front end.

That is the designing option, the designing option for this theme for this plugin for the document area is fantastic, you can get the theme the way you want to look like.

Now let’s take a look into the other tabs before we continue, shortcodes pretty much the same what I told you about using page builder plugin like a elementor, you can copy this and paste it in your page your building, and it will load the category grid.

The instant answer is where this widget, if you click here, you can see instant answer shows the preview of all the things the available user can search through it and find something rather than going over here.

They also with a feedback rating, or if the user couldn’t find anything that he is looking for, he can click on Ask, and he can fill up these details and send them, and you will receive these details in your mail.

You can either enable or disable it; you can select whether do you want to show only the Docs or the document categories also.

In chat settings, use it includes the main details we are you want the message to be returned. You can set up all the graphics for these things; all these things are provided here.

All these things, if you are looking for this specific concept, try to check out their documentation and they have explained each field in detail so you can understand it well.

Now, let me go into categories this is where you systematically categorize different articles in a different section, you include the name and the description, and if you have a specific order, you can mention it here.

If you want to use an icon as I showed you, for example, If I go into this category.

It shows this particular icon, if you want to use a different one, you can select a new image, and you can add it that’s basically how you add the categories and tags are the same concepts the name of the tag and description and You back, and it will work.

That’s how you add a new documentation article.

If you go into analytic pretty much, it will show you the feedback it has received for different articles.

In this, I have not yet done an extensive job of creating the documentation. So, it just showed the brief stats, what it does.

Based on that, it will show you how many users are reported as happy, sad, neutral, & views.

That means what happens a user is not finding it useful. So you can essentially invest some time to create a much more friendly user resource; they may be improving that content so that users can get a much better idea, and it will also show you the view count all these things here.

Pretty much that is a basic overview and review of it.

If I wanted to create documentation for my WordPress site, I would be using these things. It’s backed up with one of the best developers when it comes to WordPress because I’ve got few plugins like an essential advance for an element or they are really big and looking I they listen to us saying push and keep on improving the plugin, so you don’t need to worry about the stability.

It’s a great plugin if you want documentation and knowledge base.

if you have any questions on these, please make sure to ask me either in the YouTube comment or in the article comment, and I will try to explain it to you personally.

I hope this video was useful.

I look forward to seeing you in another tool until then, stay safe, and have a great day.


Highlights (TL;DR):

Plan, create, and publish your WordPress posts—all in one place.

Best for: Bloggers, creative teams, agencies, and small business owners who want to collaborate on content, the easy way.

Schedule unlimited posts and auto-share to all major social networks.

Use the drag-and-drop feature to easily move and edit posts right in the calendar.

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BetterDocs WordPress Features

Stunning Ready Templates

Create a landing page for your documentation page in minutes with the beautiful ready layouts and give it a user friendly look without using any code.

Scrollable Table Of Contents

Generate Table of Content automatically when you use bullet points in help articles & make this TOC moves with the scroll in order to let your visitors always go to other part of docs.

Advanced Customization Option

Customize documentation pages from setting or even add shortcode, page builder widgets and more to get full authority to make it standout for your web visitors.

Instant Answers

Help your customers browse the docs and knowledge base articles right from the chat window without leaving the page and reduce the support tickets.

Insightful Analytics​

Track and evaluate activities on your documentation page to get insights about your Knowledge Base and improve user experience by analyzing the traffic.

Advanced Live Search

Assist your visitors to get the exact docs solution and reduce dependency on support with built-in advanced live search option from the top.

Backed By A Trusted Team

BetterDocs is brought to you by the team behind WPDeveloper, A dedicated marketplace for WordPress, trusted by 500,000+ websites.

How to Use BetterDocs

1. Get Started

Easy to Install

Install BetterDocs on your WordPress site in just a few minutes.

Download & Upload Zip File

Download the installation file from and upload to your website.

Activate & Configure

Once the upload is finished, hit Install and Activate BetterDocs.

2. Design Your Knowledge Base

Use A Ready Template

Select a ready design, or modify as you wish

Adjust Content

Add your own Content, Multiple Tags & Categories and Table Of Contents(TOC)

3. Create First Doc

Create New Docs

Click on “Add New’ and start writing your first doc with BetterDocs

Add Tags & Category

Based on your product and preferance, add tags and categories properly

Use Table of Contents

Use H1, H2, H3 in order to have an auto table of contents.

4. Publish Your Documentation

Publish Documentation

Hit the Publish button one you are done. Check out the doc page from front end.


  • Full customization is available
  • A free version is available with less feature
  • Visual drag and drop support for the posts
  • All the aspects of the visual are fully customizable
  • Support for both WordPress documentation and knowledgebase
  • Plugin from reputable WP plugin developer
  • Easy to use dashboard and plugin configuration
  • An all-in-one solution for WordPress documentation


It’s a fantastic WordPress plugin, which I have tried to create documentation and knowledgebase for a WordPress website. It offers full customization with advanced functions, including reporting.

If you are looking to create a knowledge base, helpful docs, or documentation plugin for your WordPress website, then this is the best and ultimate choice.

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