Cyclonis Password Manager Lifetime Deal
Lifetime Deal

Cyclonis Password Manager Lifetime Deal

Store, secure & share passwords/logins across your team with zero-knowledge encryption.
Expired August 31, 2021
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Cyclonis Password Manager Lifetime Deal

Easy, quick & encrypted logins! Cyclonis manages your account passwords in a secure cloud vault and syncs them across your devices.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Easy account setup, intuitive & convenient to use.

Password analyzer to avoid weak passwords & improve password strength.

End-to-end encryption + personal vault to lock your sensitive data & passwords.

2-factor authentication for an extra layer of control over your data.

Browser integration to automatically log into your favorite sites.

Easy import & export of passwords.

Effective creation of complex passwords.

Automatic data sync w/ cloud access.

Encrypted personal notes, payment info & profiles stored in your vault.

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Why You Need Cyclonis Password Manager?


Store your entire passwords in one place and sync them across multiple devices.


Log into your preferred websites automatically and complete long and complicated internet-based forms in a matter of clicks.


Encrypt your passwords in your vault with a 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

End-to-End Encryption

Your vault is encrypted with AES-256, an encryption algorithm employed by finance institutions, governments, and the military.

Your computer data is encrypted directly on your device before ever being delivered to the cloud.

By design, your master password is required to unlock your vault. Your master password is not delivered to Cyclonis staff or servers. It’s for your eyes only!

Password Generator

Cyclonis Password Manager’s Password Generator allows you to create individualized complex passwords to boost your online accounts.

Two-Factor Authentication

Cyclonis Password Manager comes with an optional two-step authentication system that can be activated to need you to check your email for a second verification code.

Password Analyzer

Cyclonis Password Manager can analyze your passwords, and estimate your password strength. Guidelines on how to improve it are at your fingertips.

Log into websites efficiently

Stop clicking on “Password Reset” links. Cyclonis Password Manager remembers your login credentials and enables you to use the right account for the right website.

It could even notify you when a site password is old and really should be updated.

Conveniently store and access your payment and personal profile information

You can save your Visa or MasterCard, PayPal details, and personal profile information in Cyclonis Password Manager to make online purchases easily.

You can fill out purchase forms with your stored payment information in a matter of clicks.

How to Use Cyclonis Password Manager

  1. Download, install and activate the Cyclonis Password Manager desktop application.
  2. Create your Cyclonis Password Manager account with a strong, memorable master password selected by you.
  3. Choose Where You intend to Store Your Data.
  4. Import Your Passwords from your Web Browsers.
  5. Review your Password Strength Scores While using Password Analyzer.
  6. Utilize the Password Generator to set up Complex Passwords.
  7. Add your data to your Cyclonis Password Manager Wallet and also have it in one central place.

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