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Email CopyDyno Lifetime Deal
Lifetime Deal

Email CopyDyno Lifetime Deal

An email creation software that helps you write persuasive emails in minutes.
Expired October 6, 2023
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Email CopyDyno Lifetime Deal

Welcome to Email CopyDyno review of lifetime deal which is a tool that will help you to write converting email copy.

It can do this by accepting input from the user and automatically write a series of emails, depending on your needs.

Email CopyDyno Review - Best Email Marketing Copy Generator?

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Hi guys, I am Alston.

Today I’m back with another lifetime tool review.

This time we are looking at a tool called email copydyno; this is a lifetime deal from AppSumo.

You can see this is the actual deal page from AppSumo.

There is no stalking involved just a one time deal. This is for $39, and everything is unlocked within that particular plan itself.

First, what is email copydyno?

Let me explain it to you. Email copydyno is a tool that automatically generates an email copy for marketing strategies based on the input we give to that.

It automatically creates a copy for your email based on the type we select, tone, and also the information we provide.

So it will generate a series of emails, which you can directly export into your email marketing software, or you can manually copy and insert it into your email campaign.

So it will make writing email copies job much more comfortable. So this tool is not for everyone.

Only. You can choose this tool if you are someone who’s using emails a lot either to promote your product or services or you want to keep your subscribers warm or you want to continually engage with someone using email for that this tool will offer some additional benefits to you because if you’re good email copywriter you have all the email templates planned out. You don’t need anything; then, this tool may not be suitable for you.

So this tool gives us an option for you where without wasting even 15 to 60 minutes to craft each mail and wondering whether it’s good or not, it will create a basic overall structure, which you can either use it directly, or you can edit it to may fine-tune it and then you can use that in your email marketing strategy.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at this. This is the homepage you can see they are listed all the information what they are providing I will be looking into all these things through the dashboard itself.

You can see this is their regular pricing currently the offering at $39 lifetime from AppSumo.

Okay, now let’s go to the dashboard. You can see this is the dashboard screen which you will be able to see the dashboard gives us the easy, quick access to create you a new email or if you have the same email template you can view there or you can see the same answers, answers our input will be giving in order to create the template.

All the basic stuff is here; they also have demo video here, they put all the change our roadmap, all this necessary information is listed in the dashboard itself.

Other than that, if we go into the this is profile and billing section.

We also have a training section here where I can see they have the resource and manual to help you guys to understand the system much more and also setting is there.

Next, before going into the main section, I usually like to show you around the tool, so you get the idea of how everything looks like this is the basic setting step.

Integrations these other third-party tools, which they already have in direct integration with them. So you can directly connect these tools to this account you will be able to export these emails directly you are created from email copydyno into that tools directly. Still, it’s not limited to these tools; you can always copy-paste onto your desired tool, and we work without any hitch.

So you can see the offer support for major stuff like MailChimp, Aweber, Lemlist(Offered lifetime on AppSumo), and some other email marketing tools also available.

Saved answers section is when you have saved answers, you can always go back here, and you will be able to see all the answers input you give to that particular product or series of email, saved the email.

Similarly, once you’re created an email, all the created emails successfully will come on to the same email, so you’ll be able to go back anytime to get the content or make any edits. Everything is possible from here. Okay, now, without further ado, let me go directly into the main function.

It’s creating email once you click down the Create email menu entry, you would see various sort of email series what these means is.

The first list is nurturing what that means; it shows it just a small description of what it does on this email series.

This is to make sure that you onboard your new subscribers and get them to trust you.

Webinar emails are available.

Affiliate promotion

Cart Abandonment This is work good for eCommerce stores.


Discount offers

Product launch

B2B cold email

JV invite email

There are the nine main different types of cold email series currently available based on your requirement you need to choose which email you want.

Based on that, it will ask different input. So, for example, for discount offers and b2b cold email, it will ask different questions to craft the best email for that particular need.

So based on your selection, it will generate different types of emails.

I won’t be able to go through all the emails, so I will be trying to get at least one thoroughly so you can get an idea of how the process works like so.

Firstly, Select b2b cold email.

Once I click then this window will appear for pretty much all the other nine templates also because it will ask whether you want to go within a soft approach to use this strategy or you want to be something aggressive so if you select soft, you can use it in the time, there are no issues on time, you actually want to have a slow and natural relationship.

You can use go for soft, aggressive if you can use it. If you have a time-sensitive matter or you want something fast, you don’t care about a slow and steady approach; you will be able to choose accuracy so you can try it out.

This tool you can try it have different options to see what works best for you. Let me click on soft and go to next.

You can see it ask all the questions. You need to fill out to able to export the emails it generated so you can able to check it.

They provide hints to help you with fixing filling up this detail, and at the same time, they also give us placeholder text.

So the shows you guys like what kind of input they are looking to get from you. So based on that, you need to fill, so let me quickly fill up with some demo details so we can see how this email will look like.

Now let me click on the Next I since I have filled it, and you can see it goes to step number two. So to get all the things we do need to go up to step, step four.

Only filling up the fields will take time. Other than everything is instant guys

You can always edit the final emails, so even something is not relevant you can delete that particular section

These fields will be different for different emails.

Let me also fill up step three.

I am just filling up some random values, but you should take your time, in the end, you will be doing this only a couple of times. So, you do take your time to fill this thing correctly; then, the result also will be very much better compared to what I’m doing now.

Now click on next, and I’m on the final step.

Okay, I think we are drone; there’s no next button instead of the following write email sequence.

All you need to do is click on here now; it will automatically generate the written email, for you can see that is the steps.

It has been generated, and you can see the subject line is here.

We can even select a different one based on what we want.

I’ll try to include this actual content inside the deal post here, so you can check the quality and how it reads for you guys.

Otherwise, if I try to go into the actual content of line by line, it might take much too long.

The basic editing function is here, and there is an option to save. When you click on Save, it will keep it to this, and you can export it or add it to the autoresponder. This is where the third-party integrations come into play.

If you are not happy with this particular thing, you can always click on the rewrite, and it will generate another different version for you guys.

So you can see it does automatically change to a different one. I’ll try to include at least a couple of variations so we can have an idea.

You can see I need to click on Save. You can see it says been saved. Yeah, you can see how I’m from the save section. I’m here. You can see there is also an option to export it.

If I click, it will export as a PDF. Let me show you that too. It’s downloading.

Okay, you can see this is the PDF so you can give this to someone, or you can copy this as a particular section you want, and you can use it on your email campaign.

We are also able to see the source of that email, so we get called directly copy the HTML after formatting here.

This is another major part it shows the sequence. This is not just about generating one email.

Email copydyno allows us to create a series of emails to keep on engaging with users.

According to this, this is the first mail it will be sending the second mail has been automatically generated using for follow up sequence.

And there’s the third mail, and you can see it’s with different subject different text and fourth and fifth, and you can see it automatically gives us five different versions guys.

So even though if you are unable to find all the mail series useful, you can at least will be able to find up some useful text you want or some helpful section you wish to integrate into your existing email campaign.

So this is I’ve just scratched the base when it comes to this tool, the functionalities are not advanced, but it will add so many variations on email templates, all the different strategies.

It will be ideally comes to whether it is useful for you or not the only way you can understand it when trying this tool for yourself that, for me for just a $39 anytime I can get a just an idea on how to write a better email rather than wasting time or helping my clients to write better emails to their clients without wasting any time.

It’s a pretty good deal for me, and there’s no stalking involved.

So I think I have covered the basic thing if you have any doubts about this to please let me know and I will personally explain it to you.

If If I didn’t know, I would research and explain it to you, and I hope this review was useful.

I try to include the text on the listing page, and also below this video, there will be an affiliate link for this tool.

If you enjoyed this video and if you are interested in seeing more videos like this, you can click on the affiliate link; it will give a small commission for me, but it does not affect your offer price.

So thank you so much, and I will be looking forward to seeing you with another great deal.


Highlights (TL;DR):

Increase conversions with a wide variety of email sequences.

Best for: Marketers and sales teams looking to level up their email marketing messaging to customers.

Generate effective marketing emails in just minutes.

Save time with a simple, guided process.

Show more information

Sample Email Series for B2B Cold Email

This is the sample email series generated on the Youtube video.

We can do the same for you what we did for them

Hi {first_name},

My name is Alston Antony and I am the Co-Founder at {sender_companyname}.

We {about_sendercompany}.

LongTailPro, AppSumo, and Lanka Lion Marketing have all started using our Digital Deals, SaasPirate in Q3.

And they are now able to:

1. Helping you to Succeed

2. Customer satisfaction increased

3. Use awesome tools to save time.

I would love to get on a short call with you for a quick review of your Digital Marketing and how we can help you achieve similar results.

Will Tuesday next week, at 11 AM be fine with you?

Looking forward to your response.

Alston Antony Co-Founder

Email 2

Little differences like this can matter to your business

Hi {first_name},

I guess my previous email arrived at the wrong time…you were probably very busy.

I decided to follow up.

What difference will it make for your company if you’d be able to Help Entrepreneurs to Save Money in 10 minutes?

Will it help you Helping you to Succeed?

And will you love the fact that you’d be able to Customer satisfaction increased from it?

If you answered YES, then let’s hop on a call, so I can show you how our company can help you Help Entrepreneurs to Save Money in 10 minutes.

Will tomorrow at 10 AM be fine?

Do let me know.

Alston Antony Founder Maxinium

Email 3

​​​​​​​I’m very confident that this will help you

Probably {first_name}, you’re sceptical about using our service to improve your Digital Marketing.

You may even be doubtful that we can help you to Help Entrepreneurs to Save Money in just 10 minutes.

Well, the many businesses we’ve worked with, including LongTailPro and AppSumo, all felt the same way.

But once they took the plunge and tried us, they saw a massive improvement in their Digital Marketing.

They are now able to Helping you to Succeed, Customer satisfaction increased, and many other benefits.

I know you are busy; I’ll only need 10 minutes or less to show you how we can replicate the same result for you.

Let me know when we can schedule this call.

Many thanks,

Alston Antony Co-Founder

Email 4

You are sure going to say the same thing about us too

{first_name}, you would like to Help Entrepreneurs to Save Money…right?

This is why I’m contacting you again.

I’m confident that we can improve your current Digital Marketing, and help you Help Entrepreneurs to Save Money.

Many of the clients we have helped with this service, all say good things about us, and refer us to their friends (this makes up 40% of our sales).

They say things like:

This is a good service. Anthony Delon

{testifier2_answer} Desmond Fernando

There are many more like this.

We are certain that you will have a similar testimonial when you use our service.

While we have carried out significant research on your current Digital Marketing, we’d like to have a call with you to show you how we could improve it.

We’re super-confident that you will have good things to say about us too, and even refer us to your friends, just like our other clients do.

Let’s have a call on Thursday, at 11 AM.

If that’s not convenient with you, just hit your reply button and let us know the day and time that is convenient for you.

I am looking forward to your reply.

Alston Antony Co-Founder

Email 5


Hi {first_name},

It seems like my previous emails have been lost in your inbox, as I haven’t received your response to any of them.

Or maybe you aren’t the right person I should be emailing in your company about this?

Could you please connect me with the person who is in charge of Marketing in your organization?

Thanks, {first_name}, I look forward to connecting.

Alston Antony Co-Founder

What Kind of Emails Can it Write?

  • Product Launch Emails
  • List Nurturing Emails
  • Affiliate Marketing Emails
  • Webinar Emails
  • Cart Abandonment Emails
  • Re-engagement Emails
  • Discount & Time-Limited Offers
  • JV Recruitment Emails
  • B2B Cold Emails
  • Soap Opera Emails

What I Liked

  • Most Popular Email Copies are Covered
  • Generates Email Sequences
  • Integrate with Third-Party Tools, including MailChimp & Lemlist
  • Export to PDF
  • Save Emails Function
  • Helpful Hints and Placeholder texts for filling the fields

What I Thought Could Improve

  • Some grammar mistakes on the exported copy.
  • Selectable common answers.
  • More Emails Templates on SEO Linkbuilding.

Overall, it’s a great email copywriter tool that will save you time.

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