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EmailScraper Lifetime Deal: Email Scraper Tool

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EmailScraper Lifetime Deal: Email Scraper Tool

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Are you tired of manually searching for valid email addresses?

Are you looking for an efficient way to extract emails from the web?

If so, you’ll be glad to learn about EmailScraper – the most powerful web-based tool to extract emails.

With EmailScraper, you can quickly and easily extract emails by various techniques like website crawl, URL crawl, search in Google/Bing, search in TXT file, and more. This powerful tool will save you time and help you get quality leads – so you can focus on growing your business.

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Comprehensive Website Address Search and Email Extraction

This feature allows users to quickly and easily locate all the URLs associated with a website, and then extract any email addresses found on those URLs. Furthermore, the tool can even locate and extract encoded email addresses, making it a particularly useful resource for businesses looking to update and manage their customer contact information.

Bulk URL Email Scraping

This feature allows users to quickly and efficiently scrape emails from multiple URLs through the upload of a text or CSV file. This makes it possible to quickly and easily extract contact information from multiple sources in a single operation.

Allows users to enter a keyword into a search engine like Google or Bing, then select specific sites (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) to extract the desired emails from. This feature is useful for quickly finding contact information for the individuals or companies that users are interested in.

Whois Lookup Tool

This feature allows users to quickly and easily retrieve relevant information about a domain, such as the admin and technical emails, the name server, the creation and expiration dates, and the last update date and sponsor.

Additionally, the feature has the capability to conduct bulk domain searches, streamlining the process of obtaining domain-related data. This tool is useful for web developers, researchers, and other professionals who need to quickly gather information about domains for a variety of purposes.

Bulk Email Validity Checking

This feature allows users to quickly and easily check if a large number of email addresses are valid or invalid. It does this by checking the email address pattern and MX record to determine the validity of the email address.

Bulk Checking of Page Status

This feature provides the ability to quickly and easily check the status of multiple web pages, such as whether they are live or not found (404) and the other 56 HTTP responses, in one bulk operation.

Eliminate Duplicate Emails from Your Email List

This feature is useful for email marketers who need to maintain a clean and accurate email list.

It allows users to easily upload a text file, CSV file, or simply enter a list of emails manually into a textarea, and then export the list with only unique emails in either TXT or CSV format. This ensures that users do not send out duplicate emails to the same person, which could result in poor user experience, or even be in violation of anti-spam laws.


What does the tool do when a website address is entered?

The tool finds all the URLs of the website and scrapes email addresses from them.

How can one upload URLs for email scraping?

URLs can be uploaded from a text or CSV file.

What sites can be selected for email extraction using search engines?

Sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter can be selected for email extraction.

Admin email, technical email, name server, created date, expired date, last update date, and sponsor information can be obtained.

What does the email validity checking facility do?

The facility checks the email pattern and MX record for validity and provides bulk checking.


In conclusion, this article has detailed the capabilities of EmailScraper. It can quickly and easily gather information from websites as well as search engines and Whois.

This includes all URLs and email addresses associated with a website. Additionally, there is a bulk email validity checking facility that allows users to quickly analyze and verify the validity of email addresses.

Taking advantage of this powerful tool can help the users to quickly and easily extract the desired data and enhance their productivity. In addition to that, readers can also take the opportunity to discover more features of the tool to help them better optimize their workflow.

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