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Are you looking for a way to simplify the process of selling your products online? Do you struggle with the complexity of setting up an online store, managing inventory, and getting customers to buy your products?

If so, the Fatora Lifetime Deal is your solution.

It provides a simple and effective way to create an online store that helps you sell your products. With, you can quickly and easily set up your store, manage inventory, and start selling on your website, no matter where you are. You can even use it to start selling on other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google Shopping, and more.


Automated Invoice Sharing

Automated Invoice Sharing allows businesses to quickly and easily send invoices to customers via their mobile phones, email, or even through WhatsApp. This feature saves businesses time and money by eliminating the need to manually print, scan, and mail invoices. Additionally, it ensures that invoices are received by customers in a timely manner, allowing businesses to get paid faster.

Professional Invoice Customization

This feature allows businesses to create and send professional-looking invoices to their customers with their own branding, allowing them to create an image of trustworthiness and reliability. This feature is useful for businesses to create a strong and trustworthy relationship with their customers.

Stay Up-To-Date on Your Invoices and Transactions

This feature allows customers to receive notifications about their invoices and transactions, enabling them to stay up-to-date on the status of payments and any delays. This ensures that customers are aware of any changes or discrepancies in their accounts in a timely manner and can take any necessary action.

Professional Invoice Creation and Payment Link Delivery

This feature enables businesses to easily create professional invoices and send payment links with multiple payment options that suit their customers’ preferences. This can help streamline the process of getting paid and make it easier for customers to make payments, thus increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Automated Payment Management with Fatora

Fatora is a payment management system that allows you to create a single invoice for multiple installments without having to manually manage individual payments. Once the amount and number of installments are set, Fatora will automatically manage the payments and send out reminders to customers to ensure timely payment. This feature can greatly simplify the payment process and reduce the time and effort needed to manage payments.


In conclusion, personalizing, sending, and tracking invoices does not need to be difficult or time-consuming as long as the right tools are in place.

Fatora provides all the necessary features, including customizing invoices, sending notifications, payment links, and creating invoices with multiple installments.

Start managing your invoices and payments simply and efficiently with Fatora, and make timely payments a reality!

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