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Helpwise Lifetime Deal – Shared Inbox, Live Chat & Helpdesk

Shared inbox, live chat & help center software for teams to manage team email accounts.
Expired April 11, 2020
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Helpwise Lifetime Deal – Shared Inbox, Live Chat & Helpdesk

Helpwise is a shared inbox solution for teams of most sizes looking to increase collaboration and deliver better customer support, faster.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Collaborate on email replies with assign and chat options within a thread, and get back to your customers faster.

Best for: Support and sales teams managing shared email accounts like help@, sales@, and info@

Create saved email responses and use the knowledge base to answer common customer queries.

Automate integrations and workflow to save time and boost productivity.

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Helpwise Features

Friendly Interface

Of course, you like Gmail, Outlook & other awesome email clients. So, we have ensured that Helpwise feels as easy as these basic email services. You will not miss them here.

Share Inbox, Not Password

Every team member is sure to get their separate login to gain access to the same email address. So, forget about password sharing. Better security with higher productivity!

Collaborate With Team

Don’t shout out loud to clear your doubts before answering a contact. Tag, Assign, or Speak to your associates within the shared inbox. It is safe to state, Helpwise is part-Shared Inbox, the part-Collaboration software.

Distribute Work Load

Getting hundreds of emails every day? Easily share these emails among your team members and reach Inbox Zero faster.

Track Every Key Metric

Helpwise provides you detailed analytics on your email frequency, response rates & individual performance. So, given that you can measure it, you can improve it. ?

Integrate With Business Tools

Automate processes & share information across your other business tools. For instance, log your calls & texts with the client within the e-mail thread. Or, fetch order details inside your inbox.

Get started in minutes

Create a hub of your a large number of customer communication email mailboxes in minutes.

REAL-TIME Collaboration

Route emails to the right people in the team, leave real-time chat notes within email threads to send right replies – each time.

Connect Business Tools

Connect your other business tools to make most of the info and set up workflows to automate processes.


Access a team of caring & knowledgeable customer support agents to help you with your entire queries.

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