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Humanzign Lifetime Deal

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Humanzign Lifetime Deal

Do you often require illustrations for your projects? Do you lack the technical know-how to make them yourself using Illustrator? Do you ever wish that such designs didn’t come at a price?

Create a brand new character in a matter of minutes! Humanzign is a great tool to design and create unique characters. Select a head and modify its appearance and style and then visit Humanzign’s website, or on social networks. You can upload your final picture or choose from photos that have been posted by others! It’s that simple.

Here’s how it is done:

  1. Scan source or create
    Pick from a wide range of characters of all ages genders and races.
  2. Find your perfect poses
    Select from a variety of haircuts, facial expressions foot types and body positions to find the best design for your work.
  3. Publish
    Save your character’s PNG files, and enhance your landing pages and social channels to the next level by creating your personal design.

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