PDF Agile Lifetime Deal
Lifetime Deal

PDF Agile Lifetime Deal

Scale Your PDF Workflow
Expired July 29, 2023
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PDF Agile Lifetime Deal

The PDF Agile solution is a quality, affordable, and comprehensive solution for editing, converting, and formatting PDF documents. PDF Agile’s tools are simple to use and flexible, as its name implies. With just a few clicks, you can edit PDF files efficiently. In addition to its high-quality desktop application, PDF Agile offers an online conversion solution.

Powerful Editing & Conversion Tools

  • Edit. It is easy to edit PDF documents, including scans, without having to go back to the original documents
  • Convert. The easiest way to convert PDF files to and from Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint without losing fonts and formatting
  • Create. The PDF format supports a broad range of file formats, so anyone can view it on virtually any device with any PDF reader

Streamline Reading & Annotating Experience

  • Read. Adapt to your needs, switching between Read Mode, Full-Screen Mode, and Slideshow
  • Comment. Create PDF documents that can be easily manipulated by creators by using full-featured commenting tools
  • Annotate. PDFs can be improved by highlighting, underlining, striking through, texts, shapes, and freehand drawings

Secured Information Exchanges

  • Password Protection. If you are sharing or archiving your PDF, protect the file content with a password to prevent unauthorized access
  • Redact Information. Your PDF documents can be permanently deleted, including sensitive text and illustrations.
  • Apply Electronic Signatures. You can electronically sign contracts or other documents in 3 ways, saving you both time and paper

A Lot More Features

  • Compress. The PDF file size can be reduced without affecting the quality
  • Merge. Create a single PDF document from multiple PDF files
  • Split. Multiple PDF files can be created by splitting a PDF by page range
  • OCR. Scan a PDF document or an image and extract the text
  • Crop. PDF pages can be easily adjusted by adjusting the visible area
  • Rearrange Pages. Drag & drop thumbnails of PDF pages to reorder them
  • Rotate. Orient your PDFs the way you need them to
  • Page Number. Make PDFs easier to read by adding page numbers
  • Link. A PDF can be easily hyperlinked or annexed with anchor links
  • Presentation. Create an eye-catching presentation from your PDF
  • Screenshot. Screenshots can be made & edited, and text can be extracted from them (OCR)
  • Search Text. Find specific items in a PDF by running a simple search or a case-sensitive search
  • Highlight. Select the text you want to highlight with your cursor
  • Area Highlight. A page can be highlighted by selecting any area
  • Print. It is possible to print a whole PDF file, a specific page or a specific section of a document in PDF format
  • Page Size. Resize your PDF document instantly by selecting a preset size
  • Bookmark. You can organize the PDF’s content by creating a bookmark hierarchy
  • Background. PDF documents can be enhanced with solid color backgrounds
  • Translate. Text in a PDF will be instantly translated between languages
  • Full Screen Mode. Take a full-screen look at your PDF document

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